Harvard Researchers Reverse Aging



… in mice.

Anti-aging researchers at Harvard University note, "Current dogma is that aging is irreversible." But maybe that dogma is wrong. In a new study in the journal Cell, the researchers report that they have found a way to manipulate a molecular pathway such they can restore "key biochemical markers of muscle health in a 22-month-old mouse to levels similar to a 6-month-old mouse." The biochemical markers were inflammation, insulin resistance, and muscle wasting. They did not observe an increase in muscle strength.

The researchers identified how the decline of a specific compound—nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+)—results in the disruption of molecular communication between the nuclear genomes in cells and their mitochondrial genomes. Mitochondria are the powerhouses of cells. Falling NAD leads to decline in mitochondrial function that eventually produces the cellular breakdowns that are associated with aging.

Seeking to reverse the decline in NAD, the researchers injected the NAD precursor nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) into the mice for one week. It worked, at least in their muscles. Now the researchers plan to administer the treatment longer term to see if it will give the mice longer, healthier lives.

H/T Nick Schulz

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  1. The researchers identified how the decline of a specific compound – nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) – results in the disruption of molecular commication between the nuclear genomes in cells and their mitochondrial genomes.

    smoke ’em if you got ’em.

  2. Let flood the torrents of dystopian prognosticating from huffpo, Slate, and Politico.

    1. If it is a costly process they will denounce it for being elitist and if it only costs a few bucks they denounce it for causing overpopulation of mother Gaia.

      1. There is a fiscal issue involved. Bismarck set the retirement age at 70 (later lowered to 65) back when very few people made it that far. Now, many people living for decades in retirement means that Social Security and many pension funds are going broke. If science enables a bunch of people to live a lot longer, these funds will go broke even faster. Then what do you do? Raise the retirement for anyone who got life extension treatments?

        I am a fan of life extension, just noting the conundrum.

        1. Yes. Or just get rid of the retirement age all together.

          1. Another plank for the vote-winning Libertarian platform!

          2. Simpler: You can retire anytime you can afford to.

            Note: Anytime YOU can afford to.

    2. Everyone has a right to Boosterspice!

      1. Spice and Soma for everyone!!!!

        1. Speaking of Huxley, he treated life extension in *After Many a Summer Dies the Swan*, an amusing volume.

    3. The undesirable task of reducing the surplus population caused by increased human longevity and unparalleled wealth will fall upon the shoulders of the reluctant heroes who are called by democracy to lead the people.

  3. Assuming there is ever a break through in anti aging and life span extension the biggest opponents will not be religious zealots- the biggest opponents will be greens and socialists.

    1. I predict a new “Death Watch”-style reality show, with Harvey Keitel befriending aging socialists so he can secretly film their bittersweet deaths.

    2. If you loathe yourself, the last thing you want is to live forever.

      Me, I’ll take immortality as soon as it is available.

  4. Great. Now Warty’s going to live forever. Thanks a lot, science.

    1. Thanks a lot, science Obama.

      1. That immortality serum, you didn’t invent that.

    2. Science means confronting the future, Warties and all.

      1. well played

    3. He has a timesuit. He can go anywhere and anytime. He can be there at the end of the universe, or when Michael Bay makes a good movie. He won’t live forever, he is forever. You should probably kill yourself now. I’ve made my peace with it. Hey Warty, can I come out of the cage for a few minutes?

    4. It’s not science unless they’ve voted. Is there a consensus?

  5. The biochemical markers were inflammation, insulin resistance, and muscle wasting.

    A ketogenic diet reduces inflammation and insulin resistance. It won’t do anything for muscle wasting, but Crossfit will. 😉

    1. So, you’re saying libertarians are immortal?

      1. Yes, libertarians who eat LCHF and workout are the trifecta of human perfection and are, therefore, immortal (or should be).

        1. Nice to see another Crossfitter among the commentariat.

    2. LB: Boosting NAD seems to mimic calorie restriction.

      1. What I have read on calorie restriction is interesting but (pure conjecture of course) I seem to think it was evolutionarily meant as a short term solution to the cyclical nature of food availability ass opposed to some ideal permanent state. Whereas eating the CORRECT calories is a permanent solution to the problems of inflammation and insulin resistance (and metabolic syndrome as a whole). I think something like NAD would be most effective in a specimen that does not have those problems already and that is could act to temper the natural forces of entropy.

        This will get very exciting.

