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Sunday Morning "Church" for Atheists Getting More Popular

They want the churchy stuff without the goddy stuff.


It sometimes feels like church in the auditorium of the Professional Musicians union in Hollywood. It's a Sunday morning, and hundreds of people are gathered to meditate, sing and listen to inspirational poetry and stories.

But then the live band starts up — performing songs by the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Jerry Lee Lewis. And instead of a sermon, there's a lecture by experimental psychologist and neuroscientist Jessica Cail about the biology of gender identification and sexual orientation.

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  1. Formerly-religious atheist types with a lot of Sunday morn social baggage. Not dissing it just being a bit wonky because I slightly understand the desire. A bright Sunday morning binge on ‘How ya been’ and ‘Good tah see ya” for several years makes a bit of a dent in the validation schemes. I guess. Though pragmatically I wonder if humans are so fucking superficial that any form of communal recognition is more addicting than the deities themselves. Ultimately we come in quite alone and exist somewhat lonely probably due to how the brain concocts existence.

    1. There’s that, and it’s also an opportunity to get all decked-out in goin’-to-church clothes.

      Don’t laugh- the vicious games of one-upmanship that the hat-wearin’ black baptist church ladies play are the highlight of their week.

  2. Is it safe to assume that this pastiche is designed to proselytize for the Holy Progressive Church? That’s the only explanation that sort-of makes sense.

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