A.M. Links: Obamacare "Hardship Exemptions" for Cancelled Plans, Former CIA Director: Hang Edward Snowden, "Duck Dynasty" Family: Not Coming Back Without Phil Robertson


Credit: Duck Dynasty
  • The Obama administration will give a "hardship exemption" from Obamacare to millions of Americans who received health-insurance plan cancellation notices this year.
  • Edward Snowden should be hanged, said former CIA director James Woolsey when asked whether Snowden should be granted amnesty. What a charmer.
  • The "Duck Dynasty" family issued a statement Thursday evening supporting patriarch Phil Robertson, stating that not one of them would return to the show without him.
  • California legislators will consider a bill that would require kill-switch technology be a mandatory component of smartphones in order to help law enforcement retrieve lost and stolen phones. What could go wrong?
  • Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has joined several of his congressional colleagues who have denounced the Washington "Redskins" and called on the team's owner to change the name. A bit late to the game, Harry, we're all indignant about ducks these days.
  • The United Nations sent four helicopters to evacuate staff from a base in South Sudan's Jonglei state where three peacekeepers were killed yesterday in violence gripping the world's newest nation.

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        I mean, it’s not everyday a Canadian comes in first.

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            1. Oh I play hockey alright.

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              3. No, they have flappy heads.

          4. Canadians, Ozzies, Kiwis.

            AFAIK we’ve been able to keep out all the Brits, though, so there’s that.

            1. The British soured on libertarianism after 1776.

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  2. The Obama administration will give a “hardship exemption” from Obamacare…

    So does this mean other laws can be interpreted as just as inflexible to the needs of Americans?

    1. So they passed a law to make sure that every American had health insurance, and the end result is that millions of Americans who had health insurance won’t have it anymore, and Obama is the good guy because he’s not going to penalize them further?

        1. In all fairness, this is how dirty machine politics works in most American cities: set up the government to fail the people and then take credit for benevolently helping those people avoid the full extent of the damage. It’s all Obama knows.

          1. “Government is good at one thing: It knows how to break your legs, hand you a crutch, and say, See, if it weren’t for the government, you wouldn’t be able to walk.” — Harry Browne

          2. Dirty Machine Politics ? You mean like in Chicago ?

            1. This administration has been riding dirty since day one.

      1. Obama is the good guy because he’s not going to penalize them further?

        Not just that – but he’s openly disobeying a law he championed with no legal basis for doing so.

        But yeah, I think we’re supposed to be happy about this for some reason…

    2. “The Obama administration will give a “hardship exemption” from Obamacare to millions of Americans who received health-insurance plan cancellation notices this year.”

      The many thousands of other people who received cancellation notices and immediately signed up for a far more expensive ACA plan (as they had been told they had to do), however, will not be receiving any rebates or tax-deductions on the extra $1000s they have to spend = no, those dollars need to be set aside for kickbacks to insurance companies for playing along with this economic charade. Meanwhile, the people who sat on their asses and did nothing hoping for some magical free lunch? They WIN and get told “don’t worry; just pay what you think is fair!!” for the time being.

      Because, Rules? Rules are so *limiting*.

      1. But they still don’t have health insurance either.

    3. I’m really disappointed that this has been up for an hour and no one has pointed out that he’s now doing exactly what the left was calling the Republicans horrible traitors for trying to do (in the actual legal manner) just 2 months ago, and what he was willing to shutdown the government to prevent.

      1. Is it a full delay of the mandate? I don’t think so. I hope so, but I don’t think so.

  3. That’s one of the problems of Obamacare itself ? the perception that it’s a free lunch. Even those who do qualify for subsidies get that only through the collection of a myriad of taxes imposed by Obamacare. Those taxes apply to employers, insurers, and medical-device manufacturers, which drive up the costs for consumers and workers in indirect ways. It’s a shell game–not a reform that actually drives costs down. Instead Obamacare only masks price increases through dishonest opacity.


  4. A ho-ho-horror show: Sheriff’s deputy hangs reindeer upside down in his yard with red lights simulating slit throat and blood

    A policeman and hunter hung a reindeer decoration upside down as if it were a fresh kill being drained of blood
    One neighbor called code enforcement, but city officials said there was nothing they could do


    1. Fuck.

    2. Both the sign and the decoration are indicative of the mentality of a Sheriff’s Deputy.

      Also, Palm Beach County? In Palm Beach County? I can understand doing that somewhere you can… you know, actually hunt. But Palm Beach County? Really?

      1. Ditto.

        1. Ditto of Ditto

          1. Mimeograph of Ditto of Ditto.

            1. *** inhales deeply ***

              Ahh, mimeograph!

              1. From the news links: North Korea threatens South Korea – by fax.

                1. Fax machines are still extremely popular in east asia (esp Japan) I’m just amazed that North Korea could afford a fax machine and some telephone wire.

      2. Ditto with a caveat… as do you think if one of the sheriff’s departments young daughters saw this in a non-LEO’s yard they would just leave it alone because “nothing can be done”?

        So yeah, I agree nothing should be done – but do we really believe it would be that way if a “civilian” did this and it offended one of these officers wife or children?

        1. crap – I should’ve read further before posting – many beat me to this point many hours ago… but I have a day job 🙂

    3. “One neighbor called code enforcement, but city officials said there was nothing they could do.”

      I’m sure they would have loved to fine someone if it was just a bloody peasant who did this.

      1. I’m sure they would have loved to fine someone if it was just a bloody peasant who did this.

        That was my thought.

    4. It’s not even creative. I see a fair amount of people do this every year (not to mention numerous picture submissions online).

      This is the first time I’ve heard of a neighbor being a bitch about it though.

      1. What a better weapon said. I laughed then and I’ll probably laugh at this one too.

        Having seen this picture, the first thing I thought was that it looked like the after-effects from Rudolph pounding 6 Bloody Mary’s, not a bled-out deer.

    5. People have been doing this one for years. It’s not uncommon in PA to see real deer strung up like that.

    6. (a) OK, that’s kinda funny.

      (b) And in bad taste.

      (c) I tend to believe that if a cop had called code enforcement on his neighbor for this, Something Would Be Done.

  5. ‘Gee dad, a Winchester’: Vintage gun adverts from an era when a weapon for your child made the perfect Christmas gift

    Nice! Brits are horrified of course.

    1. Not according the comments they are.

      1. Pretty sure those are all Americans.

        1. Yeah. I chuckled at that.

    2. Nice trigger discipline by the boys in the 2nd ad. No hands/fingers on or in the trigger guard.

  6. WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. economy grew at a solid 4.1 percent annual rate from July through September, the fastest pace since late 2011 and significantly higher than previously believed. Much of the upward revision came from stronger consumer spending.

    The Commerce Department’s final look at growth in the summer was up from a previous estimate of 3.6 percent. Four-fifths of the revision came from stronger consumer spending, primarily in the area of health care.

    The 4.1 percent third quarter growth rate came after the economy expanded at a 2.5 percent rate in the second quarter. Much of the acceleration reflected a buildup in business stockpiles.


    1. Sixth time.

      Are you invested in the market with your own, real money?

      1. I answered you yesterday in the morning links.

        1. Did not see. Englighten.

          1. Enlighten.

          2. Why are you asking if it has invested any money? Homeless alcoholics scrounging through dumpsters for bottles with a few drops left don’t invest in securities.

            It may think that the bottle or rubbing alcohol it keeps for emergencies is a security, but that is because it really lacks the capacity for rational thought.

          3. “Englighten” must be the opposite of “mansplain”.

          4. Why is it important for you fuckers to piss on the US economy?


            And don’t deflect an argument you are losing.

            1. Not pissing on the US economy, no surprise that those evil obstructionist republicans stopping most major initiates by O’s administration has allowed this. If only they would do the same when they had power. I believe that the economy when left alone is capable of much more then this. Minus Obamacare we might actually see good jobs with this recovery as well.

            2. Read below the headline. Final demand at 1.9%. Inventory build the largest component. Just a little reality for those who can’t read past the headline.

              1. Shrreek never reads below the headline. It makes his head hurt.

              2. So inventory build-up for the holidays is considered real success?

                I guess that’s still better that after 5 years of Obama, job growth is still slower than job destruction is also a good sign… But in the end, it’s just another lie from a group who knows no other tactic.

      2. Dude, he’s a fucking JournoList working for the Washington Post. He’s probably lucky if he has a 401K.

    2. Since Republicans taking office 2010, the economy is getting back on track. Thank, God for Republicans and George W. Bush.

