Ed Krayewski Talking State of the Union Promises on the Alan Nathan Show at 5pm ET

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I'll be on the Alan Nathan radio show tonight at 5pm ET, talking about tomorrow night's State of the Union address and the huge opportunity it presents for President Obama to pile more broken promises on us. If you like your president, you can keep him, for three more years. Tune in on the radio, or click here to listen online.

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  1. What are you, Krayewski, a precog? You don’t know what Obama’s going to say. Maybe he’s going to call for a return to a constitutionally constrained federal government. Maybe he’s going to denounce the failed economic policies of the past five years. Maybe he’s going to show everyone his new and improved backswing.

  2. Does anybody even watch the state of the union anymore, or do we all just watch what’s left over on our DVR’s and then read 15 or 20 blog posts the next day?

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