Hit & Run

Microsoft Beefs up Encryption, France Worries about Bitcoin, Whistleblowers Warn Snowden: P.M. Links


  • Gonna Ctrl+Alt+Del those "backdoors"
    Microsoft logo

    In the wake of the various NSA surveillance shockers, Microsoft has announced an effort to beef up its encryption systems.

  • Russia is going to investigate a Reuters report that children adopted by Americans are being trafficked in an underground market by parents who had changed their minds.
  • The Bank of France has joined China in worrying about the stability of Bitcoin. They really should probably be more worried about the stability of France.
  • Tomorrow Rand Paul will be in Detroit recommending economic fixes there. No doubt his ideas will seriously pondered by the civic … ha, ha, ha, no.
  • Jailed whistleblowers urge Edward Snowden not to come home because did you notice the first word in this sentence is "jailed?"
  • Amnesty International has released satellite images of North Korea's prison camps and worries they may be growing.

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