      1. Funny how that happens when the country isn’t under one-party rule.

        1. Stop teasin’ me with your reason and logic. Makes me tingle, or I have got the diabetus.

        2. I’m the one that constantly says that gridlock is the best political situation possible. And gridlock means a D POTUS and R House.

          It is not an accident.

          The GOP has one talent and only one – foot-stomping obstruction.

          1. It will be interesting to see what happens once the Fed turns off the printing press

          2. Serious question – do you PB – recognize any single government desire to fix problem X with legislation Y, might be better served by not doing anything?

            IE – is there anything recent, where the government actively saw a problem (side note below) they believed only legislation could fix, and you thought “in this case, doing nothing is better”?

            I ask because if your real answer in your heart (you need not reply) is that you cannot think of one example – that should clue you in to your overriding bias as it’s really not possible that every single government solution proposed was always a better alternative to doing nothing.

            And as someone who claims to actively invest – I would think critical thinking and accurate decision making is a fairly high priority for you – so this thought exercise should be easy to help you identify a bias which actively damages your ability to critically analyze politics.

            (side note) Of course all problems the government “finds” will instinctively have a legislative solution attached – just as if the only tools you have are hammers, the entire world starts to resemble nails.

    3. Damn sequester!

      1. Wasn’t the sequester supposed to cause economic disaster, including dogs and cats living together?

        1. Don’t know why that reminded me of this, but….

          Homer Simpson quote (while trying to breed the cat and dog): Soon I will have the perfect hybrid of a pet – the loyalty of a cat with the cleanliness of a dog.

    4. The U.S. economy grew at a solid 4.1 percent annual rate from July through September,

      I remember seeing that the bulk of the hiring recently has been by governments, not private business.

      I’d be curious to know how much of that growth is attributable to continued government borrowing.

      In short, what matters to the long-term economic health is what the private sector does ex-government. What are those numbers?

  7. On the one hand, maybe people would care a bit less about the Redskins name if Dan Snyder wasn’t around and wasn’t such a dick about it.

    On the other hand, as an Eagles fan, I hope that he continues to own his team for another 50 years. Same for Jerry Jones.

    1. I heard he was going to change it to the Washington Gay Sinners.

      1. Now that would be awesome. Just to see the look on peoples’ faces when you tell them, “What? You wanted the name changed!”

    2. Reid is the rooster taking credit for the sunrise, except that it’s the afternoon.

    3. Note to self: Andrew S. is a sock puppet for Cathy Young.

    4. Think they can take Chicago this weekend?

      I’m not so sure.

    5. With Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones in the NFC East, the Eagles can finally win a Super Bowl.

  8. Shocking report finds 97 per cent of chicken breasts sold at grocery stores across the U.S. are contaminated with ‘potentially harmful bacteria’

    No shit. That’s why you cook it.

    1. I’d always heard you assume 100% of chicken breasts have bacteria. I learned my lesson after a couple of bouts of food poisoning. Thicker pieces of chicken always get checked with the meat thermometer now.

      1. I wonder to what extent that is surface bacteria? I always check my birds with a thermometers but I always still wonder about the very inner part inner part right on the bone. It’s harder to check.

        1. My understanding is that all bacteria is surface bacteria. Ground meat incorporates the surface throughout, so it potentially incorporates bacteria throughout. That’s why it’s recommended to be cooked medium well. Those inner parts of a bird, unless they’ve been exposed, don’t have bacteria. Thing is, once the bird is quartered and washed, that act of washing potentially carries that surface bacteria into nooks and crannies. It only takes one chicken with salmonella to contaminate the entire batch that it is washed with. That’s why it should be cooked thoroughly. But steak could theoretically be covered in bacteria and safely served rare, as long as the outside is cooked.

          1. cool. thx! yeah, I was mostly worried about when cooking a whole bird so that’s good info.

            1. The way I learned to tell if a bird is done is by wiggling the leg. If it’s loose in the socket then it’s done.

              1. I don’t trust that method because the body of the bird has gotten so big. I would’t be surprised if the joints loosen up while the center of that giant breast is still at an unsafe temp. Maybe I’m overdoing it, though.

                1. I would’t be surprised if the joints loosen up while the center of that giant breast is still at an unsafe temp.

                  The center of that giant breast is actually done before the dark meat. The last part to cook is where the thigh meats bone. The leg joint being loose is an indication that the bones are heated, meaning the that the inner thigh is done.

                  1. Good to know, but I’ll still be using my thermometer.

                    1. Good to know, but I’ll still be using my thermometer.

                      Remember to stick it into the thickest part of the thigh where it meets bone, not the breast.

              2. I tried that. Usually by the time I remember to check, the bone falls out of the bird.

                I’m not a very attentive cook, but thankfully, I prefer more well cooked foods anyway.

          2. ^^ This

            I tend to like my meats almost raw, but I do cook the outside a bit. Haven’t gotten sick or died from it yet…

          3. that act of washing potentially carries that surface bacteria into nooks and crannies.

            Depends on how it’s washed. Cold water will do what you say, water over 150 degrees will kill the bacteria.

            This is actually the canard about health care: it is refrigeration and sanitation that is responsible for most of civilized man’s extended life span. Rotten food (and starvation) plus filthy living conditions are what shortens lifespans.

            The fact that homeless people can live a long time is actually a testament to our accomplishments.

        2. I would second what sarcasmic said and just add that if your thermometer reads 165 in the thickest part of the bird, you’re good to go. That temp has enough of a buffer built in that the bone will still be hot enough to kill everything off.

    2. Just the other day they ran a report on how to handle chicken in the kitchen.

      I was floored. A lot of it was common sense but I guess it’s true what they say. Common sense isn’t so common.

      1. “I don’t understand. I licked all the germs off!”

        1. Thanks for making me choke on my Oasis Health Break Fruit + Vegetable juice.

          1. what kind of monster are you putting that junk into your body?

            1. Laced with bourbon of course.

            2. Psst – Didn’t you see above? He’s Canadian. And we think he’s a little slow, eh?

      2. Just the other day they ran a report on how to handle chicken in the kitchen.

        Large swaths of our society are broken, man. Parents don’t cook and can’t teach their kids to cook. So young adults have no idea what they are doing in the kitchen when they try to go live by themselves. If they just keep eating prepared food they are ok. But if they try to cook for themselves they can get in serious trouble. These reports are very useful to some people.

    3. Someone should test the shit raised produce in the ‘organic’ aisle just to see the reaction.

  9. Not surprised that the Robertson clan would close ranks.

    1. I would have been shocked if they didn’t.

      1. No kidding. These people have been through hard, hard times together. They are immersed in a culture where celebrity doesn’t really matter much, and praise by coastal elites is not necessarily a good thing.

        A & E can take them on their own terms, or get fucked, I imagine.

        1. Agreed, but still refreshing to see a family stick by another family member when doing so can actively reduce their money/fame.

          Especially in a society where being on TV is considered such an obvious good many would willing ditch their families if it meant they could trade that for one spot on one single 30 min reality series.

          But as you said – not necessarily surprising given their cultural attitudes towards TV and the fact most of their money doesn’t rely it.

  10. Edward Snowden should be hanged, said former CIA director James Woolsey when asked whether Snowden should be granted amnesty.

    No word on what punishment should be meted out for state agents who violate the law of the land.

    1. A fat pension and a quiet retirement.

    2. Large-money consulting and speaking deals? Lobbying jobs?

      Oh, you said punishment. Nope. Can’t have our top men being held responsible for anything, now can we? People might think government is fallible.

    3. Edward Snowden should be hanged, said former CIA director James Woolsey

      Eliminationist rhetoric!

      1. Isn’t that what they do to the QB of the Washington football team?

    4. Snowden was a state agent, so hangings all around.

      1. No he wasn’t. He was a contractor.

        1. I think that’s still a state agent – as I’m not sure your employment status being “contractor” versus “full-time” is a meaningful way to separate a state agent from a non-state agent.

          & while pedantic – even non-paid actors, legally, can be seen as state agents under certain conditions.

          So while I’m glad Snowden did what he did and think he should be praised and not murdered, I think his work as a contractor where he was solely working for the NSA would qualify him as a state agent during that period of time.

          Additionally – he’s releasing all this stuff now, but I would assume he helped them do some of this while he worked there (as it was likely part of his job).

          As an analogy – what about war contractors (a number of whom are individuals who were SF/Seals/etc before retiring and being paid as individual contractors for DOD intel, CIA, etc)?

