A.M. Links: Republicans Want to Improve Obamacare Website Security, NSA Reportedly Trying to Develop Quantum Computer, Deaths From Lightning Strikes at Record Low


  • don't blame global warming
    Matthias Krumbholz/Wikipedia

    The House of Representatives will consider legislation trying to make the Obamacare website more secure and requiring users be notified of data breaches, according to a memo to Republicans from Eric Cantor.

  • The NSA has reportedly been spending about $80 million a year to develop a quantum computer that would help it to crack encryptions.
  • A majority of Americans think the US will remain on a downward spiral through 2050.
  • More than 200 Phish fans were arrested, mostly for drug possession, while the band performed at Madison Square Garden in New York City over the New Year's holiday.
  • A physician from Louisiana is suing a police chief in Texas who was sleeping with his wife as well as other officials, alleging police harassment came along with the cuckolding.
  • A poll shows 71 percent of respondents believing the Washington Redskins don't need to change their name; the number is 90 percent for Republicans and 59 percent for Democrats.
  • Only 23 people died from lightning strikes in the US in 2013, a record low. The record high was in 1943, when 432 people were struck and killed by lightning.
  • The conservative media watchdog group Newsbusters found that on network morning and evening newscasts, only one of 41 stories on the stranded Antarctic ship mentioned it was on a climate change mission.

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