Obama's "Most Secretive White House" Times Editor Has Covered, FDA Studying Risks of Caramel Coloring, Justin Bieber Charged With Resisting Police Without Violence: P.M. Links


  • from oakland to sac-town

    Jill Abramson, the executive editor of the New York Times tells Al-Jazeera America President Obama's is the "most secretive White House" she's dealt with. The White House, meanwhile, announced Obama would use the Google Hangouts to answer pre-selected questions, and some live ones from pre-selected people, after the State of the Union. Transparent enough for you?

  • The FDA announced it would be studying the safety of caramel coloring, used in cola in response to a Consumer Reports study an impurity in twelve sodas they tested from five manufacturers. If you like your soda, can you keep it?
  • The Baltimore Sun reports on a secret audit by the city of Balitmore that found speed camera error rates 40 times what had been previously disclosed.
  • Franklin Frye was found not guilty by reason of insanity on charges of stealing a necklace and has been in a mental hospital since 1971, the last six of which with a request for release assigned to a dead judge.
  • Current and former members of its cheerleading squad are suing the Oakland Raiders for wage theft and unfair employment practices, claiming that team owners aren't abiding by California worker laws.
  • Justin Bieber was charged with resisting police without violence and DUI while allegedly drag racing in Florida.

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