US Scholars Join Academic Boycott of Israel

Over treatment of Palestinians


A major US academic association has joined the boycott against Israeli educational institutions, marking a key victory for the Palestinian-led movement and instantly drawing fire from critics.

The 5,000-member American Academic Studies Association (ASA), comprised in large part of US university professors, announced Monday that its members approved a resolution to support a decade-old movement to boycott Israeli academic institutions in protest of Israeli treatment of Palestinians. The resolution is nonbinding, but it is a significant victory for the growing movement.

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  1. No. Fucking. Way.

  2. Well, Israel is no more perfect than the US, but then I find in the article:
    “Curtis Marez, ASA president and an associate professor of ethnic studies at the University of California ? San Diego,”
    Hmm. The sniffer is getting nervous.

    Then a search finds all sorts of references to the boycott and it takes until page 5 before I even find the Wiki reference:
    “Institutionally, in the last decade the American Studies Association has reflected the increasingly interdisciplinary nature of the field, creating particularly strong connections to other interdisciplines such as ethnic studies, gender studies, cultural studies and post- or de-colonial studies”

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