A.M. Links: FBI Quietly Changes Primary Function, Senate Democrats To Focus on Middle Class, Angela Merkel Fractures Pelvis


Center for American Progress
  • The FBI has quietly replaced "law enforcement" with "national security" as its declared primary function.
  • Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D- Nev.) said Sunday that Democrats will focus on the middle class in 2014 and attempt to extend emergency unemployment benefits.
  • The Senate is poised to confirm Janet Yellen as the next Federal Reserve chair, making her one of the most powerful figures in world economic circles.
  • Citing health concerns in her family, Liz Cheney is ending her campaign for Senate in Wyoming.
  • German Chancellor Angela Merkel fractured her pelvis while skiing, forcing her to cancel meetings for the next three weeks.
  • A senior Iranian military official offered limited military aid to Iraq in order to battle Al Qaeda fighters in the neighboring country.

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