    5. Idiot. As if Snowden wouldn’t have a set-up fucking people like Woolsey real hard in case he’s ever caught.

    6. No No No, they misheard him.

      He said Snowden must be hung, cause you know it takes a guy with a massive set of cojones to pull off that kind of caper

        1. Let me lay it on the line,
          he had two on the vine,
          I mean two sets of testicles
          so divine.

          On a horse made of crystal
          he patrolled the land
          with a Mason ring and schnauzer
          in his perfect hands…

    7. No word on what punishment should be meted out for state agents who violate the law of the land.

      Head on a stick!!

      1. No!

        After the Great Libertopian Revolution, the provisional minarchy will include a Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

        There are too many heads that deserve to go on sticks. Rather than take the Jacobin route, the T&R Commission will invite all State agents of oppression to come forward within six months, confess to their crimes, and offer apologies to their victims. Victims will then, of course, have redress against those agents of oppression in civil court for damages. The psychopaths who do not avail themselves of the merciful offer by the T&R Commission would be subject criminal proceedings. No doubt there would be plenty of sick, self-righteous former agents of oppression who could not bear to acknowledge their crimes.

        1. What, no electronic guillotine?

    8. So a man that violated his oath to uphold and defend the constitution has the nerve to call a real patriot a traitor.

      This shit really pisses me off. Snowden sacrificed a lot to do the right thing, and is pretty much the text-book definition of a hero, and some needle dicked prick from the CIA has nerve to call him a traitor. Fuck Woolsey.

      1. + gave gravy job in Hawaii
        + gave up pretty looking girlfriend

        I was little hesitant at first to call him hero, but everyday, each revelation is coming to this point

        1. Until I hear about some huge financial gain, I can see no motivation for Snowden but loyalty to the American people. How that could be called anything but hero is beyond me.

          1. A month or so ago I was interviewed by an FBI agent regarding a security clearance for one of my coworkers. At some point in the interview he said “We don’t want another Snowden.” I kept my private thoughts private.

            1. I find myself censoring myself for the very same reasons often. There’s being right and having a job and they’re not always inclusive…

              1. I’m surrounded by people with security clearances at work. No fucking will I ever voice my thoughts on Snowden. I’d be unemployed.

            2. Yeah, I’ll BET they don’t!

          2. Yep, he’s a lot closer to Natahan Hale than any general or police I’ve seen interviewed.

          3. Shouldn’t Snowden win person of the year over Miley?

    9. Since tar and feathering is so 19th century, strip him and use a roll of red duct tape to cover his entire body except for his eyes and and nose. Then, since he was part of the secret govt, use one of those large black markers to redact all the tape.

    10. Someone should ask Woolsey what he thinks should happen to Clapper for committing perjury before Congress.

    11. You know who else should be hanged?

    12. Upon more reflection, Mr. Woolsey added, but hanging him without trial and such is likely illegal and a trial is unlikely to result in the death penalty, but drones on the other hand…

  11. Bloomers: Why Gun Control Is Dead, and GC “Grand Bargain” in the works.

    1. That “grand bargain” seems to give government more power at every turn.

      1. The one I thought was good was allowing non-violent offenders to regain their rights.

        But yeah, it does seem like a tilted “bargain”.

    2. Imposing comprehensive background checks (with a loophole for transfers among friends and family)

      And then the hew and cry will be to close the loophole. Never compromise with fanatics…because it isn’t really a compromise.

      1. Not to mention that that’s basically the law now. Who’s to say that the guy you met on Armslist isn’t your friend?

        National reciprocity would be awesome, though.

        1. What the pro-gun side here should do is offer to give up stuff that is already against the law, that the dumbass anti-gun crowd doesn’t know is already against the law.

          In exchange maybe we could get certain import bans lifted, like say the ban on barrels for “non-sporting” guns, or ban on virtual every gun from Russian except the Mosin-nagant.

          1. We’ll ban the incendiary and hihg-explosive rounds, in echange for getting rid of magazine size limits and national reciprocity.

            1. Man, I do not about that.. Would love one of these on castle wall.

          2. Unrelated, but I knew a guy who’s wife came from the same town as Mikhail Kalishnikov. He had an autographed biography.

          3. What the pro-gun side here should do is offer to give up stuff that is already against the law, that the dumbass anti-gun crowd doesn’t know is already against the law.

            From what I’ve read they think you can buy automatic weapons online. Maybe we could propose a law that stipulates that all automatic weapons are subject to a standard background check and have to be picked up at a licensed dealer.

            1. In the POS Gus van Sant movie Elephant the mass murdering high school kids get their assault rifles delivered to them at home by UPS. Gun grabber supporters don’t know a goddamn thing about gun laws.

          4. What the pro-gun side should do is nothing. No compromise. No new laws. The other side has no constitutional footing to stand on. Just repeal what’s already on the books if possible.

    3. So where’s the bargain?

      All I see is some twit caving.

      1. I’d start by changing #1 to “dissolve the ATF” and #3 to “Unconditional reciprocity and must issue from all states”

        To #2 I say – No misdemeanors can disqualify you from basic rights.

        1. No non-violent crimes can disqualify you from basic rights, would be my offer.

          Also, “Constitutional” carry: if you have a gun (legally), you can carry it, and most definitely in government buildings.

          Finally, revocation of all special gun privileges for cops and police departments.

    4. “One only bargains with equals or near-equals.” GC advocates have been getting their asses kicked for the last 15 years. Why stop now?

  12. For shreeek:

    Urine detection system installed in Atlanta transit station elevator

    It’s a urine detection device, called UDD. If a person relieves her or himself , the sensors sound the alarm and the MARTA police will be there in seconds to catch the offender in the act. There is also better lighting and a camera catching all the action. The pilot program has been in place for a month, and that daily problem dropped to one incident, in which an arrest was made. Next month, MARTA will begin installing sensors in other elevators, with the goal to have them in all 111.

    1. How long until somebody is tackled and tazed after accidentally spilling a bit of their bottled water?

      1. Yet another protected group will emerge: The profusely perspiring.

      2. To be safe, pissers should take a baby with them then blame a leaky diaper for setting off the alarm.

        1. Something tells me that this activity is not usually pre-meditated.

    2. Wow. I knew Atlanta had it’s issues but I didn’t no it was that much of a shithole.

      1. Technically it’s a pisshole, not a shithole.

      2. They should install this in the NYC metro system. The cops would be so busy responding to the constant alarms that they would never get anything else done.

    3. No way the cops will get there in time.

  13. Down Under indeed.

    Perth woman sues deli owner after drinking sperm from bottled water

    A Perth woman who drank bottled water containing semen is suing the deli owner who sold the water and whose DNA matched the sperm.

    1. Eewww!!

    2. Did she specify that he should hold the sperm? If not, it’s her own damn fault.

    3. Haven’t seen ifh around here lately. Hope she’s not busy with… legal matters.

  14. …in order to help law enforcement retrieve lost and stolen phones.

    LEO are falling all over themselves trying to retrieve lost and stolen phones?

    1. Note, they didn’t say “returning to owners”

    2. LOL.

      Is anybody stupid enough to actually believe that government really wants a kill switch so that cops can recover lost and stolen phones?

      Okay. Maybe you do. But, anybody over age 15 and IQ 85?

    3. You can’t get these guys at minor traffic accidents, but they’ll recover your phone for you? yeah

      1. Christ, how many stories have we read where the phone owner has called the cops, with information from her stolen phone telling her that’s it’s in X apartment, and the cops could give a shit? It’s amazing they actually clear any property cases at all.

    4. LEO are falling all over themselves trying to retrieve lost and stolen phones?

      They might – if enough of those large cell phone companies use their lobbying/PR arm to push this hard as a large issue.

      Otherwise no – they likely don’t care. Of course who does really care about negative things they’re largely unaware of because no one is complaining about it?

  15. California legislators will consider a bill that would require kill-switch technology be a mandatory component of smartphones in order to help law enforcement retrieve lost and stolen phones. What could go wrong?

    It’s shit like this that makes me happy I’m much smarter than those who make these laws. I really don’t give a rats ass about what they think my phone should or should not do. It does exactly what I want it to do and there isn’t a damn thing they can do to change that.

    1. Agreed – my first thought was there is zero way they can release this technology and it take more than a couple hours from release for hackers to put plans on the internet to remove this if you so desired.

  16. Knickers are downloaded as couple produce underwear on 3D printer

    Tami and Udi Giloh have developed a woven fabric created on a hi-tech printer, and are in discussions with suppliers to lingerie retailer Victoria’s Secret over a possible marketing deal.

