2014 Obamacare Enrollment Postponed Until After Elections, California Ignores Latest Obamacare "Fix," CBS Orders Copyright Takedown of Walter Cronkite JFK Assassination Coverage: P.M. Links


  • whose copyright?
    Zapruder film

    Next year's enrollment period for Obamacare has already been postponed until after the November 2014 elections. California has decided to ignore President Obama's "fix" allowing insurance companies to extend coverage banned under Obamacare through next year. Oregon's beleaguered state insurance exchange is adding fax lines to deal with incoming paper applications.

  • News agencies are complaining that the White House is limiting access to the president for photographers, choosing to distribute its own carefully selected photos instead. A group of liberal journalists, meanwhile, had an off-the-record sit down with the president, reportedly to talk about Obamacare.
  • Democrat Tom Harkin suggests the Senate should alter the rules on the filibustering of legislation next.
  • A clandestine unit of the FBI helps the NSA to spy on Americans.
  • A federal appeals court decided not to overturn a ruling suspending stop and frisk in New York City.
  • CBS is apparently ordering video clips of Walter Cronkite's announcement that John F. Kennedy was shot be taken down over copyright violations. A photo engineer who analyzed the Zapruder film, which caught the Kennedy assassination, is tired of the conspiracy theories surrounding it, and says the CIA should have never treated the film as top secret to begin with. That footage was captured 50 years ago today.
  • Joe Biden borrowed ten dollars from an aide to buy lunch for his weekly meeting with the president.
  • Two firms are planning to launch prospecting missions to passing asteroids in the next three years.

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  1. Joe Biden borrowed ten dollars from an aide to buy lunch for his weekly meeting with the president.

    If you like your $10 you can keep it.

    1. At least he didn’t resort to using a shotgun.

    2. How long will it take Joe to pay it back?

      1. You obviously know nothing about economics. This was a stimulus, needed to spark the economy. By taking from the 1% of people wealthy enough to have money for lunch, and spending it, he is creating a stimulus program that eventually the person who loaned him the money will benefit from. If anything, the person he borrowed from owes Biden another ten bucks.

    3. That ten dollars, you didn’t build that.

  2. News agencies are complaining that the White House is limiting access to the president for photographers, choosing to distribute its own carefully selected photos instead.

    They’re afraid outsider photographers will fail to capture all the transparency.

    1. This story showed up at least in the comments of yesterday’s PM Links, and H&R is only mentioning it now?

      1. And no hat tip, either.

        1. Hat tip should go to Matt Drudge.

      2. I’m not in it for the hat tips.

        1. Liar!

        2. For the top hats then?

          1. What libertarian doesn’t like putting on the Ritz every now and then?

  3. Joe Biden borrowed ten dollars from an aide to buy lunch for his weekly meeting with the president.

    Cheney would’ve “borrowed” it from George.

    1. he beat him up for his milk money every week


    1. Let us rule 34 this STAT.

  5. Two firms are planning to launch prospecting missions to passing asteroids in the next three years.


    1. They’re raping the natural nothingness!

      1. Who wants to see an asteroid (a natural hunk of space rubble), after it’s been strip mined into a hunk of space rubble?

        1. That rubble should be preserved for future generations!

          1. It’s been unspoiled rubble for 500 million years, and now they want to ruin it!

            1. Their ecological impact study was done with actual impacts! Barbarians!

        2. Some environmentalist will make this argument in earnest some day. “Big chunks of space rubble are more aesthetically appealing than streams of space spoil coming out of Rearden Orbiting Metal!”

        3. They’re going to make Earth more massive and completely fuck up its gravitational field!

          1. It’s going to flip over at some point.

            1. I, too, worry about this!

              /Hank Johnson

      1. If this isn’t a video of Jamie Bamber or Tahmoh Penikett in various states of undress, I will be sad.

        1. I’m not here to cater to your perfectly reasonable desires.

          1. Now I’m sad. I suppose I’ll console myself with this.

            I think you know where I’ll be.

      2. I wanted the Sound of Cylon video.


      Just wait until they start bringing down petrochemicals from space.

      “We conclude that a significant fraction of pre-biotic petroleum was delivered by extraterrestrial matter and might well have been of considerable importance in the development of life.”

  6. News agencies are complaining that the White House is limiting access to the president for photographers, choosing to distribute its own carefully selected photos instead.


  7. http://deadspin.com/jameis-win…..1467707410

    Apparently, Jameis Winston isn’t the only problem at FSU.

