China Sends Its Only Aircraft Carrier to South China Sea After US Breaches "Air Defense Zone" No One Really Takes Seriously

US deploying Joe Biden to ease tensions


The long-simmering dispute between China and Japan and, because why not, the United States over a group of uninhabited but resource-rich islands in the South China Sea continues to simmer. 

NBC News reports:

China has deployed its one and only aircraft carrier after two unarmed American B-52 bombers flew over a disputed island chain and through what China insists is restricted airspace.

U.S. defense officials told NBC News that the Chinese had not engaged in a provocative act or made any demands against American or Japanese military in the region. Japan and China both claim the island chain, in the East China Sea.

Internet users in China have reportedly taken to mocking the ruling Communist Party as a laughing stock for declaring an "air defense zone" and then having it breached almost immediately, though the Chinese Internet being a highly censored and controlled place, such mocking may be a set up to justify more action.

Never fear, though, Joe Biden is on it. So maybe everyone can find some common ground by laughing at something else.

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