Gallery Facing Federal Lawsuits for Millions over Forgeries

Knoedler Gallery in Manhattan accused of selling faked works by masters


The Knoedler Gallery faces two more federal lawsuits accusing it of selling forged modern masters: a $3 million claim for a bogus Clyfford Styll and a $1.5 demand for a phony Rothko and a de Kooning.

The Manny Silverman Gallery et al. claim they paid $1.05 million on 2000 for a bogus Clyfford Styll painting, "Untitled 1947."

In the other case, Martin L. Cohen et al. claim they paid $275,000 for the bogus de Kooning, "Untitled (Woman) 1971," and $325,000 for the fake Rothko, "Untitled 1959."

Also named as defendants in both lawsuits are Ann Freedman, Glafira Rosales, Jose Carlos Bergantinos and Michael Hammer. Both describe defendant Hammer as the Knoedler Gallery's owner, Freedman as its president, and Rosales and Bergantinos as their co-conspirators.