    1. I’ve had dealings with the handlers. My biggest issue was with a gentle giant of a lineman who was new to college, and to reading, and had trouble making it to the morning class. On the few occasions he made it to class (late) and didn’t fall dead asleep, his earnest writing, both in style and structure, was that of an elementary school student. He never turned a paper in on time, but when I contacted the handlers to warn them of his status, a pile of final drafts would suddenly materialize, full of fairly complex, organized thoughts and diction?thoughts that hadn’t made it into earlier drafts I’d seen. I was bombarded with regular long emails from handlers explaining how I should arrange extra meetings with the player and extend deadlines for him. But he couldn’t overcome his absences, and when I informed them through a mentor that he wouldn’t pass and it was too late to drop the class, I was asked if I could give him an “incomplete,” even though he didn’t qualify for one. I said no.

      1. Well, technically, his course work WAS incomplete.

    2. “Or the top offensive player who sought tutoring from me on a plagiarized paper while tweaking on uppers.”

      Is that what they’re calling ADD meds these days?

      1. Yeah. There’s a few things in the article that bother me, like the reference to Trayvon Martin. But I do think the thesis is ultimately true for major university athletics.

        1. This shit went on when I was in college, and our team sucked. 1-10 my senior year.

        2. I have a hard time giving a shit.

        3. What is a Trayvon-style conspiracy theory?

          1. One that exists only in the mind of Al Sharpton and MSNBC addicts.

      2. At least he wasn’t twerking on uppers.

    3. Yawn. I get these first-hand from actual TAs and grad instructors. Now we’re going to pretend that anybody cares if football players have the same rigor as everyone else in the exercise science degree?

      1. It makes a mockery of the exercise science degree, A MOCKERY!

      2. Agree. People go to college to prepare them for a professional career. EE majors want to work for Bosch. Biology majors want to become MD’s. Finance majors want to work at Blackrock. Football players want to make the NFL. Playing at FSU is a good way to make the NFL. Big deal.

        1. What do chem majors become?

      3. …”Now we’re going to pretend that anybody cares if football players have the same rigor as everyone else in the exercise science degree?”

        It’s quite amusing when MNF introduces the players and they all state their alma mater as if they really went there to study.

        1. I don’t think that’s the nature of the shoutout they’re giving. It’s more like they are proud to have played on the TEAM at that school.

        2. I love it when the players get cute and list their elementary school instead of their college alma mater.

          1. Terrell Suggs. Ball So Hard University

    4. When the NCAA bans FSU, Urban Meyer and OSU, and Nick Saban and Alabama for all those violations, who winds up as national champion?

        1. Appalachian State.

          As if there wasn’t enough partying going on there already.

          1. Tell you what, that’s one hell of a great location. Up in the mountains, decent town in Boone, right next to the Blue Ridge Parkway.

            1. Friends of mine went to school there. Those were some really great weekends when I visited. Really great.

      1. seems Baylor is the only unbeaten left. And the Bears still have games to play.

        1. Baylor is toast. They’re next on the NCAA’s anybody-but-the-SEC list.

      2. Oregon only has 1 loss? Auburn? A&M?

      3. In your dreams. They only have the balls to take away 12 years worth of victories from Penn State kids who had absolutely nothing to do with the Sandusky scandal.

    1. See, I read that at first as FISTER loan.


      1. You DO NOT want to take out one of those loans.

        Just sayin.

      2. Payday loan from Warty?

        1. Don’t be late on a payment.

          1. Or early – he hates to lose out on the interest.

  8. More anniversary news, from the Eastern Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople:

    “It is with all great pride, albeit with heavy heart that we are communicating with all of you today from the historic and martyric Mother Church of Constantinople on the solemn occasion of the eightieth anniversary of the Holodomor of the Ukrainian Nation.

    “As we prayerfully commemorate the tragic and inhumane events during the years 1932-1933, when countless people lost their lives through deliberate and brutal famine, we pray for the repose of the victims’ souls and for the healing of this painful wound in the conscience of your blessed Nation.”


    1. Are any of those Ukrainians named Kennedy? If not, they don’t count.

      1. No, who remembers all of those faceless, nameless, tens of millions? All fades before the spectacle of a short-term president who didn’t accomplish very much except getting murdered.

        1. No, who remembers all of those faceless, nameless, tens of millions? All fades before the spectacle of a short-term president who didn’t accomplish very much except getting murdered.