    The couple moved to north Manchester from Israel to develop the technology through their company Tamicare, and claim to be able to print a pair of knickers in three seconds, potentially producing 10 million pairs in a year.

    next – Warty Wear!

    1. Plastic undies?

      Well, polyester is plastic, I suppose….

    2. Edible underwear? We are this close to living on the starship enterprise I tell ya.

    3. This will change everything.

    4. “next – Warty Wear!”

      He was rogered to death by his own trousers!

      1. Speaking of Warty… which one is he. All this time he Danica Patrick

  17. ‘3,000 trapped in toilets in four years’, says London Fire Brigade

    Firefighters in the capital have been called to the aid of more than 3,000 people trapped in toilets or bathrooms in the last four years, the London Fire Brigade (LFB) revealed today.

    One hapless caller had even got his foot trapped in the toilet, according to the figures.

    But the brigade hopes to make a serious point in highlighting the statistics, which often relate to incidents it does not deem emergencies.

    The LFB’s figures also show that, since April 2009, firefighters have been called 103 times to people locked in car parks, 12 times to rescue people trapped in cemeteries and 29 times to incidents of people being trapped in shops.

    1. That’s it. I’ve had it. Ban toilets.

      1. Clearly elevators are safer, yet Atlantans are against this.

    2. One hapless caller

      Nice band name.

    3. I believe South Park already covered this.

    4. If you’re trapped in a shop – I assume this means you somehow got locked into some place… how is that not an emergency?

      Or are they saying – it’s cool – just break windows and stuff to leave?

      But 5 years and ~150 incidents… seems like there are more effective uses of their soap box than this.

  18. Harry Reid. What a guy. Honorable man of the people.


    1. Good timing. They just checked him into the hospital.

    2. a supersized D-bag if ever there were one.

  19. Barbara Walters. What a gal. Brilliant woman of journalism.


    1. “We thought that he was going to be ? I shouldn’t say this at Christmastime, but ? the next messiah,” she told Morgan.”

      Funny and utterly depressing at the same time.

      1. ‘We’. Who does she think she speaks for?

        1. Be fair. There were a lot of idiots who also thought that.

        2. All her friends and her journalistic colleagues?

      2. YOU SHOULDN’T SAY IT EVER. You shouldn’t have thought it. Why did anyone think that? WHY?

        1. Exactly. Shouldn’t say it around Christmas time? How about NEVER, fool!

        2. That is a really good question. I understand why they were happy to see a black man win the Presidency. I understand why they were even happier to see a really liberal guy win the office. Walters has her views and it makes sense she would be happy to see the country elect a President who shares them.

          What on earth would possess anyone to think of a politician as a “Messiah”, even metaphorically? I just can’t understand that. Even the most noxious Paul supporter would never call him the “messiah” or even think to use such language.

          1. It makes sense when you realize that government is their god.

      3. Bwabwa’s enunciation was characteristically unclear on the word “we”.

        She may have said, “He thought …”

        In which case, this is an uncontroversial factual statement.

    2. Baba doesn’t even know the name of the messiah’s key achievement.

  20. This morning on Morning Joke – Mika said that the people supporting the Robertson were deranged anti-collectivists. With a tone and facial expression demonstrating that she thinks those people are worse than NAMBLA members.

    1. “derangedanti-collectivists”

      Is there a newsletter?

      1. I want that on my tombstone.

    2. deranged anti-collectivists

      Isn’t that another way of saying they support individual rights?

      Is Minka that stupid or has she really just taken off the mask?

      1. It was pretty clear that she thinks rejecting the collective is reprehensible.

    3. Well Mika is obviously a deranged collectivist.

    4. Who would have thought we’d get to the point that “Un-mutual!” wouldn’t just be something in a cult Sixties British TV show?

  21. Canadian hummus maker runs up against U.S. underwear maker

    The U.S. maker of Hanes underwear has demanded a Saskatoon hummus maker stop using a trademark it considers too close to its own.

    Hanesbrand Inc.’s legal team sent a cease-and-desist letter this month to Hanes Hummus owner Yohannes Petros, who recently tried to register his food spread with trademark officials in Canada and the United States, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reported Wednesday.

    “The mark HANES HUMMUS is essentially identical and confusingly similar to the HANES mark,” Hanes associate general counsel Richard S. Donnell said in the letter to the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, hummus maker.

    1. I like hummus.

      I was hoping there was a “peanut butter and chocolate” collision somewhere in there.

      Hummus and underwear. Hm.

    2. Yeah. I’m always getting confused between boxers, briefs, and hummas.

      1. It’s simple, JB: In decreasing order of hummus-like-substance: Hamas, briefs, boxers.

        1. That’s how Israel could get rid of Hamas. Have hummus makers sue them for copyright infringement. Brilliant!

        2. I’m going to need to get that as a tatoo on my hand for easy reference when buying hummas or underwear.

      2. This. I really doubt anyone will confuse the products, and if they do, do you really need people that stupid as customers?

        1. It’s a quirk of Trademark law. If they don’t aggressively defend it against even the absurd, they risk losing it entirely. This is basically make-work for lawyers. The people at Hanes (and Hanes) know it’s going to be ruled non-infringing, or Hanes will settle for a slight distinction to avoid paying so much to the lawyers. But the law makes them do it.

          1. You got hummus in my underwear! No, you got underwear in my hummus! I shall now go and throw up.

  22. Edward Snowden should be hanged, said former CIA director James Woolsey when asked whether Snowden should be granted amnesty. What a charmer.

    Not until we hang Peter King and Barbara Boxer.

    1. and James Woolsey

      1. Seconded

      2. Seriously, guys, we can’t have all these executions. Execution should be reserved only to those who will not avail themselves to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission that will be set up following the Great Libertopian Revolution.

        /My fantasy is no more unrealistic than yours. King, Boxer, and Woolsey are destined to be private-jet rich for the rest of their lives in reality./

  23. Michigan town is a little too excited about opening of new Taco Bell
    “We’ve been waiting a long time for this,” woman says. “This is a great day for Romulus.”

    The first customers, a man and his sons, were so pumped about the prospect of getting some Taco Bell that they were waiting outside 15 to 20 minutes before the restaurant even opened.

    “I’ve been involved in city government for 16 years and served on the Planning Commission for eight of those years,” said Mayor Burcroff. “Of all the developments during that time, this is the one my kids are most excited about.”

    The new store will employ 40 people, most of whom are Romulus residents.

    “People are very excited about this,” said local resident Linda McNeil. “I’m a big fan of the taco supreme. I was going to the Wayne Taco Bell twice a week.”

    1. “This is a great day for Romulus.”

      The empire must have tacos.

    2. I bet I haven’t had taco bell in over 5 years. But then I generally don’t eat fast food.

      1. soo you havent been drunk in five years? Good job. Who is your sponsor?

    3. Not the Onion? Wow.

    4. The bad news is the Taco Bell is located inside the Neutral Zone.

      1. +1 Kobayashi Maru

    5. and is cloaked.

    6. I can’t recall the last time I even used one of their parking lots to turn around. It’s been even longer since I had the misfortune to cross their ‘food’.

      1. Yep. I can count the number of times I’ve been in a TB on one hand.

        Do they still serve cinnamon-flavored fried air?

        1. …I don’t know.

          /GIR Unit

          1. Glucose Infusion Rate?

            Get Into Reading?

              1. Thanks! I learned something today!

      2. We normally use one of the tasty local taco joints – where its run and eat at by hispanics. The last time I tried Taco Bell, I though the portions were tiny. Who buys this stuff?

        1. People who dig in their pockets and only find a buck seventy five. And stoners.

          1. Those are the same people.

    7. Note that Romulus is where Detroit Metro Airport is, and while it’s on the western edge of Metro Detroit, it’s basically suburban sprawl all around. I’d say no more than 3 or 4 miles to the nearest Taco Bell.

      1. I looked through the article that one links to, looked through the planning commission website, all over, for any indication this was fake. Nope. Can’t find any. There’s a picture of the ribbon cutting.

        1. Considering all the businesses failing and/or actively leaving Detroit maybe it’s understandable that opening a TB is newsworthy.

  24. California legislators will consider a bill that would require kill-switch technology be a mandatory component of smartphones in order to help law enforcement retrieve lost and stolen phones.

