White House Still Trying to Spin Obamacare, EU Wants Spying Protection, Judge to Rule on Detroit Bankruptcy: P.M. Links


  • A lovely celebration of complete economic failure
    memories_by_mike / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

    Realizing the national news media is no longer cooperating with positive coverage about the Obamacare rollout, the Obama Administration is turning to local news media instead. They are also working to coordinate a media strategy with health care groups. They still seem to think that the their messaging is the problem, don't they?

  • The European Union is seeking stronger protection against U.S. surveillance and the right to sue if their data is abused. Ha ha ha! Like Americans can currently sue if their data is abused.
  • A judge will rule on Dec. 3 whether to allow Detroit to declare bankruptcy.
  • A federal judge will allow a lesbian couple in Illinois to get married ahead of the actual day their new recognition law takes effect because one of the women is terminally ill.
  • Following the negotiations in Iran, Obama is now asking for the release a former FBI agent who disappeared there in 2007.
  • The Obama Administration is calling for a crackdown on political campaigning by tax-exempt non-profit groups. So Organizing for Action is closing its doors when?

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