          He did succeed in bringing the world closer to nuclear war than any other man…

          1. Well, him and Khrushchev. Couple of idiots.

          2. Except Pres. Truman, of course.

            1. To be fair, Truman was using nuclear weapons when only the U.S. had nuclear weapons. It’s not really a nuclear war when only you have nukes. It’s more a nuclear this-war-is-over.

              1. Or FYTY: the Nuclear Option?

              2. So the war on terror where unarmed innocent children get bombed by drones is not a drone war but a crayola crayon war.

                1. My point was limited to nuclear war, which is a different animal altogether. Which you’re old enough to remember being scared of, too.

              3. Ah, so Obama was using the ‘Truman Doctrine’ during our little excursion in Libya.

  9. “A group of liberal journalists, meanwhile, had an off-the-record sit down with the president, reportedly to talk about Obamacare.”

    The problem isn’t the law, it’s the messaging!

    1. And of course this meeting has no effect on the bias of their reporting, nor on the perception thereof.

      1. These aren’t journalists, they’re JournoLists.

    2. Is this something other presidents and journalists did? I find it to be… unseemly.

      1. Rick Santorum warned us that if we allow man-on-man marriage, something like this was sure to follow.

  10. A group of liberal journalists, meanwhile, had an off-the-record sit down with the president, reportedly to talk about Obamacare.

    First order of business: Stop calling it Obamacare.

    1. What are you. . .oh, you’re talking about Bushcare.

      1. More like .. .. Adorable Care!

    2. The Bipartisan Healthcare Reform Act That Would Have Been Affordable if not for Those Pesky Congressional Republicans?

    3. A group of liberal journalists, meanwhile, had an off-the-record sit down with the president, reportedly to talk about Obamacare.

      Uhh, WTF?

      1. It’s transparency, see? You don’t want a president who would coach up the press in secret, do you?

  11. OT (& apologies if already covered today), Duke lacrosse accuser convicted of murder:


    More proof of ESPN’s statist love affair. The article makes no mention of the fact that ESPN, especially Outside the Lines, was one of the leaders in the charge to get the lacrosse team.

    1. Covered in comments on another thread. NTTAWWT

      1. I think it’s only a minor infraction unless the other thread is a Meridiem Links.

    2. One of the greatest examples of karma I’ve ever seen in my life.

      1. Sort of. She and Mike Nifong were’t the one who were murdered.

        1. Good point.

  12. http://www.al.com/alabamafootb…..rt_m-rpt-2

    The SEC (and a few other major D1 FBS programs) should really stop scheduling FCS teams.

    1. Michigan wishes they had stopped 7 or 8 years ago:


      1. That game has its own Wikipedia article?

        I presume the article was written by alumni from anOSU.

        1. I believe App. State is Michigan’s home opener next season.

        2. Always with the jab at tOSU, huh? Well bub, you just made the list.

          1. Why is it little “t” when you want to insist on the silly big “T”? I mean, really, can’t you be consistent on this?

            Florida should do this. Then it would be TUF. Which is better than TUGA or TFSU, which doesn’t even make sense.

            1. Nothing wrong with a TUGA war…

              1. TUGA, sure. TFSU? There’s also TUT.

          2. Oregon State University should start insisting on using “The” before their name just to fuck with Ohio State.

            Oklahoma State University, too.

      1. I daresay Alabama has a sufficiently hard schedule. . .especially compared to, I dunno, Big Ten schools.

      2. Exactly. FCS is stupid anyway. You mean only the Div 1AA teams can be champions?

      3. used to be 1A and 1AA. Now, it’s FBS and FCS.

        1. Don’t you think I’m aware of that?

    2. I’ve been surprised to see these games scheduled so late in the season. They used to be “pre-season” games for the big boys.

    3. I’ll give Spurrier some props in this area. SC’s non-conference schedule has Clemson, UCF, and an in-state game with one of hte smaller schools. I kinda like the latter and would no issue with Auburn/bama doing likewise with a South Alabama, Troy, etc.

      1. Troy and South Alabama would be good match-ups. I doubt UAB has much to offer. It would be nice to have another Bama game in Legion Field, but I doubt UA’s AD would ever allow a back-and-forth series.

        1. I’m not sure the smaller schools would demand home-and-home. It’s still a pay-day game, but it helps an in-state program, that schools fans would have a relatively short trip, etc.

