2014 Obamacare Enrollment Postponed Until After Elections, California Ignores Latest Obamacare "Fix," CBS Orders Copyright Takedown of Walter Cronkite JFK Assassination Coverage: P.M. Links


  • whose copyright?
    Zapruder film

    Next year's enrollment period for Obamacare has already been postponed until after the November 2014 elections. California has decided to ignore President Obama's "fix" allowing insurance companies to extend coverage banned under Obamacare through next year. Oregon's beleaguered state insurance exchange is adding fax lines to deal with incoming paper applications.

  • News agencies are complaining that the White House is limiting access to the president for photographers, choosing to distribute its own carefully selected photos instead. A group of liberal journalists, meanwhile, had an off-the-record sit down with the president, reportedly to talk about Obamacare.
  • Democrat Tom Harkin suggests the Senate should alter the rules on the filibustering of legislation next.
  • A clandestine unit of the FBI helps the NSA to spy on Americans.
  • A federal appeals court decided not to overturn a ruling suspending stop and frisk in New York City.
  • CBS is apparently ordering video clips of Walter Cronkite's announcement that John F. Kennedy was shot be taken down over copyright violations. A photo engineer who analyzed the Zapruder film, which caught the Kennedy assassination, is tired of the conspiracy theories surrounding it, and says the CIA should have never treated the film as top secret to begin with. That footage was captured 50 years ago today.
  • Joe Biden borrowed ten dollars from an aide to buy lunch for his weekly meeting with the president.
  • Two firms are planning to launch prospecting missions to passing asteroids in the next three years.

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