Dollar Store Customer in Dallas Shoots Gunmen Allegedly Trying to Rob Store

Before the cops could even get there


New details are emerging in the investigation into a shooting at a Dallas County dollar store that ended with a gunman dead at the hands of a customer who decided to take action. 

Dallas County District Attorney Michael Jackson has identified the gunman as Kevin McLaughlin from Orrville and the customer as Marlo Ellis, 37, also from Orrville. 

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  1. Dallas County District Attorney Michael Jackson stated: “don’t you ever come around here, don’t want to see your face, you better disappear. Just beat it.”

  2. “His investigators are confirming whether Ellis has a valid concealed carry permit.”

    Boy, oh boy, I sure golly hope he had the State’s permission to protect himself from being killed in the breakroom of an Alabama Dollar General store.

  3. (BTW, it’s not Dallas, TX. It’s Dallas County, Alabama.)

    1. Also, the linked article doesn’t mention robbery as motive because nobody heard a demand for money. For those who didn’t read the article, the shooter has been charged with rape and enticing a child under 16 for immoral purposes (no age given for shooter).

      1. That paragraph about the rape charges was not in the article when I read it earlier.

  4. Thought experiment: Change “customer” to “cop” and try to imagine what the comments thread would have looked like.

    1. There would have been justifiable outrage at the fact that the cop killed every living thing in the store as opposed to the selective shooting of the single, threatening individual.

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