          AU played Samford a couple of years ago; gave folks a chance to cheer for Pat Sullivan. I imagine the bama faithful would do likewise for Joey Jones.

          1. It’s still a pay-day game, but it helps an in-state program, that schools fans would have a relatively short trip, etc.

            People give tOSU shit for scheduling MAC opponents every year, but this is part of why they do so.

            1. Those schools also get tossed on the schedule when something else falls through, which happens more often than most people realize.

              For the SEC schools, they usually have a tough enough conference schedule to make up for it. Not so much the current Big Ten, for instance, though that’s a recent problem and wasn’t the case ten years ago.

              1. For the SEC schools, they usually have a tough enough conference schedule to make up for it.

                [citation needed]

      2. Troy gave FSU a run for our money during the final days of Bowden. That’s when we here locally knew he was done.

        1. I’m, of course, no FSU fan, but I was rather shocked at how long the school let him tank the program. He should’ve been forced to retire in a friendly way ten years before he left.

    4. Is Idaho FCS? Because somehow FSU has a punching bag 1-10 team from the opposite end of the country in between the end of our ACC schedule and the hated Gators.

      I assume Jameis Winston sits the first half to assuage the NCAA/Heisman voters and we go on about playing Bama for the National Championship.

      1. man, no love for the Tigers. Maybe the IB should just be cancelled.

        1. Sorry. We’ll be happy to play Baylor after they jump OSU in the BCS. Go Tigers.

      2. No, Idaho is FBS.


        Check it out. Colorado is playing two FCS teams: Central Arkansas and Charleston Southern.

        1. Funny thing: Under normal schedules (0-1 FCS teams per season), all a team has to do is win 6 games to become bowl eligible. If they schedule 2 FCS teams, then the requirement becomes a 7-win season.

          1. Not true. You only need 6 wins if you lose to 1 of the 2 FCS teams.

            GT is playing 2 this year due to a late cancellation. The 2nd one is tomorrow. We are bowl eligible already whether we win or not.

            1. Has there been a rule change? I could have sworn that a few years ago that Arizona/Arizona State was inelgible even though they had 6 wins because they had scheduled 2 FCS teams?

              1. No, you can only count one FCS win towards your needed 6 wins.

                If you beat 2 of them, you need 5 more wins. If you go 1-1 vs them, you still only need 5 more wins.

        2. Hey now, Charleston Southern was all the Buffs could drum up for an opponent after their game against Fresno St. was cancelled due to flooding.

          1. Colorado gets a total pass on it this year. Plus, they arent bowl eligible anyway, so not big deal.

            Bad teams can play bad schedules.

            1. On the other hand, if you are competing for the national title, you shouldnt be scheduling any of them.

  13. Oregon’s state-run insurance exchange has signed up zero people

    State officials said Wednesday they don’t expect to have the online enrollment system working in time for people to enroll in plans that begin on the first of the year. They also announced that paper applications, their backup system, must be mailed within just two weeks, by Dec. 4.

    Exchange Director Rocky King faced sharp questioning from state lawmakers for the first time since his organization missed the October deadline to allow people to enroll online.

    King said the latest projections show the system should be ready for individuals to enroll online beginning Dec. 16, which would mean people who enroll on the first day would get coverage beginning in February.

    “We’re not broken,” King told lawmakers. “It’s just not done.”

    Because key pieces of the back-end technology weren’t finished, King said, exchange managers and contractors couldn’t fully test the system until it was too late to fix the serious problems that came to light.

    The exchange, known as Cover Oregon, is intended to let people shop for coverage, compare plans and find out whether they qualify for tax credits under the federal health law. Cover Oregon has resorted to processing applications by hand because the online portal didn’t work correctly.

    Damn Republican saboteurs!

    1. Lots of people are bookmarking the site though, so it’s Alexa rating is climbing!

      1. Not only that, but some people mentioned it to their friends and neighbors!

        1. Wait till talking points Thanksgiving!

    2. Where does it say that zero people have signed up?

      1. Oh, never mind.

  14. Ultrasound pulses could replace daily injections for diabetics.

    Researchers at North Carolina State University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are developing a system in which a single injection of nanoparticles could deliver insulin internally for days at a time ? with a little help from pulses of ultrasound.

    1. If we do this right we can also remove diabetics from the gene pool (sorry SF!)

      A dosage of 1 watt/sq cm for 10 minutes was also applied to four human patients without the use of anesthetics, and no pain or side effects were noted. In all treated animals as well as in human patients the results indicate that ultrasound significantly suppresses spermatogenesis according to the dosage and frequency of treatment, without any effect on Leydig cells or blood testosterone levels.

