Engineer of Derailed Metro North Train Reportedly Admitted to "Zoning Out," Falling Asleep While Taking Curve at Nearly Three Times Posted Speed Limit

Four died, dozens injured


The engineer operating a commuter train that derailed in New York City Sunday, killing four, told investigators that he had "zoned out" and was "falling asleep"  as the train headed into a curve well at more than double the posted speed limit, according to reports.

Engineer William Rockefeller said he was jolted back to reality only after a whistle went off in the front of the train warning him that he was going too fast, sources added, according to the New York Post.

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  1. This guy was probably a union member as well.

    Never have union people do anything of importance. They are lazy, dishonest, unreliable, ignorant and nothing but a royal pain in everyone’s ass.

    If you belong to a union, you are a complete loser.

  2. Why do commuter trains not have 2 engineers for this very reason? Freight is different but when you have 100 people that could be severely hurt that argues for redundancy.

  3. On a Pacific Surfliner/Metrolink/Coaster, this mistake would not be possible. Go 2 mph over the speed limit and the train stops.

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