Death Toll at 20 for Northeast US Storms

Car crashes everywhere


The U.S. East Coast dug out on Friday from the final wallop of a deadly four-day storm that dumped more than two feet of snow in some places, causing chaos from the South to New England.

Five more people were killed on icy roads or while shoveling snow in North Carolina, bringing the storm's death toll to at least 20. In New York, doctors were working to save the baby of a pregnant 36-year-old woman killed by a private snow plow in a parking lot in Brooklyn.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike was littered with twisted metal from up to 50 vehicles in multiple accidents that injured at least 30 people. The road had to be closed during the morning commute, causing a 7-mile (11-km) backup, said Renee Vid Colborn, a spokeswoman for the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission.

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  1. My 11AM appointment the Wednesday tried to cancel (for my safety!) when the snow wasn’t supposed to get here until 5PM. My last stop ended at 2PM, and I drove the 2 hours home. It started snowing right on time. An inch an hour until 2 AM. Very pretty.

    Half that much fell Thursday. Freezing rain early Friday morning. Now it’s snowing again. I live in the South. I didn’t sign up for this crap.

    OK, I’m done whining now.

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