Hit & Run

Healthcare.gov Plagued by Security Vulnerabilities, More Silk Road Indictments, Island Off Coast of Japan Growing: P.M. Links


  • china and japan not bickering over this one, yet

    The Obamacare website continues to be plagued by security vulnerabilities nearly three months after its launch.

  • The Department of Homeland Security's inspector general says his office found no evidence of widespread sexual misconduct at the Secret Service.
  • The transit authority in Atlanta has installed urine detectors to alert police when someone is micturating in public.
  • Three more people have been indicted in relation to the federal government's case against Silk Road.
  • S&P downgraded the European Union's credit rating to AA+.
  • President Obama formally nominated Senator Max Baucus (D-Mont.) as the next US ambassador to China.
  • Prostitutes in the Netherlands want the same retirement tax benefits professional soccer players get because theirs is also "hard physical work."
  • North Korea sent a threatening fax to South Korea in response to anti-Kim protests in that country.
  • An island off the coast of Japan created by volcanic activity is growing and may survive for several years.

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