A.M. Links: Rand Paul Warns Republicans Might Never Win Again, Venezuelan Government Freaking Out Over Protests, Kerry Announces Envoy to Arctic


  • imperialists!

    Rand Paul predicted the Republican party might never win another presidential election in his lifetime if it doesn't become a "new" party, following up on a warning that the GOP could lose its electoral advantage in Texas.

  • President Obama will announce new federal requirements for fuel efficiency in trucks.
  • The Venezuelan government expelled three US consular officials over the weekend, accusing them of meeting with student protesters. It also pulled  a news channel based in Colombia off the air over its coverage of anti-government protests.
  • John Kerry announced the State Department would create the position of envoy to the Arctic.
  • Two former members of Pussy Riot who were released from jail in Russia ahead of the Olympics were reportedly detained in Sochi and accused of committing a crime.
  • Jimmy Fallon debuted on the Tonight Show last night.

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