    3. If you want to live forever, definitely avoid Xfit. Lift heavy, but not stupidly, and fuck kipped pullups.

      1. Damn it, I have to go deadlift soon. A day off sometime would be nice.

        1. Look, those bumper plates don’t fool anyone. Get yourself some FiveFingers and work on your Fran time, yuppie scum.

          1. Warty wears those. I’d sooner wear a tiara than anything Warty wears. Wait, I already wear a tiara. I meant a tutu.

      2. Kipping pull-ups are fine as long as they’re not the only type of pull-up you do. Build sufficient shoulder strength with dead hangs and ring rows, and the occasional lipping will be fine.

      3. If you want to live forever, definitely avoid Xfit. Lift heavy, but not stupidly, and fuck kipped pullups.

        Biomechanical engineering student agrees. Avoid excess impact to joints and spine from running until mature regenerative medicine is a reality and avoid movements that do not track natural muscle and joint function (such as pullups or other motions involving the humerus abducted and externally rotated.)

        I cringe every time I see videos of kipped pullups as I imagine the potential damage being done to structures of the rotator cuff.

  6. I just came in and sat down. I spent two hours this morning splitting wood with an axe. I have a catch in my shoulder and my back hurts. The middle knuckle on my Middle finger on my right hand is swollen and wont straighten out. I feel like I have been riding around in the back of a cement truck.

    Up until now there has only been one alternative to the hell of getting old. It would be nice if we had another one.

    1. It’s called ‘hiring a Mexican to do all that work for you’.

    2. Doing physical labor on your own? Did all of your orphans perish in an unfortunate monocle factory collapse?

      1. It’s Christmas break. Which means all of our orphans are shoveling snow to clear the drive for the party.

    3. Manual labor is for poor people. Are you poor or something?

      1. Did i mention my new Top Hat I got for x-mas from my 4yo?

    4. To hell with splitting, stacking, seasoning, and burn coal instead. Make a bin, use augers for filling and ash removal, and you can finally quit your complaining.

      Though you might be manic, so no matter what happens you will still complain to us. :0P

  7. No injection can cure bitching and going on about how we did it in the old days.
    “Phones were big and heavy and plugged in all the time. They didn’t take pictures or tell time or give a weather report. There was one ring tone-a bell and one color-black.”

    1. Trimlines came in cream.

    2. Great SNL skit from several years ago:

      In the future, just the force of your fingers hitting the keyboard will make words appear on the page… milk will be delivered fresh to your doorstep every morning… When you’re on the phone, callers will receive a “busy signal” so they know not to bother you and to call back later…

    3. There were several ringtones, depending on which party that shared the line was being called.

  8. YES!!!! But i have always been fascinated with HGH and testosterone for when a man reaches his 40’s or 50’s. It looks like it can really do wonders when supervised by a doctor.

  9. No injection can cure bitching and going on about how we did it in the old days.

    Really? In my experience a cocktail of sodium thiopental, pancuronium bromide, and potassium chloride seems to work just fine.

    1. Injecting morphine carries a lighter sentence. Additionally, you can inject it in yourself, and it will still work.

      1. Nice. Now I just need the chronic back pain!

  10. The middle aged male mice also showed remarkable rejuvenation when they were given souped up treadmills with fancy paint jobs, and put in cages next to younger female mice.

    1. and new Ford Mustangs.

    2. The middle aged males gat no heat until Abishag the Shunammouse was put in their cages.

  11. Can we wait until after the Baby Boomers are all dead before we have a breakthrough on this?

    1. Hugh is petrified that his mom will live forever. Actually, I am too.

    2. ^This.

    3. NOOOOoooo….The 60’s have to live forEVER, man.

    4. I am split.

      I kind of like my parents.

      Can’t we just kill every boomer but my parents?

  12. “Why are you crying? Did you think I was immortal?”

    –Louis XIV on his deathbed

  13. Mitochondria are the powerhouses of cells.

    …and they need blood to transport oxygen and energy (in the form of chemicals) in order to function. Meaning zombies cannot exist without magic.

    1. So to thwart a zombie attack simply invoke thermodynamics!

      Old textbook goes into the survival bag….

    2. Co Enzyme Q-10 feeds the mitochondria of the cells

  14. H/T Nick Schulz

    Pure BS.

    You know he got it from Drudge yesterday.

  15. The lady in that picture is only 33.

  16. Sounds like some crazy smack dude.

  17. I found a company selling a supplement containing NAD ( and am thinking of trying it. Has anyone else tried this product yet?

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