Tonight on The Independents: FreedomWorks Sues Over Surveillance, Obamacare Exemptions Continue, Canada Does Debt Reduction, CEO Patrick Byrne Talks Bitcoin, Judge Napolitano vs. Drone Strikes, Stolen Bull Semen, and More!


Watch The Independents! It's coming at you on the Fox Business Network at 9 p.m. ET, with a midnight repeat. You should tune in! Matt Welch is still out to sea, so tonight's episode will once again feature yours truly sitting in the middle chair, along with super-host Kennedy and super-co-host Kmele.

Tonight's episode will kick off with FreedomWork CEO Matt Kibbe talking about his organization's participation (along with Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul) in the newly announced lawsuit against the National Surveillance Agency's mass surveillance operations. Panelists Ben Domenech of The Transom and the Heartland Institute and all-around awesome historian Thaddeus Russell will join the show to talk about how the law splits political coalitions and what it might mean for 2016. They'll stay on board to discuss the latest Obamacare delay and America's sagging press freedom ranking.

The second segment will feature Fox Business host John Stossel previewing his next show and discussing Canada's blessedly boring budgets.

Later in the show we'll talk to Judge Andrew Napolitano about the president's assertion of power to launch drone strikes against American citizens.

Patrick Byrne, the freedom-loving CEO of will be on to talk about his company's move to become the first major retailer to accept Bitcoin. 

Other topics on tap include the science behind friends with benefits, sexy name changes, and stolen bull semen. You want to watch!