      Male contraceptives, for when you can’t stand condoms, but can’t trust your girlfriend not to have an oopsie baby!

  15. …and says the CIA should have never treated the film as top secret to begin with.

    They should have copyrighted it, instead. That carries much more weight.

  16. SHARKNADO!!!!!

    1. This is what I get for being lazy.

      1. Although 2 days old, it’s awesome. Little scary too, I was just in the water on Monday.

      2. We can split the work. I post the link, you argue with Pro L.

        1. Done and done. Great White Sharks in the water is still better than endemic MRSA!

          *pours kerosene on Pro L signal, casually drops match*

          1. We have more shark attacks than MRSA cases, and we have hardly any of those, either.

            1. Look, it isn’t just about what’s in the water trying to kill you. The Atlantic actively tries to erase your communities from the coastline on a seasonal basis. The pacific is generally very disinterested in killing Americans. It fucking hates Asians though.

              1. What do I care about the Atlantic? I’m strictly Gulf Coast.

                1. Because the Gulf has been kinder.

    2. So effin’ jealous. My lifelong dream is to dive with Great Whites.

      Oh, and there was no tornado in that video. THIS MAN’S A PHONY! A BIG FAT PHONY!

      1. You really should seek help for your suicidal ideation. Depression is an easily treatable disease with modern pharmaceuticals.

  17. George Clooney, auto critic:
    “Tesla Honcho Elon Musk Annoyed by Actor’s Diss”
    “”I had a Tesla,” Clooney is quoted in the article in response to a semi-serious inquiry as to where his Hollywood-chic electric car was. “I was one of the first cats with a Tesla. I think I was, like, number five on the list. But I’m telling you, I’ve been on the side of the road a while in that thing.[…] And I said to them, ‘Look, guys, why am I always stuck on the side of the f–king road? Make it work, one way or another.’?””

    1. I was one of the first cats with a Tesla.

      There are no words in any human language that can come close to describing the degree of loathing I feel for this man.

      1. SPOILER!

        I wonder if there are any outtakes of him burning up in re-entry?

      2. If by “loathing” you mean “envy”, join the club.

    2. When two assholes fight each other, everybody wins.

    3. “I was one of the first cats”

      Clooney is SO “hep”!

      1. Also relevant.

        (Trey and Matt Stone in an interview about that episode).

  18. I actually live in Dallas and just had to vent to people who would understand, and Tulpa:

    1. sorry got cut of there, anyway:


        1. Did you know JFK was the single greatest human being who ever lived? And that if the city of Dallas hadn’t used it’s collective hate of all light and progress to compel that poor stooge Oswald to kill him, we’d be in a Star Trek-like post-scarcity society now? And there would have been no more wars, between anyone on earth? It’s true! I’ve learned it all today!

          If it’ll get people to just SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT JFK, I’ll confess. I jumped in the TARDIS and killed his worthless cheating ass because I hate all good things in life, and wanted to bring about the Corporate Tea-pocalypse. There, mystery solved, now we can all go on about our lives.

          1. It’s all Jimbo’s fault! Get him!

          2. How do you ever expect to get a post-scarcity society without experiencing the scarcity first? Hence, Obama.

          3. BACK, and to the left….BACK, and to the left…

          4. Dude, they’re getting to you.

          5. How about that Dr. Who special?

            1. @ Tonio: the only way to keep them from getting to me today is to sit in silence in a dark room with no media whatsoever. I guess I could read a book all damned day, but after hour 8, that gets a little boring. And the way things are going, I’m afraid if I open up any book, being Dallas, today, it will have magically turned into a JFK apologetic.

              @ JW: I’m excited for it! Though I rather like Matt Smith as the Doctor, and I’m not so sure about his replacement.

              1. I watched *NHL Tonight* and a movie on TCM. TCM had the Kennedy shit last night.

              2. I keed, of course. The Facebooks have been alight with Dr. Who mania, which I just don’t get.

                Mind you, I’ve watched most of the episodes at some point, (I like Matt Smith as well, which is evidently blasphemy to not pray towards David Tennant daily) but I don’t understand the manic grip this show has on rational people.

                1. Oh well I’m no super-fan or anything, I just enjoy the show. But I don’t have a TARDIS or a Dalek sitting on my desk like you see here and there.

