A.M. Links: Religious Liberty a Diplomatic Priority For Obama, Prisons Sending Inmates to Obamacare, US Considering Sanctions Against Iceland


gotta nuke somebody!
"The Simpsons"/FOX
  • President Obama said religious liberty is a top diplomatic priority for the U.S. Is it a domestic one too?
  • At least one cohort is getting the "affordable" in the ACA, jailers, who are gladly passing along the cost of their inmates' healthcare to the feds.
  • Joe Biden doesn't see an "obvious" reason not to run for president in 2016. Chime in in the comments.
  • Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin testified at his bribery trial. He maintains he is innocent of the charges against him.
  • The U.S. said it was considering whether or not to impose sanctions on Iceland, which it says has violated an international whaling agreement.
  • James Carville has signed up with Fox News.