Bridge Scandal Didn't Appear to Cause Harm, Obama Wants More Money for Global Warming, North Korea Is Apparently a Very Bad Place: P.M. Links


  • If sugar's so bad, maybe lobby the feds to stop subsidizing it instead.
    Credit: Icky Pic / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

    According to an Associated Press review of logs and emergency calls, the politically motivated closing of the George Washington Bridge in New Jersey did not appear to cause any additional health problems or deaths.

  • President Barack Obama went to California to pledge drought aid and also push for funds to make communities more "resilient" to climate change, which will undoubtedly be used by said communities the same way money was handed out to them after 9/11 to make them more "resilient" to terror attacks. By which I mean the money will be used however they want to subsidize whatever they want with some sort of lip service to the actual goal.
  • Storms have contributed to a 25-year high in flight cancellations, though government regulations that prohibit planes sitting on the tarmac for more than three hours have also contributed.
  • The federal government is losing nearly half their deportation cases when brought before judges. Their failure rate has been increasing each year since 2009.
  • In news that will make you sarcastically respond, "You don't say," the United Nations has determined that extensive crimes against humanity are taking place in North Korea.
  • A bill proposed in California would require warning labels on sugary drinks because people just don't know that they're bad for them and need the government to tell them so.

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