    Are you trolling us? While I see legislative mandates on required features of consumer products to be unnecessary and not within the authority of any legislative body, there is nothing in the article to suggest that the kill-switch feature would be controlled by LEO’s or could be used to track a stolen (or not stolen) smartphone. It’s intent is to eliminate the motivation to steal smartphones by rendering them useless when the ‘kill-switch’ is activated. This is a feature incorporated into many existing smartphones and utilized by a coworker in the past week.

    Perhaps you should be interning with Alex Jones, Zenon.

    1. What’s the over/under on police trying to obtain a warrant/court order to use the kill switches on all non-police cell phones within a certain area? Six months?\

      What’s the over/under on police trying to use the kill switches without a court order? Six months from the first attempt to obtain such a court order?

      The State will try to use this weapon. Don’t give it to them in the first place.

      1. What happens when you have an older phone that has never broken, so you’ve never ‘upgraded’ because the core functionality of being a phone is still good?

        1. Then it’s only fair that we mandate that everyone purchase a smart phone or pay the penaltax.

        2. That’s not really a phone because it doesn’t have all the features the government mandates a phone have.

          Whoever told you if you like your phone you can keep it was lying.

      2. Ted S. – Do me a favor a RFA. To one is suggesting that the State or Police have control over a kill switch. Besides, they already have the technical ability to do the things you fear.

      3. You gotta wonder how many phone makers are going to decide that putting a kill switch in their phones is going to cost them more business than they could get in CA, and just exit the CA market.

        I’m fascinated by how this is going to be enforced, though. Forget the older phones that will have to be gtrandfathered. How can anyone tell if your newer phone is a CA Kill-Switch model, or a normal people model?

  25. When I checked out Morning Joke, Duck Dynasty was on the menu.

    La Fluffzinski was so emotionally overwrought by the whole thing she was clenching her jaw and rocking back and forth in her chair with her arms crossed tightly over her chest, while glaring at Scarboro.

    It’s irresponsible to not put a helmet on somebody like that. She was ready to start banging her head on the floor at any moment.

    1. She’s upset that so many Americans reject her collective.

      1. But she is happy to have something to talk about besides how obamacare is really working no matter what the Rethuglicans claim.

        1. I don’t think that was it. She was literally on the verge of having a seizure.

          1. If she had a seizure on live TV, it would become a Youtube sensation. Think of all the good publicity for MSNBC!

          2. Yes, her tears are/were delicious. Best part of waking up, Mika’s tears in my cup.

    2. Too much Ambien. She is one of those who cannot control her own actions so she must restrict us all.

    3. They should go interview more reality stars on their theological views.
      It’s like getting economic advice from an argentine cleric.

      So what are Chummly’s views on sodomy and transubstantiation?

  26. This whole idiotic Duck Dynasty thing just shows that GLAAD is not a gay rights organization but a leftist organization using “gay rights” as a club in team warfare. They never say anything when leftist celebrities like Alex Baldwin are caught saying the worst gay slurs, which is much worse than anything Robertson said.

    Moreover, it you actually care about the welfare of gays in this country, the last thing you want is a culture where everyone boycotts anyone who has a view or lifestyle they disagree with. Gays are maybe 2% of the population. If I am a gay guy running a dry cleaning business in Omaha, the last thing I want is people deciding to base their economic decisions on their opinions of the politics or lifestyle of the business owner. An actual gay rights organization would take the position that someone’s views or lifestyle should never be a reason to say they can’t work or be in business. But since Glaad is all about team and for whatever reason running Robertson off the air furthers the team, they are happy to say the opposite. And if some poor gay guy in Omaha goes broke thanks to the other team’s inevitable retaliation, well that is just another egg for the omelet.

    1. Not really. I’m sure they’re shithead left wing hacks like any other shithead left wing hacks, but GLAAD and Baldwin did have it out. He called them the fundamentalist wing of gay advocacy after MSNBC canned him.

    2. I’m trying to imagine what enterprise of the Robertson’s they could boycott to any effect. I’ve seen the Robertsons use gay vendors but I haven’t seen any gay customers.

      1. If they truly sell the best duck call made – then the only way they have zero gay customers would be if zero gay people hunt ducks, which I think is unlikely.

        Though given the percentages, the total number is likely low.

    3. Certainly but Baldwin did get fired too.

      1. Didn’t he get fired for having bad ratings? I didn’t think he got fired for that. But maybe I am wrong.

        1. I think the cocksucking fag comment tipped the scales but obviously who knows what was going on in the backrooms. He only got 5 episodes and its not like they have massive ratings on MSNBC anyways. I imagine they would have given him at least a bit more time.

          1. Doesn’t he still do the Capitol One Commercials or did he get sacked from that as well?

            If Capitol One fired him, then I stand corrected, he did pay a price because those commercials are a very successful ad campaign.

            1. Doesn’t appear so but don’t know for sure. I read this morning that Under Armour has no plans to drop their endorsement with the Robertsons and Duck Commander. I think in general those kinds of deals are far less reactionary. Even Tiger Woods didn’t lose all of his endorsements. They know that shit like this blows over and people forget/don’t care.

              1. Underarmor would be insane to drop Robertson. Who buys more underarmor, gays, beta liberals or rednecks?

        2. I will say this though, Baldwin has had a long history of saying stupid shit including gay slurs so he certainly got more leeway than Robertson.

    4. “Don’t call us the Gay Mafia or we’ll have you whacked next.”

  27. A little something to put the Duck Dynasty thing in perspective.

    Uganda passes law that punishes homosexuality with life in prison.

    1. But those are brown people who are victims of Imperialism. So that is totally different.

      1. You’re really giving that strawman a good thrashing.

        1. I think we should give degrees of strawmen, based on how good they are. We know Shriek builds a good Tinman.

        2. Just because it is a fact you don’t like, doesn’t mean it is a strawman. That word doesn’t mean quite what you think it does.

          Yes, western gay rights groups are hypocritical as hell in their handling of and efforts at fighting discrimination in the non-western world versus the western world. It is just true. You don’t like it. But tough shit. Sometimes life is like that.

          1. Tough shit, indeed.

            You could at least do a rudimentary google search before commenting. Instead you sound like some ersatz tough guy, proud of his prodigious ignorance. You’re like a caricature.

            Now flop about some more…

            1. They posted a nasty note about it. Yeah that is just like the reaction to Robertson. The Other Kevin nails it below. Call me when GLAAD manages the same indignation and effort about Uganda throwing people in jail as the do over some guy on the other team saying being gay is a “sin”.

              Again, just because you don’t like something, doesn’t make it a strawman.

              1. Gawd, you’re like the laziest fucking person in the world.

                Seriously, google “Uganda GLAAD” and you’ll have all the ammo you need.

                I made my previous comment betting that you wouldn’t google shit, because you’re a lawyer and lawyers are lazy. Y’all just want to wade in and start throwing words around until the other party finds something better to do.

                Not that you can provide any sort of quantifiable stats on how much one organization spends in time, money and “indignation” fighting their perceived enemies that would back up your claim. As far as I can tell, GLAAD has only released a statement condemning the DD star, but I don’t have a indignation meter, like you do, to tell if their reaction is abnormally high.

                1. Is GLAAD organizing a boycott of Uganda? Are they demanding the US break off diplomatic relations? Is there any effort on the part of GLAAD to try to do to countries like Uganda and Saudi Arabia what was done to South Africa in the 80s?

                  Moreover, as I said above, going after Robertson is totally counter productive and actually risks hurting gays in this country as the other side sets the same standard. So why is GLAAD doing it? Because they don’t give a shit about gays, they care about team politics.

              2. Again, just because you don’t like something, doesn’t make it a strawman.

                A strawman is endowing an opponent with arguments that are an exaggeration or fabrication of their actual positions then arguing against that.

                You’ve claimed that gay-rights organizations care more deeply about this duck dynasty thing than actual harms done by foreign governments to gays. Because of imperialism, or something.

                If you could back this claim up with some sort of quantifiable evidence, I’d be much appreciative.

                Oh, and “But I saw this Duck Dynasty thing on the teevee just like a minute ago, everyone’s talking about it, librullls actually hate the gays, I know gay people, that’s just how the cookie crumbles, it’s a tough world out there kid, I’ll be back, cocktail parties, GLARRTGGGEFL…” won’t suffice.

                1. If you could back this claim up with some sort of quantifiable evidence, I’d be much appreciative.

                  My evidence is in front of your face. Which is a bigger deal in the media, the Duck Dynasty thing or Uganda?

                  Why isn’t Uganda a bigger deal than it is? Because GLAAD spends its efforts and credibility fighting for the Team on shit like the Duck Dynasty issue instead of real gay rights issues like Uganda.

