A.M. Links: Obamacare May Have Malware, Internet Companies Want More Government Surveillance Reform, Hamid Karzai May Be Talking With Taliban


  • what if the site is the malware? :-o

    US intelligence agencies warn that the Obamacare website could contain malware, after finding that developers with links to the Belarusian government worked on the site. The White House insisted, meanwhile, that 22,000 botched Obamacare enrollments actually represented a "very small percentage" of the total number of people enrolled on the website.

  • Internet companies are pushing the federal government to make more substantive reforms to NSA surveillance after being permitted to reveal how many FISA court requests they get a year.
  • Training materials obtained via FOIA request describe how the DEA creates a parallel chain of evidence to conceal its surveillance program.
  • A state trooper on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's security detail was arrested for allegedly shoplifting gun accessories from a sporting goods store in Pennsylvania.
  • Developers of a sketching app called "Paper" are upset Facebook is using the same totally generic but totally apt name for its new reader app.
  • The Afghan president Hamid Karzai may be in "clandestine contact" with the Taliban.

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