                  1. Cyberman, then, right? And you’re wearing a Tom Baker scarf right now, aren’t you?

                    1. Pff, I wish I was gay so I could rock a Tom Baker scarf. Alas…

                  2. For shits and grins, I was watching the Pandorica episode last night. The kids were watching along and kept asking me to explain what was happening, because it was confusing and didn’t make any sense. I told them that they had it right.

                    I know someone with a TARDIS tattoo on her arm. :::shakes head:::

                    If you ever visit i09, which I don’t recommend beyond for research purposes, you’ll see the depths of the Dr. Who fetish on full display.

                    1. I had never heard of it, but there’s a link titled: “Tiny Animals on Fingers is our new favorite flickr group”, and links to a bunch of pictures of little animals perched on the tips of people’s fingers.

                    2. I only wish I could have Karen Gillan perched upon my fingers.

              3. Thou shalt have no Doctor before the Tom Baker. Thy scarf and thy Jelly Babies (which are nasty, BTW) shall lengthen and multiply and thy perm shall be set amongst the heavens forever.

                I’ve really grown tired of the Doctor Who reboot. It’s gone all mystical gooey.

                1. I just want to say I agree with pretty much every point of this comment.

        2. Re: JFK
          What difference at this point does it make?

      2. sorry got cut of there, anyway:

        You’re fucking with us, aren’t you?

  19. Saw this about the proggies “enthusiastic consent”. This is hilarious:

    November 7, 2013 at 9:09 am (UTC 0) Link to this comment
    “Slightly wrong point. “Women can get all the sex they want”, provided they do not care too much about how or who with, and are willing to risk meeting strangers in hotel rooms. Of course women often prefer nothing to what is on offer, and so would I. So do I, in fact. But it is nice to have choices, and you have more than I do.”

    This is such nonsense, I know quite a few older, intelligent, perfectly pleasant and attractive single women who struggle to get a man interested in them. Men are chasing around after the 20-something hotties. They dress up for work, they join clubs and take up hobbies, they go on singles holidays and speed dating, and they are met with disinterest. One woman told me once how she was on a date with a guy and when he found out she was 37 refused to take things further because her “eggs were too old”. And I think you are over-optimistic about the chances of a slightly plump, 40-something woman being able to walk up to a man in a bar and getting one to agree to leave with her. I’m sure she’d have to try quite a number before one would agree; humiliating and not at all realistic.

    Damn good thing they’re not in charge of the pursuit, ain’t it?

    1. “over-optimistic about the chances of a slightly plump, 40-something woman”

      And the truth comes out.

      1. Even George Clooney gets turned down. The guys who crush the most ass go through that every time they go out. It’s amazing that she is not aware of this. Even more amazingly, no one called her out on it. I fear that FTB is populated entirely by virgins and those who married their highschool sweethearts.

        1. Yes, men can fail at any given moment, regardless of appearance, wealth, or even fame, depending on the women they are pursuing. Nice girls who aren’t looking for casual sex are off the table, and the very good looking ones can be if they feel like it. So, for the sex-starved celebrity, sometimes the options are nothing or lower your standards.

          If anyone doubts this, just think about some of the really unattractive women rich and famous men have been caught with. Really unattractive women without money, too, before anyone claims the reverse is even a little bit relevant.

          1. And not only that, guys can’t even just ask for it. No woman would ever say yes (or the number would be statistically insignificant). If guys could just go up and ask, PUA would not exist. Hell, all but the most hideously ugly would be getting laid on a regular basis.

            This is female privilege.

        2. Even George Clooney gets turned down.

          Why do you think that?

          If George Clooney said that, it’s part of his play.

          If anyone else said that, they’re liars and blackguards.

      2. Not entirely. Slightly plump is a lie, of course.

    2. I want to see some photos before I concede the “slightly.”

      1. And the 40-something. I suspect that the obfuscation is intentional.

      2. Of the author? It’s a dude.

        1. The commenter. It’s a chick.

          1. O nevermind, you mean the first one. But he’s talking to a chick as well.

      1. “… ,or to a bowling alley, and hang out with no underpants. Trust me, it works. Yeah, you’d be surprised at how many men will approach you. I know I would!”

    3. Honey, go to a bar at 10:00 pm on Thursday where older guys hang out. Stay until 2am. Pretend that you don’t have social justice.

      1. Sorry “pretend that you don’t care about social justice”.

        Distracted by some baby chicks who refuse to be pushed out of the nest in a software rollout.