                  Now if you have any quantifiable evidence that shows how GLAAD really cares more about Uganda than fighting the KULTURE WAR in the US, lets hear it. But a nasty note on their website doesn’t answer the mail.

                  1. I’m not sure that’s meaningful though John as GLAAD is a US based organization and even with international ties, those specifically pushing the “duck people are evil” meme are based in the US.

                    Combine that with the fact that many Americans could care less about things which happen outside of the US – it would seem that even though the Uganda thing is much worse in terms of degree, the group might correctly focus on a public issue most Americans can relate to versus what a third world hell hole regime thinks.

                    IE – maybe they’re more vocal here, because they’re correctly identified that being more vocal here gets them more publicity, whereas being very open and public about Uganda will unlikely get as much traction in US media.

        3. I say we give it about 2 days and see if there is anywhere near as much indignation about this. Let’s see if throwing people in jail for being gay gets the same reaction as a guy on TV saying that being gay is a sin.

      2. “But those are brown people who are victims of Imperialism. So that is totally different.”

        Thats right, and who are we to judge other cultures, blah blah blah…

        Reminds me of some of the bullshit I heard from college professors all the time.

    1. You know, whatever dude.

      1. See?! “Whatever” FTW!

      2. Like, You know, whatever, dude.

    2. I use “whatever” as code for I don’t give a shit about the project you want me to work on.

      1. Isn’t whatever just a code word for “I don’t give a shit about whatever subject we are talking about so I’ll just go along with you to avoid the argument”.

        Unless uttered by a wife, in which case it is a lethal trap

        1. When uttered by a wife, it is code for “You have lost this argument but are too stupid/stubborn to admit it, so I will punish in other ways.”

    3. “Social media”. Feh.

    4. “Seriously?”

  28. Everything You Think You Know about Mass Murder Is Wrong

    The biggest myth they claim to bust? The idea that mass murder in America is on the rise. Fox and DeLateur specifically challenge a recent Mother Jones project that claimed “a recent surge in incidents and fatalities” from mass shootings. The authors argue that Mother Jones arbitrarily limited its analysis to certain types of mass shootings?ones occurring in public places, committed by lone gunmen with no robbery motive or gang affiliation?and that by limiting the data set the magazine came away with skewed results. By expanding their analysis to include all mass shootings regardless of location or motive, Fox and DeLateur found that the rate of mass shootings has remained steady from 1976 to 2011, at about 20 incidents per year, and that “the facts clearly say that there has been no increase in mass shootings and certainly no epidemic.”

    1. Fox and DeLateur found that the rate of mass shootings has remained steady from 1976 to 2011, at about 20 incidents per year, and that “the facts clearly say that there has been no increase in mass shootings and certainly no epidemic.”

      Which means that they slowly but inexorably declining on a per capita basis. As the US population in the 1975 was 68% of the current population.

    2. “Except the fact that mass murder is wrong.”

    1. After a couple of terrifying seconds, Gerakaris slowly pulled her head out of the wall and looked at Casarona incredulously.

      “Why’d you stop?” she asked.

      The new TLC series “Sex Sent Me to the ER” premieres Dec. 28. Check it out!

    2. Hey fat mama, I’m a fat man


    3. “When things began to heat up, Casarona thrust the 110-pound Gerakaris backwards with all 440 pounds of his girth. And Gerakaris’s head went right through the basement’s sheet-rock wall.

      “My initial reaction was, ‘I killed her,’ ” Casarona tells The Post. “‘This is my first time. And Jen is dead.'”

      After a couple of terrifying seconds, Gerakaris slowly pulled her head out of the wall and looked at Casarona incredulously.

      “Why’d you stop?” she asked””

      1. He’s got a keeper there.

  29. Moms Who Cut Back at Work Are Happier

    New data from the recent Pew Research Center survey shared with The Atlantic tells the second part of the story. Mothers and fathers were asked by Pew if they had made family-related sacrifices for work?from quitting their job to turning down a promotion. Pew found that 65 percent of mothers had made such a family-related sacrifice, compared to 45 percent of fathers.

    Women married with children were more likely to be “very happy” with their lives if they made a family-related work sacrifice. By contrast, the happiness of married men was not significantly related to making work sacrifices for their families.

    1. they keep using that phrase “work sacrifice”….

    2. Kids are a lot of work and the amount of work they require is the same whether you work outside the home or not. So, if you work less outside the home, that means you work less overall. So yes, people who work less are generally happier.

      1. This is why stay at home moms can be annoying. You made a smart move to stay home, assuming the finances work, but stop telling us all about what you do and how hard it is. Your life and your kids lives are better for it, but logically it is still harder to work full time and still be a mom.

        1. Their bitching comes from America’s everybody is a victim of something culture.

        2. Yes and why parents in general are annoying. My wife and I have had terrible luck having kids. So we live the double income no kids life. I can’t tell you the number of times I have had various parents get their digs in about how easy my life is and how hard they have it with kids.

          They choose to have kids. And indeed, they made a choice my wife and I would like to have made as well but circumstances have prevented. I don’t begrudge them their good fortune in having healthy and happy kids. But it is really annoying when they begrudge my wife and I’s crappy consolation prize of more money and the time to take the odd vacation.

          1. Hey, I get the same number of days off as my coworkers with kids (less actually, once you account for paternity/maternity leave). But sure, go ahead and complain about how the choice you made results in you having “so little” vacation time.

            1. And isn’t spending time with your kids fun and a vacation from work? If it is not and unless your kid is somehow disabled, you might want rethink how your kid behaves. As a general rule, it should not be a dreaded chore to be around your kids.

              1. Actually, I get less than most of them too, as you start getting an extra day of vacation a year at year 5 and I’ve been here less time than most of them.

                You know why I get to go to Europe for 3 weeks at once? Because I go from March to December without taking any time off. If you want to take a 3 day weekend all every other week, that’s fine, but don’t act like you don’t get any time off.

                1. But AD, they have a right to go to the little snowflake’s soccer game and engage in the worst sort of helicopter parenting and take three weeks off like you do.

                  Why do you hate children AD?

                  1. Why do you hate children AD?

                    Because of parents.

                    1. Why do you hate children AD?

                      Because of parents.

                      Bingo. I like kids. It is parents I can’t stand. Unless the kid is retarded, it is not the kid’s fault when he acts like an animal. It is the kid’s parents fault for not teaching him any different.

                    2. I agree as well. I have worked as a Sub teacher in long term assignments when dealing with kids and i am amazed just how insane a lot of parents are. They toss common sense out the window it seems just because they have kids. As if logic and reason get suspended once they give birth to a child. My all time favorite; “My son would never lie to me, that is why i know he didn’t do it”….I am 32 and lied to my mother yesterday!!!!

          2. My wife and I have had terrible luck having kids. So we live the double income no kids life.

            But I thought you said you had terrible luck having kids.

        3. I was a stay at home dad for the first year of our son’s life. It’s really only as hard as you make it. The one’s who bitch about it the most are usually the ones who probably should have thought twice about having kids in the first place.

          1. I totally agree RBS. My parents had six kids and didn’t have anything close to the amount of money people now have. It wasn’t Leave it to Beaver. We had our share of dysfunction. But never did I or any of my siblings ever feel like we were a “burden” on our parents or did my parents ever give such an impression.

            I think a lot of parents feel guilty about working and being away from their kids and let that guilt manifest itself in refusing to make their kids behave or disciplining them. This in turn makes the kids miserable to be around which makes the parents feel even more guilty for not just working but also for secretly loathing being around their kids. It is a vicious cycle that makes the whole family miserable.

  30. ” “Duck Dynasty” Family: Not Coming Back Without Phil Robinson”

    No shit. The Hollywood phoneybaloneys miscalculated. As it turns out, the Robinson family is a real family, even if their show is scripted.

    1. And they are legitimately popular. There would be a line of networks outside their door waiting to sign them if they ever left A&E.

      Finding a legitimate hit cable show is really hard. They don’t come along very often on any particular network. If they left A&E, it would cost A&E millions.

      1. Isn’t A&E part of the Disney empire?

        If so, even a hit like DD doesn’t mean that much to them.

        1. It means a lot to that division and the people who run it. Sure, the CEO of Disney isn’t going to be fired of the loss of Duck Dynasty. But the guy who runs A&E or that part of the cable operation sure might. When the earnings go through the floor, no one is going to care that “but we did the right thing by GLAAD”.

