Israel to Announce Plans to Build 1,400 More Settlement Homes in West Bank

Also to release Palestinian prisoners Monday


Israel plans to build 1,400 homes in its settlements in the occupied West Bank and will announce the projects next week after releasing a group of Palestinian prisoners, an Israeli official said on Friday.

The Palestinians have said any further expansion of Israeli settlements on land they seek for a state could derail U.S.-brokered peace talks that resumed in July after a three-year break and are set to last until April.

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  1. So what”s new? Absolutely nothing. These two volatile peoples have been slaughtering each other since 1948 (and before) and will continue to do so for generations to come. The only reason the U.S. is involved is because a bunch of right-wing Christian religious fanatics in the U.S. believe that the end of the world is coming, and this (The so called Holy Land) will be the center of it. In fact, these religious a–holes would very much like to have a huge war start in the area so their f—ing fantasies will all come true. Too bad that the rest of us have to pay taxes so both the Israelis and Palestinians will receive big bucks all the time from the U.S. Government so they can all sustain their desert religions bullshit and endless wars. Religions of any kind really are nothing but the “Opium of the People”.

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