Growth in Americans Renouncing Citizenship, New Obamacare Contractor Has Issues, Pastafarians Unwelcome at British University: P.M. Links


  • The real truth is that the forbidden fruit was actually a tomato.
    Credit: DrJohnBullas / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

    Americans are renouncing their citizenships in – well, not droves, exactly, but at a 221 percent rate increase over 2012. The total number is 2,999.

  • The contractor hired to fix also has a history of problems with the federal government. The United States Postal Service was considering cutting ties with them.
  • A poll indicates Coloradans think legalizing marijuana has harmed the state's image. Nevertheless voters still support the decision.
  • In today's "This is not The Onion" headlines, a group of militants in Iraq learning how to become suicide bombers died when their trainer accidentally blew up a belt packed with explosives.
  • London South Bank University's student union officials are anti-Pastafarian bigots, removing posters promoting the atheist mascot known as the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
  • While the United States struggles with rules for private drone use, the United Arab Emirates is rolling out plans to allow them for deliveries of small items like medicine or official government documents.

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