          1. Meh

            You’re underestimating how much weight internal politics carry in large organizations. Ideally it should all be about profit and loss – in the real world it isn’t. For examples consider the number of failed executives that keep getting rehired, the same money losing crappy movies that keep getting made or the complete loser sports coaches that always get another chance with a new team.

            1. True. But, most cable shows either lose money or don’t make much money. A show Duck Dynasty earns tens of millions of dollars for the network. Politics or no, no company takes losing a cash cow like that lightly. I would imagine there are some tears and gnashing of teeth going on right now at A&E over this.

              1. I hope so. Not that I watch the show but I’m completely fed up with the PC bullshit and big corps caving every time someone says boo are big part of why it has gotten as bad as it has.

              2. I would imagine there are some tears and gnashing of teeth going on right now at A&E over this.

                I wonder if this is actually the case–after all, it’s not like this is the first time the network’s gone rounds with the Robertsons, Phil in particular, over their religious displays. I still suspect the interview was an attempt by Phil to bring the juggernaut to a halt, but maybe even more so, A&E’s probably been looking for a reason to extricate themselves from a family that doesn’t line up with Disney’s corporate ethos. The interview offered a convenient way for them to let go of something that’s been a money-maker for them, but has also probably been a major headache from a client-manager perspective.

                It’s a lot easier to set up a show that mocks the Honey-Boo-Boo clan because, let’s face it, they really are welfare-sucking white trash. People who run a successful business like the Robertsons while being unapologetically redneck in their sensibilities are a lot harder to manipulate.

                1. Money talks Red Rocks. That show is worth a fortune. I find it difficult to believe any company would happily walk away from that kind of money, especially in a business like cable television where so many shows never make it and lose money.

                  1. It’s not just about money though. Businesses, especially entertainment businesses in LA (?), care about their image. And so do advertisers. And if advertisers walk, the show doesn’t make money, even if it remains popular with most of its audience. You think the Food Network wanted to axe Paula Deen? Her ratings weren’t going down, but she was bad for publicity.

                    1. Businesses, especially entertainment businesses in LA (?), care about their image.

                      Sure, but entertainment businesses also love to be on the very verge of edgy and specifically produce things which are “outside the normal”.

                      But in the end – I completely disagree with you. Knowing some people who worked in the music business anyway – it’s all about money every time.

                      If you’re a musician who can consistently sell concert tickets and CDs, a politically incorrect opinion will not stop them from exploiting that to make as much money as possible.

                      Conversely if you cannot produce the entertainment company any money, no amount of “correct beliefs” will stop them from ending that relationship while they search for more profitable alternatives to actively support.

                      Wasn’t Eminem anti-gay after all (not that it was true)?

                      Isn’t R Kelly still producing music?

                      Sorry – it’s always about money. And since they’re a public company – they also have a legal fiduciary responsibility to make money.

                      I think an exec made a quick emotional decision which will likely be retracted or result in changes in management.

                      Because if not – why would anyone ever invest in a company who’s goal isn’t profit?

    2. If the Duck Dynasty plays this out right, they may come out more popular then ever.

      I think people are getting tired of the PC bullies, and like it when people actually stand up to them.

      1. The Robertsons should publicly issue a carefully crafted ultimatum to A & E, one that sounds (and is) reasonable and yet is totally unacceptable to the PC fascists.

  31. Radel To Return To Congress, Undecided On 2014


    He is all cured now. And Jesus.

    1. “No one will take away my passion when it comes to serving southwest Florida.”

      Sheesh, Trey, I thought that’s what the rehab was for.

  32. My wife works with a few gays. One guy who is a total flaming queen, and a woman who might be mistaken for a man. Both said they’ll keep watching Duck Dynasty because they think it’s hilarious.

    So much for the whole “gays don’t watch the show and if they did they’ll boycott it” meme.

    1. My wife and good friends with a lesbian couple. They are both pretty conservative about government and hate GLAAD with a passion. Really the only view that you could fairly call “liberal” that I have ever heard them espouse is support for gay marriage.

      1. Have lesbian women at work, and she as “God, Country, and Guns” and you can get.

        1. My dad is friends with a lesbian couple who own a farm near where he used to live. They are totally that way. Great people.

        2. I read the first few words of that and was thinking, okay….

  33. They should go interview more reality stars on their theological views.
    It’s like getting economic advice from an argentine cleric.

    Robert Reich is an Argentine cleric?

    1. Paulie Krugnuts.

    2. No, just his favorite D&D character.

      1. Surely for Reich it would be a dwarf, wouldn’t it?

        1. He was in government. He’d be a Rogue/Thief.

        2. It’s a fantasy game, Marsh.

          1. So Reich would fancy himself a 6’6″ Paladin, striding o’er the land?

            1. Exactly. Smiting merchants everywhere he goes.

  34. John Beale’s EPA
    An amazing fraud by an architect of government climate policies.

    Beale’s attorney John Kern says his client “has come to recognize that, beyond the motive of greed, his theft and deception were animated by a highly self-destructive and dysfunctional need to engage in excessively reckless, risky behavior.” Mr. Kern adds that Beale was motivated “to manipulate those around him through the fabrication of grandiose narratives” because of “his insecurities.”

    Are we now supposed to believe that in contrast to his other lies, the work Beale chose to perform at EPA is the product of careful and honest analysis? What Congress needs to examine is whether the policies that the head of EPA says were shaped to a large degree by Beale were also based on fraud. Oh, and what Gina McCarthy knew or suspected, and why she so admired a fraudster.

  35. Democrats currently have a 1 percent chance of retaking the House

    In short, what we do is lots of simulations based on our model’s results. (In statistical terms, we are sampling from the error distribution of the model.) The uncertainty underlying the model means that simulations will generate a range of forecasts. The question is, how many of those simulations forecast that the Democrats would win 218 or more seats?

    The answer is very few. Just over 1 percent, in fact. This is a testament to the fact that current conditions in the country, and the presence of so many Republican incumbents, make it hard for the Democrats to pick up many seats. In order for that forecast to change measurably in the Democrats’ favor, the economy needs to grow more rapidly or President Obama needs to become more popular, or both. A few more Republican retirements and strong Democratic challengers wouldn’t hurt, either.

    1. Gerrymandering.

      Dems had two million more House votes than Repubs in 2012.

      The Repub state houses gerrymander House wins very well.

      1. You forgot racist.

        1. I don’t play the race card. I leave that to Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Herman Cain.

      2. Dems gerrymander, too. I thought you were libertarian. Stop using Democrat talking points.

      3. It is totally gerrymandering. That is why the Democrats are likelyt o lose the Senate.

        1. The Republicans gerrymandered the states!

          1. I thought this was because it’s a terrible form of government that a less populous red state can have as much Senate power as a knowledgable blue state like New York or California.

            1. Blame Connecticut and Delaware, they didn’t want to let the more populous states to drown out the little states in the federal government.

              Say, aren’t those deep blue enclaves?

              1. To be fair, when those rules were set up the political dynamics were a bit different.

            2. It’s because the Senate is supposed to represent the states themselves, not the people.

              And the people in cities already have mayors and stuff to run things the way they want. Leave the country people the fuck alone.

      4. Elections have consequences
        – mutha fucka.

      5. And of course turnout for the presidential elections had nothing to do with this.

      6. Those Repub gerrymanders are typically negotiated deals that create super-safe urban Dem districts at the request of the urban Dem incumbent.

        Yeah, it concentrates Dem votes. You think the incumbents mind?

      7. Dems had two million more House votes than Repubs in 2012.

        But it’s not a result of gerrymandering (or not entirely). Dems win in cities and they win there by huge margins. Repubs win in suburbs and the country and do so by slimmer margins. That’s it. It’s that simple.

      8. Dems had two million more House votes than Repubs in 2012.

        Which might mean something if not completely irrelevant to our form of government and process in electing legislators.

        You might as well say other things – like the Redskins are the best football team ever, because stats show they drive more miles on average to get to the field.

        Makes as much sense as your idiotic wish to give irrelevant numbers in an effort to claim Repubs don’t deserve their current positions for which they were duly elected.

  36. Rhetorical Question warning:

    How can anybody, even news reporters, talk about the NYC city council banning e-cigs without using the word “moron” or some synonym?


    1. Cigarettes are bad, LPB. No need to discuss it. Now, if Apple had come out with the iNic*, OTOH, people would be up in arms over attempts to ban it.

      *iNic features premium design and usability and can automatically let your fellow iNic’ers know you’re getting a nic fix. The vapor is, of course, apple scented using totally harmless chemicals.

