Hit & Run

A.M. Links: Obamacare "Hardship Exemptions" for Cancelled Plans, Former CIA Director: Hang Edward Snowden, "Duck Dynasty" Family: Not Coming Back Without Phil Robertson


Credit: Duck Dynasty
  • The Obama administration will give a "hardship exemption" from Obamacare to millions of Americans who received health-insurance plan cancellation notices this year.
  • Edward Snowden should be hanged, said former CIA director James Woolsey when asked whether Snowden should be granted amnesty. What a charmer.
  • The "Duck Dynasty" family issued a statement Thursday evening supporting patriarch Phil Robertson, stating that not one of them would return to the show without him.
  • California legislators will consider a bill that would require kill-switch technology be a mandatory component of smartphones in order to help law enforcement retrieve lost and stolen phones. What could go wrong?
  • Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has joined several of his congressional colleagues who have denounced the Washington "Redskins" and called on the team's owner to change the name. A bit late to the game, Harry, we're all indignant about ducks these days.
  • The United Nations sent four helicopters to evacuate staff from a base in South Sudan's Jonglei state where three peacekeepers were killed yesterday in violence gripping the world's newest nation.

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