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Obama on Mandela: "Achieved More Than Can Be Expected of One Man"

Former South African freedom fighter, president, died earlier today


President Obama said Thursday that Nelson Mandela inspired millions of people across the world—including Obama himself—to work for freedom and democracy.

"He achieved more than can be expected of any one man," Obama said at the White House about an hour after the announcement of the South African leader's death.

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  1. The Democratic Party facing a potential shift in the black vote, goes back in time to bring back a Southern Democrat Senator from the 1860’s. They give him a quick lesson in Political Correctness and he drafts a speech on how to win back the black vote. As an arena fills with every Democratic Senator, Congressman, Governor, and all the way down to Mayor, the Southern Gentleman takes to the podium and begins his speech… “Ladies and Gentlemen, fine and proud Democrats. I’ll have you know that in my time our Democrat majority state legislatures made it their top priority to ensure that our African-American constituents had plenty of food, free housing, AND NOT A DAMN ONE OF THEM WAS EVER UNEMPLOYED!”

  2. What the hell did he ever do, anyway? The racial crap in South Africa has been very much a two-way street, but I’m supposed to think Mandela is the black Christ? All I’ve ever seen Mandela do is get led into view for media camera shots.

    Hell, Ben Bernank has accomplished much more in the holy name of statism than this Mandela bozo could ever dream of, and what has Bernanke done for collectivism? Psshaw, Mandela’s racism racket is small potatoes, Bernanke has monetized more debt than all previous Fed Chairmen combined lolzozlzolzolz

    1. The best thing is what he didn’t do – become a dictator when he probably could have.

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