A.M. Links: Obama Shilling for Higher Wages at Costco, One Out of Two Doctors Consults Wikipedia, Scarlet Johansson Steps Down as Oxfam Ambassador


Angela George/flickr
  • President Obama was at Costco shilling for a higher minimum wage, a policy that would give the store an advantage over its much smaller competitors.
  • A top Senate Republican, Jeff Sessions of Alabama, sent a package to all 232 Republican members of the House rebutting possible arguments against the immigration reform effort in Congress.
  • 50 percent of doctors and patients consult Wikipedia, according to a new report from a healthcare institute.
  • A Brooklyn school discontinued its gifted program over concerns about lack of "diversity."
  • Scarlet Johansson has stepped down as an ambassador for Oxfam after an outcry from some over her relationship with an Israeli soda company that operates a factory in the West Bank.
  • The United Kingdom and France are teaming up to develop a new generation of killer drones.

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