Replay: 3 Reasons Anchorman 2 is the Most Important Movie of The Year!


Get your Ron Burgunday on right now, fat face!

Originally released on Wednesday, December 18. About 2 minutes long (what else on you doing on Friday anyway).

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Here's our writeup:

As Anchorman 2, the long-awaited sequel to 2004's Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundyhits theaters, it's worth pointing out Will Ferrell's fake newscaster is not just wildly entertaining but hugely instructive in our media-soaked age.

Here are three reasons why Anchorman 2 is already the most important movie of the year.

1. It Foregrounds Media Cliches and Pat Formulas.

When Ron Burgundy and team create ridiculous, over-the-top news features such as "Rip the Lid Off It!," it's impossible to ever take a special report or interruption for breaking news uncritically ever again.

2. It (de)humanizes the Production of "News."

By calling attention to the actual production process of "news" and the often-considerable limitations of the people who make media, the Anchorman franchise underscores that news is invented, not discovered.

3. It Eviscerates the Media'a Hero Complex

Far more than critically acclaimed critiques such as Network, Anchorman brilliantly lampoons the self-importance and deranged egos of media stars.

For these reasons and more – and especially at a time when even venerable media outlets such as 60 Minutes is effectively firing correspondents for inaccurate reports and blatantly sucking up to power – Anchorman 2 and its predecessor should be required viewing for everyone who takes media literacy seriously.

About two minutes. Produced by Todd Krainin. Written and hosted by Nick Gillespie.

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  1. Three reasons why sarc will pass on the movie: Will Ferrell, Will Ferrell, and Will Ferrell.

    1. “That’s because you’re a far right wing bitter clinger!”
      -Shrieking Idiot

      1. Yeah, that exchange was weird even by shrike standards.

    2. “Will Ferrell was in Old School, which means not everything he touches is shit.”
      -Mint Berry Crunch

      1. Also, Stranger Than Fiction. Stuff like that shows that Ferrell CAN act, he just has crappy taste in film work. Like most comedians.

      2. Except that ‘Old School’ *was* shit.

  2. Those are all nice reasons, Nick, except you’re not taking into account a few problems: Will Farrell is unbearably terrible, the jokes and writing are unbelievably insipid and awful, and the whole thing is stunningly moronic, and not the good kind of moronic. It’s like saying Hangover 3 is the most important movie of the year because it ridicules hijacking.

    1. Surely, there is a range of drug and alcohol consumption that would make Farrell tolerable to watch and even amusing without occurring severe brain damage. Challenge accepted!

      1. incurring not occuring — hate fucking Windows7 desktop roll overs!

      2. I’d watch it on Quaaludes. Just don’t wake me.

      3. I suppose I could find Farrell tolerable if I was passed out. Oh, you said no drain bramage. Never mind.

        1. Well, severe. Not incurring any at all would be unrealistic like rainbow farting unicorns and Keynesian positive multipliers.

    2. the jokes and writing are unbelievably insipid and awful

      As opposed to the jokes in “the cabin in the woods”, “the avengers” and every episode of “Buffy”.

      also “Do you know what happens to toad when it gets hit by lightning?”

      1. Did your wife have an affair with Joss Whedon or something?

    3. But Episiarch… Jazz Flute!

  3. Will Ferrell is about as comedic as my running shoes are tasty. Pass.

  4. Less Will Ferrell, More Mike Rowe!

  5. Whatever.

  6. Will Ferrel plays Will Ferrel every movie, so his schtick gets very boring, especially if he is in a lead role.


    Vince Vaughn
    Owen Wilson
    Seth Rogen
    About 500 other comedica actors

  7. I’ll join the chorus: Will Ferrell is about as entertaining as sheetrock. His era of SNL was completely crappy.

    1. He absolutely slayed it in Old School and Elf (especially during his little exchange with Peter Dinklage), but really, the biggest problem with his characters is that they’re mostly pretty mean-spirited and passive-aggressive. And what’s worse is that most “comedy” today consists of emulating that archetype–just look at any of Chuck Lorre’s shows.

      Somewhat OT: I was watching a rerun of Modern Family and realized that Claire and Phil’s family is basically a carbon copy of the one from Malcolm in the Middle. You have the bumbling, clueless father; the control freak harpy wife; the dumbshit older sibling; the precociously intelligent middle sibling; and the goofy younger sibling. Maybe that’s why I find the show to be rather annoying, because I despised Malcom in the Middle due to those lazy stereotypes.

      1. Isn’t pretty much every family sit com include a bumbling dumbass father and a harpy wife?

  8. I concur!!

  9. Will Ferrell, like Adam Sandler, is best when he’s in movies that are very un Will Ferrell. Stranger than fiction is Will Ferrell’s best movie. Because Emma Thompson.

  10. The idea of Anchorman is brilliant.

    The actual execution is terrible.

  11. Anchorman 2 and its predecessor should be required viewing for everyone who takes media literacy seriously.

    It’s not going to make much money with only a hundred or so people in the audience.

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