Hit & Run

No Stay for Utah Gay Marriages, Inventor of AK-47 Dies, Colo. Resorts Prep for Pot Tourism: P.M. Links


  • A moment of RATTA-TATTA-TAT! please.
    Credit: brian.ch / Foter.com / CC BY

    A judge has declined to order a stay in the demand that Utah start licensing and recognizing same-sex marriages while the appeals process begins. Meanwhile in Ohio, a federal judge has ruled that the state's ban on recognizing same-sex marriage is also unconstitutional, but wrote the ruling in such a way that it applies only to death certificates.

  • Edward Snowden, in an interview with Brazilian television clarified that he is absolutely not offering to share US intelligence to foreign countries in exchange for amnesty.
  • Mikhail Kalashnikov, inventor the AK-47, is dead at age 94. Please do not fire your guns in the air as a form of salute.
  • Dennis Rodman has left North Korea. He did not meet Kim Jong-Un, who is probably off doing his King Joffrey bit elsewhere.
  • Colorado resorts are preparing for marijuana tourism, a little bit worried that visitors won't know the rules and think they can just toke up wherever.
  • President Barack Obama has allegedly enrolled for Obamacare coverage but it's all symbolic and doesn't actually apply to him.

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