Iran Supreme Ayatollah Forbids Online Chatting Between Sexes

On his website, in response to a question e-mailed to him


The latest religious edict from Iran's supreme leader takes aim at the Islamic Republic's lonely hearts.

Online chatting between men and women on social networks is forbidden under Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's latest fatwa, delivered ironically enough on his website in answer to a question sent by email. The top mullah's reasoning is that such contact could eventually lead to activities prohibited by Islam.

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  1. Well, the Ayatollah knows best. Remember that catchy little song and movie that explained the causation between online chatting and “activities prohibited by Islam”? Chatty Chatty Bang Bang, right? I think that says it all …. Dick VanDyke should be ashamed of himself!

  2. Taken to it’s logical conclusion, the only men a woman should ever speak to or be seen by are her father, brothers and husband and sons.

    1. Indeed. And the Ayatollah himself – as well as the other control freaks – would never have been born. Leaves you wondering if they have ever learned how to think rationally…

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