        OMG!!! They didn’t test in the 2 months it was in test and now it doesn’t “work” the way they “think”.

        1. pretend that you don’t care about social justice

          This. There’s no way that the reason they’re having trouble is that they’re dreadful.

      2. Fuck that, move up to the Bakken. Big dirty oilmen will be fighting over you so long as you’re south of a quarter ton.

        1. Go to any bar within a half hour of Ft. Benning. Have you SEEN the wives of those career NCOs?

  20. The rich have way too much money. They spend it on stupid things. So we should just take it.

    1. So who does that make the greedy one?

    2. Won’t these people please think of the poor people who build the mansions and yachts?

      1. Exactly. I would think that if one thought there was a glut in spending by rich people on stupid things, one might go into the Stupid Things industry and get rich selling, I don’t know, pre-diapered Fainting Goats or something.

    3. “Just think of what I could do with your money!”

  21. But Consumer Reports called it the greatest car ever made!

    1. This was in response to Sevo|11.22.13 @ 4:39PM

  22. Female French weather presenter loses bet, does weather report ‘naked’ on live TV

    1. Damn. Now that is a weathergirl. How did we let France outdo us in this?

      1. Haven’t we had Naked News forever (NSFW [and not the good kind {well for me at least}])?

    2. I watched it for the weather report.

      1. I watch Un Nuevo Dia for the sports report at 7:35.

    3. They’re lucky it wasn’t a man who made that bet and lost.

    4. As messed up as France is, you can be damn sure that people would be outraged if that happened here.

    5. Way behind the curve. TV in the Czech Republic had a naked weather lady on regularly back in the 90s. She would start her “report” nude and then dress for tomorrow’s forecasted weather.

      1. That. Is. Brilliant.

        I’ll have to confirm that with a Czech coworker. Sorry, trust but verify, you know.

  23. Arizona teen says flying Confederate flag on his pickup led to hate crime at school

    Check out the comments. Proggies are pretty violent. So as far as I can tell, they feel that white guys deserve an assault for 1) having a flag they don’t like, 2)using a word that you’re not allowed to because of your skin color or sex, or 3) walking behind a black man.

    Are there any more that I missed?

    1. Freedom of speech is countered with the freedom to murder someone in self-righteous rage.

    2. Corey ? 11 minutes ago ?
      He must be a Conservative Christian, their motto is “I will break any rule I want and then whine when you persecute me”. Also, there is no “hate crime” when someone kicks your ass because of your flag. Also, the school legally has the right to limit students rights, that’s in accordance with trying to keep the peace, and it’s legally been practiced nationwide for long time from what I understand. That is how Christians are allowed to take people who wear rainbow t-shirts to school, to court…funny, they are the ones that always want to silence others more than any other group. If I were young and foolish and in this kids school, I’d get a Rainbow flag and hang it from my car, and wait and see how quickly someone claims I am forcing homosexuality on everyone.
      ?Reply?Share ?

      pjwhite ? 5 hours ago ?
      The Confederate Flag is America’s swastika. Playing dumb – or being dumb – doesn’t change that fact.
      7 ?Reply?Share ?

      1. Apparently Bo posts as “Corey” on other forums.

      2. I’m mildly surprised that people don’t assert the same opinion about the Stars and Stripes. After all, much more slavery occurred under it than under the Stars and Bars. Much, much, much more.

        1. Not to mention much more wiping out of Indians, much more jailing for speaking out against wars, and infinitely more rounding up of Japanese people.

            1. America! Fuck Yeah!

          1. I wonder if I could drive around the FSU campus with an SEC sticker on my truck, get beat up, and then have people tell me I deserved it? I mean how far can we stretch this?

            1. It’s not really like that at FSU. Nor at UF–my FSU friends (bunch of people I graduated from high school with went there, to USF, or to UF) used to come down and hang out for games, even non-FSU games. Just for a change of scenery. And vice versa.

              1. Huh, you’d think from the way the message boards have been the last few weeks, that there’s about to be a 3-way war between Tuscaloosa, Tallahassee, and Gainseville.

                1. Not Gainesville. We’ve opted out this year.

                  1. On the playing field perhaps, but not the battlefield. You wouldn’t believe the accusations flying between the fanbases of which program is “dirtier”.

                    1. I miss Spurrier. He’s very clean and good. Rare combo.

                    2. Yeah, well, some of that is true, some of it isn’t. He has always liked to play mind games with opposing coaches and was never particularly friendly with the media, which is a good way to get the hate thrown your way. I’ve heard generally good things about him from people who know him.

