Japan to Deploy Surveillance Drones

Set up amphibious unit as well, in response to China's behavior


Japan will set up a new amphibious military unit and deploy surveillance drones as part of its new defense plan in response to China's growing military power.

The proposals were included in drafts of new security strategy and defense guidelines released Wednesday. They are set to be approved by the Cabinet next week.

Japan's prime minister, Shinzo Abe, said the new plans will be "historic" in helping shape the country's national security direction.

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  1. Funny how America fought a war to stop Japan from beating China and now the USA is on the hook for defending Japan from the very same China the US allowed to rise (hence pushing Japan to start increasing it’s defences).

    Might I be the only one to suggest had we never sent the Hull Note ultimatum to Japan (something US history books always leave out) there would of been no Pearl Harbor and had Japan taken over China, there would of been no Mao, 60 million people would not have perished because of Chinese Communism (perhaps 1-2 million anti-Japan dissenters at most). And above all else, America wouldn’t have to worry about China right now.

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