Hit & Run

Ira Stoll Tried, and Failed, To Sign Up For Obamacare


Sam Catanzaro/Flickr

Ira Stoll made a concerted effort to try to use the Obamacare exchange in his state. He says, "I probably spent about seven hours on the site in four or five sessions over the past few months. Theoretically, I'm the sort of person who might benefit from the program. I don't work for a big company that provides health insurance for its employees. We had been getting our family health insurance by paying for a "cobra" policy that extended the benefits my wife had gotten from her former job, but that has an 18-month time limit. So we need new health insurance for our family effective January 1, 2014. In the past, I had bought health insurance through the Authors Guild. But because Obamacare outlawed individual policies of the sort that had been available through the Guild, that is no longer an option." Stoll says he really did try to get a policy, but the website was simply "non-functional." He puts the finger on Obama, who himself admitted that he "screwed it up."