Venezuelan Miss Universe Tries To Distance Herself From Old Anti-Chavez Tweet

Says she has a "very balanced posture" about politics since being named Miss Venezeula


The Miss Universe competition is never without some debate and for this year's winner Gabriela Isler it came in the form of a tweet.

The former Miss Venezuela caused some controversy less than a week after she was crowned the most beautiful woman in the universe for an old tweet targeted at the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez.

On June 13, 2012, Isler, who worked as a model, arrived home after a long day and found herself without power. She logged onto Twitter and, on her now-protected personal Twitter account, she complained in Spanish, "Arriving home tired, sweaty, wanting to take a shower, rest, etc… And there's no power!"

She went on to insult Chávez, who remained in office until his death in March 2013. The old message resurfaced after the country's current president, Nicolás Maduro, congratulated her via social media for her Miss Universe win.