Kurt Loder Reviews I, Frankenstein

Monster mashed.


I, Frankenstein
Photo courtesy Lionsgate

Essentially, writes Kurt Loder, I, Frankenstein is an Underworld movie. It's based on a graphic novel by Kevin Grevioux, who also worked on those films, and numbers among its producers several Underworld veterans. Here, the warring vampires and werewolves of that never-ending franchise have been swapped out for warring Demons (you shall know them by their fiery eyes and rubbery facial prosthetics) and Gargoyles (flying rock-heads). Bolting a neo-Frankenstein storyline onto these familiar elements is an interesting idea, but it drains the venerable Frankenstein monster of his dark power. However much money was sunk into this picture wasn't enough to buy it spirit, or humor, or any fresh invention.