Snowden Cache 'Catastrophic' for NSA, Says Former Chief Snoop

The heart bleeds


Former National Security Agency and Central Intelligence Agency Director Michael Hayden on Sunday said that reports that former NSA contractor Edward Snowden is keeping a "Doomsday Cache" of highly classified material are within reason.

"I have no reason to doubt it," Hayden said on "Fox News Sunday."

"It's the kind of thing that someone as clever as Snowden has shown himself to be would do."

If it does exist, the "Doomsday Cache" would be "catastrophic for the safety and security of the American nation," Hayden added.

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  1. So in other words, they are admitting that we still haven’t yet heard of the most egregious abuses.

  2. Do the fascist bhastahds who run this once-great nation of ours EVER stop to think, “Well, ya know, the long run IS different than the short run, and maybe, just perhaps, if we ‘fessed up to all of our power-grabbing and nothing-is-sacred snooping, then there’d be Hell to pay, yes, BUT, in the long run, the whole stinkin’ planet might start to smell less nasty”? WHERE do I put this suggestion in to our Over-Lords, that they might cogitate upon it?

  3. That he’s certain that the information’s release would be “catastrophic for the safety and security of the American nation” without actually knowing what’s in it should make clear how much value to place on his assessment.

    1. “catastrophic for the safety and security of the American nation”

      I think he meant “catastrophic for the safety and security of the politicians of the American Nation”

  4. And if we’ve learned anything from this affair, it’s that we should trust intelligence officials.

  5. The link doesn’t go anywhere, you Sugarfreed is Reason.

    1. Pretty sure the folks working on the O’care website had some spare time to come over and ‘fix’ things here.

  6. Saying “I have no reason to doubt it” is not the same as saying “I know it.” So this opinion of Michael Hayden is simple a scare tactic and a man parroting the party line.

  7. Hell, from A PR standpoint alone the release has been nothing less than a catastrophic for them, I’m sure.

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