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Harvard Final Exam-Timed Bomb Scare a Fake, President Obama Briefed on Events

Don't panic


The evacuation at Harvard University this morning was triggered by an e-mail that warned explosives had been planted in four buildings at the heart of the storied campus, according to a law enforcement official.

At 10:40 a.m., authorities reported that no explosive devices had been found in the Sever, Emerson, and Thayer halls, as well as the Science Center, although they stressed that the search was continuing by police from at least five different agencies assisted by bomb-sniffing dogs.

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  1. We had at least a couple of those that I remember back when I was an undergrad. In one case a local kid walked into a classroom and declared he had a bomb in his backpack, which he was prepared to detonate for world peace, revenge against imperialism, or something else irrelevant to the education of overachieving, upper-class kids who don’t have a fucking clue about anything other than getting laid and becoming doctors or attorneys. The backpack turned out to be stuffed with magazines, IIRC, and the kid turned out to be certifiable.

    All of this was prior to the soft police state and better-safe-at-all-costs-than-sorry attitude that arrived after 9-11.

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