CBO Tallies Jobs Lost with Minimum Wage Hike, Snowden Honored by Glasgow University, Bitcoin ATMs Set to Debut: P.M. Links


  • Then we'll increase the taxes for the ones who have jobs to pay welfare for the ones who lost theirs! It's brilliant!
    Credit: MoneyBlogNewz / Foter / CC BY

    The Congressional Budget Office estimates that a $10.10 minimum wage could result in a loss of as many as 500,000 jobs (or even more). But for those who don't lose their jobs, 900,000 could be lifted above the basic poverty threshold.

  • Glasgow University students elected Edward Snowden to represent them as student rector.
  • Former Democratic U.S. Rep. Melvin Jay Reynolds, who lost his seat decades ago due to a statutory rape conviction, is under arrest in Zimbabwe for allegedly possessing pornography and violating immigration laws.
  • The first American bitcoin ATMs are set to debut this month in Seattle and Austin, Texas.
  • Anti-government protests rage on in Ukraine and Venezuela.

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