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Elizabeth Hurley Denies Tabloid Reports She Had Affair With Bill Clinton While He Was President

Tabloids claim her ex-boyfriend Tom Sizemore said Clinton got her number from him


Model Elizabeth Hurley has taken to Twitter to deny a tabloid report that she had an affair with President Bill Clinton while he was still in office, calling it "ludicrously silly" and "totally untrue."

The tabloid The Globe cites an audio recording it says features Elizabeth Hurley's ex-boyfriend, Tom Sizemore. On the recording, published on the Globe's affiliated website, Sizemore recounts a long story about visiting the White House in 1998 with Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks for a screening of their film "Saving Private Ryan."

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  1. I don’t believe it, either. Clinton likes them way more frumpy looking than Hurley.

    1. Clinton didn’t have much of a choice but the fat girl because the pretty ones were kept out of his reach. However, Sizemore’s description of conversations with Clinton has absolutely no ring of authenticity to them.

  2. If I were Liz Hurley, I would vehemently deny it too. Then again, if I were Liz Hurley I would have spent the entirety of the 1990s parked in front of my mirror, pausing only for meals, hygiene, and rest.

  3. She banged Steve Nash. Not so far fetched she’d do Bill Clinton.

  4. Any woman would do Clinton when he was president. And, probably now too. For some unknown reason Bill Clinton has the sex appeal of Mick Jagger. I don’t get it either. But, he does.

    The fact is any woman, that means your wife and your mother, would do any President. Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Obama, even George. They are biologically programmed to want the most powerful dude on the planet.

    If Clinton and Hurley were alone in a room for more than 1/2 an hour, I’d bet they did it.

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