A.M. Links: Sebelius Visited White House Many Times Ahead of Exchange Launch, Comcast To Buy Time Warner Cable, Rand Paul's Team Denies He Stole Suit


Credit: Pete Souza/wikimedia
  • Documents show that Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius visited the White House many times ahead of the Obamacare exchange launch. Sebelius has claimed that President Obama did not know about problems with Healthcare.gov before its launch.
  • Afghanistan has released 65 prisoners despite warnings from the U.S. that some of them are linked to attacks on Americans.
  • Comcast Corp. has confirmed that it will buy Time Warner Cable Inc. for around $45.2 billion.
  • Sen. Rand Paul's team has denied that the suit he filed against Obama over NSA surveillance was stolen.
  • 60 percent of Americans have a negative view of Russia, the highest since 1994.
  • The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons says that only 11 percent of the Assad regime's chemical weapons have left Syria.

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