Teh Internet is Full of Cool Things: Author! Author! Edition


Hit and Run habitue and recidivist commenter Alan Vanneman has a book out that sounds pretty interesting to this old literature grad student (I even bought the Kindle edition earlier today). Here's the Amazon description: 

Author! Author! contains two short stories and a novella, with famous authors as the leading characters. In "The Transfiguration of W. H. Auden," the great poet dies and goes, not to heaven, but someplace better. Victorian England! In "The Man Who Met Joyce Carol Oates," an admirer discovers that encountering genius is not without peril. In "The Apotheosis of John Updike," the poet of suburbia encounters catharses without number west of the Hudson.

More here.

Vanneman's blog, which includes links to his excellent film essays at Bright Lights, is here.