Trayvon Martin

DMX: Haven't Agreed to Fight George Zimmerman Yet, Still Have to Talk Money

Zimmerman says he's donating his take to charity


Hold off on placing your wagers … money has become a big snag in George Zimmerman's boxing match against DMX — the rapper's rep tells TMZ, contract negotiations are STILL ongoing … so the fight isn't official … yet.

The rep Domenick Nati tells us, DMX verbally agreed to "beat Zimmerman's ass" … IF and when he sees the terms of a contract … which hasn't happened yet. Once an agreement has been finalized, we're told DMX will officially be down for the bout.

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  1. Z is gonna get his ass kicked by X if this happens

    1. Don’t be so sure that the “celebrity bully” can actually hold his own.

  2. The OTHER part of the truth (Martin threw away the sword and the pistol by his side, before he died, and the cops never found it, bumbling fools that they were), but here is the REAL truth:
    Martin went a fartin’,
    And he did ride,
    With a sword and a pistol
    By his side,
    Lookin’ for a “creepy ass cracker”
    To help him eat his skittles,
    So when he couldn’t find his spittoon,
    He spit instead in his shittooon,
    And shit instead in his spittoon,
    While the cow jumped over the moon,
    And the dish snorted coke with a spoon,
    And we’ll all know the truth real soon!

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