Barack Obama

Obama Headed to California to Pledge Drought Aid, Push Climate Change

Still president for two and a half more years


President Obama visits the San Joaquin Valley on Friday to focus on California's severe drought, and announce new measures in the ongoing federal effort to address it.

The president will also talk climate change, which many scientists link to drought and severe weather. And as promised in his State of the Union address, he will emphasize his use of executive action to get help to farmers and livestock producers as quickly as possible.

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  1. I hope they televise the rain dance.

  2. This Billion Dollar Plus fund that Generalissimo Hussein wants in 2015, was that forecast in the Murray/Ryan Budget Deal, and/or will it be taken up in Regular Order in the Congress?
    Or, as most likely, will he announce additional funding requirements that are needed, that will have no chance of passing in the House, and that can only be met through Continuing Resolutions allowing OMB to re-configure funding allocations?
    After all, there is no statutory limit to what Treasury will need to borrow to fund the dreams and wishes of this White House in its remaining time with its boot on our neck.

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