MLB Approves Expansion of Instant Reply

21st century bsseball


Ever since the game was invented, before television or even radio existed, baseball counted on the eyes and ears of umpires on the field. Starting this season, many key decisions will be made in a studio far away.

Major League Baseball vaulted into the 21st century of technology on Thursday, approving a huge expansion of instant replay in hopes of eliminating blown calls that riled up players, managers and fans.


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  1. This will do nothing but turn 3 hour games into 4 hour games. Major league baseball teams don’t succeed or fail due to a handful of blown calls.

    1. You think it will take an hour to review all of the reviewable calls (max: 2 per manager and umpire discretion after the 7th inning)?

      If team successes didn’t hinge on blown calls, I doubt game length will hinge on correcting them.

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