  37. Since everyone likes polls so much:

    Poll: Americans Fed Up With The Word ‘Obamacare’

    When asked what political word of phrase they would like to eliminate from conversation in 2014, 41 percent of Americans said “Obamacare” needs to go according to a new Marist College poll.

    Along party lines, 59 percent of Republicans and 43 percent of Independents say the word is like nails on a chalkboard. Just 23 percent of Democrats say they’ve had enough of the term.


    Only 23% Confident in Federal Government to Handle Healthcare Issues

    27% NEITHER
    5% BOTH
    5% DO NOT KNOW

    1. What % “Total Individual Control”?

      1. What part of “DO NOT KNOW” don’t you understand?

    1. =fat & ugly chicks

      1. She was probably cute 60 pounds ago. I also like the inky beardo who is not nearly as tough as he thinks.

        1. There’s a lot of fat(ish) chicks with pretty faces – it help their cause to use images of them instead of snarling jezebeasts

          1. There’s a French saying that as women age, they have to choose between their figure and their face.

            Trying to keep a thin figure as you age means that you won’t have the body fat to keep your face looking young. See, e.g., Sarah Jessica Parker.

        2. Nor nowhere near as fat as the girl he’s nuzzling. I guess it’s not “thin privilege” when it’s about guys.

    2. John will be in his bunk.

    3. John pron!

      1. I see they had your dream woman on the cover of the PM links yesterday.

        1. They had a story about Ali Larter?

          1. mmmmm…. damn, I love me some Ali Larter, especially in Three-Way.

          2. I miss the first season of Heroes.

          3. Larter is a cow sarcasmic. No way you like her.

  38. Further proof, as if any were needed, of my unfitness for inclusion in civilized society. Sometimes I hear somebody say something so preternaturally stupid they go on the always-expanding list of people too fucking dumb to EVER be allowed to speak to me. Add another bozo.

    Last evening, as I was about to leave the bar, I overheard a little snippet of a conversation. The speaker is the son of an acquaintance; I don’t really know very much about him, except now I know he is a colossal idiot, who quite obviously is utterly immune from the most basic concepts not merely of elementary economics, but simple addition and subtraction.

    The offending statement (roughly transcribed):

    “When Schweitzer gets elected President, he’ll spend XX Billion dollars rebuilding passenger rail service in southern Montana.”

    Because…. Leaving aside the minor technicalities of who actually OWNS the rails, who the fuck knows what would lead somebody to think that makes sense? It would make more sense to give everybody in the state of Montana a brand new Gummint Moteurs pickup truck and a thousand gallons of gasoline. Schweitzer, unlike this kid, is not a Grade A moron. I personally think it highly unlikely Schweitzer will run, and astronomically unlikely he could survive more than a few primaries, much less get elected.

    1. But Brooks, choo-choo trains are cool, choo-choo trains are the future, only racists and homophobes don’t want to spend infinite amounts of money on them.

    2. It is a cargo cult Brooks. You heard a real life example of cargo cult thinking. Your friend has no idea how the economy actually works. But he can observe connections. So he observes a place like Europe and sees that it seems to be pretty cool and wealthy has all of this really great passenger rail service. So he thinks that if they built that service in Southern Montana, Southern Montana would get all rich and cool like Europe.

      Forget for a moment how wrong his observations about Europe are. Just understand that he honestly thinks Europe is really wealthy and so much better off than Southern Montana. But he is so stupid, he can’t understand why so he thinks it must be the trains.

      Your friend’s son is no different than the famous tribesman in the Southwest Pacific who build control towers hoping that doing so would cause the DC 3s to return. He thinks exactly the same way. He is no longer a modern man. He is a primitive. He is not stupid. Primitive man is often quite clever and can outsmart modern man when in his element. But he is primitive. And that means that he cannot see reality beyond symbols and words and thus cannot function and accomplish things in large groups the way modern man can.

      1. Does Montana have even enough people? Better to by them Jetpacks or Flying Cars.

        1. I can think of few places on earth less suited to passenger rail than Southern Montana. Nothing says “passenger rail” like mountainous terrain and sparse population.

          1. John, how else are people going to get from the Midwest to the Northwest? Is there really any better way to travel from Chicago to Seattle than passenger rail through Montana? C’mon.

            1. Depends on when the TSA invades the train stations.

              1. I’m sure this guy is willing to tolerate any invasion of his privacy/privates for the “greater good”.

    3. It’s unwise for you to post while you’re on the run after murdering that kid, P. Go to ground, man.

      1. I wouldn’t mind this sort of idiocy if the people guilty of it were not always so fucking smug. I guarantee you that kid thinks he is smarter and more enlightened than nearly everyone walking the earth.

        If Brooks had taken the time to sit down and try to explain to him why he is so completely wrong, the kid would have almost certainly completely ignored Brooks as some tea bagging redneck. Worse still, and I know this from trying to have a conversation with people like this guy, his understanding of the “facts” is so distorted that it would be difficult to even start to have a conversation. So when for example Brooks tried to explain that passenger rail service in Europe is hugely subsidized and is a drain on the wealth of those countries, the kid would have refused to believed it or even entertain the idea that it might be true.

        1. It’s all about feelings. Things like scarcity and markets and opportunity cost feel icky because they’re heartless, while politicians spending money feels good because of all the good intentions.
          The fact that free markets are heartless must mean that they’re filled with bad intentions. I mean, everything is about intentions and stuff, right? Since like everything is about emotion and feelings, those who support free markets must be full of bad emotions and evil intent. Right? Right?

          1. I got a purchase order here for more paving material for the road to Hell.

            Who’s got the good intentions?

      2. Is it really murder if they only used their brainstem to begin with?

        1. I though the Shiavo case settled that issue; brain dead is dead.

    4. Nobody on the east or west coasts other than the most die-hard political junkies has any idea who the fuck Brian Schweitzer is.

      I mean, Montana, are you kidding me? Inside the Boston-to-Beltway axis of evil, Montana might as well be somewhere in the Outback.

      1. Brian Schweitzer?

        Wasn’t he the lead singer of one of those Swing Revival bands a few years ago?

      2. I would like to have seen Montana

  39. Now that I think about it, you can wear your pajamas on the train during your multi-day cross country adventure, and you can sip artisanal hot cocoa with a dreamy mooncalf expression on your face WHILE YOU’RE PARKED ON A SIDING ALL DAY WATCHING FIVE HUNDRED CAR COAL TRAINS GO BY.

    Because the little Chinamen who need that coal to ratchet themselves out of poverty are subsidizing your life-enhancing little excursion into the waste land, and they get first dibs on the track.

    1. Technically the first dibs comes from the fact that the freight companies own the track, and the Amtrak contract gives freight the right of way.

  40. So when for example Brooks tried to explain that passenger rail service in Europe is hugely subsidized and is a drain on the wealth of those countries, the kid would have refused to believed it or even entertain the idea that it might be true.

    I suspect he devoutly believes we could fund all of his pet social justice fantasies if only the Waltons and the Kochs paid their FAIR SHAREZ!

    1. Not to mention population density.

      Population density of Germany is 584/sq mile. The US has a population density of about 90/sq mile. Montana has a density of 4/sq mile.

      Trains aren’t efficient but they really lose efficiency when the population is scattered.

      1. ^bingo^

        Even if rail makes sense in certain places in the US, it will only make sense in limited areas with high population density.

        Otherwise, what is it? A train which must stop as often as a bus?

  41. Technically the first dibs comes from the fact that the freight companies own the track, and the Amtrak contract gives freight the right of way.

    That’s exactly what I said.

    Shmeepers, whatever.

    1. You framed it in such a way as to imply some motivation of equity or “social justice” (which I doubt was your intent.)

      I was being pedantic as is my nature from time to time.

  42. I was being pedantic as is my nature from time to time.

    “Technically correct is the best kind of correct.”


    “A Pyrrhic victory is still a victory.”

    1. “One more victory like that, and I shall be undone”

    1. They all bear a striking resemblance to one another.

      1. The best part:

        Perhaps Freeman’s performance in the 2009 was too good as it lead to some confusion for an Indian-based billboard artist.

        An owner of a billboard dedicated to Nelson Mandela was red-faced on Thursday

        Thursday and every other day, amirite?! Heyooooooo!

  43. Edward Snowden should be hanged, said former CIA director James Woolsey when asked whether Snowden should be granted amnesty. What a charmer.

    Woolsey should be waterboarded to death for his crimes.

    1. I think they just call that “drowning”.

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