                      He’s one hell of a coach, though, whatever failings he might have.

                    3. Spurrier + Zook’s recruiting was lightning in a bottle.

                    4. Florida had been recruiting well for a long time, well before Spurrier’s arrival. What Spurrier has is this weird instinct for exploiting defenses. When he has a lot of talent, it’s amazing to watch. When he doesn’t, he still can surprise you, even now.

                      I think Florida should’ve hired him back after the NFL business. Beats the skankiness of Meyer or the losing.

        2. Well, I also think the American Battle Flag is racist.

          1. There you go. Go beat up someone for flying it.

      3. The guy was engaging in transgressive performance art. He was just transgressing against the wrong people.

      4. there is no “hate crime” when someone kicks your ass because of your flag

        We really don’t deserve this country.

        1. Maybe we need to simplify our message: Violence bad; talk good.

  24. Mr. Money Mustache is at it again, this time confusing capitalism and consumerism.

    But then there is this comment:

    Great article overall, but a small but important correction. The idea that “free market” capitalism is responsible for so much innovation is just a myth. Capitalism has lead to much innovation, but not the free market variety. Computers, the internet, satellite communications, lasers, commercial aviation, automation, interstate roads, semiconductors. These are all the result of public expenditures. Free market capitalism is not about the long game. Computers took decades to develop to where they could be used by consumers. No investor is interested in that. That took non-free market capitalism.
    Or take all the great economic powerhouse countries. The US, S Korea, Japan, Great Britain, Germany, They all went from poverty to prosperity with heavy government intervention in the economy, not free markets.

    1. Is he the guy who put the ad in the Jacksonville paper asking the owners to sign Tebow?

      1. I don’t think so, MMM lives in Colorado.

    2. That’s enough derp for one day, lads. I’m off…TTFN.

      1. I won the best derp of the day? Where’s my prize? Do I get to touch the jacket!?!?

    3. Most of us know that it is socially inappropriate to ask our friends to cough up money when we invite them over for dinner, or to offer money to a romantic partner in exchange for sex. But it is normal to pay for a meal at a restaurant and the world’s oldest profession continues to thrive. This is the core of the distinction between “market” and “social” norms.

      There’s no distinction, the author is simply equivocating because he’s a blathering idiot.

      The only difference between the dinner with friends and the restaurant is in the expectations, but both are examples of voluntary exchanges. You expect to be served a pleasant meal at a restaurant and the restaurant expects payment for their serviced – a quid pro quo. The home owner who invites her friends expects the pleasure of good company by providing the guests with a venue and a meal. The same case with the romantic partner vs. the prostitute: even though the prostitute does not exchange sex for company and love but for money, both cases are still examples of voluntary exchange.

      In all of these cases, social norms are followed equally as you don’t have the right not to pay the restaurant for the meal you ate, or the right to disrupt the home you were invited to, or to force your partner to have sex with you or to stiff the prostitute.

    4. The first functioning transistors (I doubt that “Jon” has a clue about what a semiconductor actually is) were created by Bell Labs. Interestingly they were trying to make an entirely different type of transistor (FET) than what they created by accident (BJT). Gov’t had nothing to do with that.

      Unimation created the first industrial robots. Gov’t had nothing to do with that.

      The microprocessor (Intel 4004) was developed at Intel, a private company.

      The internet is hardly a monolithic entity, but key components, fiberoptics, ethernet, microprocessors, and harddrives were all developed by private entities. At best you could argue that the government was an early buyer.

      I could go on about all of the work done by Armstrong and RCA early last century but idiots like that would never understand.

  25. The next generation of condoms

    When you hear the term “next-generation condom,” beef tendon probably isn’t the first thing that pops into your mind.

    But a condom made from the cow part is one of 11 ideas to win $100,000 from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in its reinvent-the-condom competition.

    Another winning proposal uses a material that shrinks when it warms up on the body so it provides a perfect fit. Yet another team combined opening the condom package with application ? in a single quick motion ? so there’s no more fumbling in the dark.

    Back in March, the Gates Foundation challenged scientists to design a condom that men or women would actually want to use. The goal was to develop “new condoms that significantly preserve or enhance pleasure,” according to the foundation’s website.

    The motivation is simple. The Gates Foundation is one of the biggest supporters of global health (and a funder of NPR). It figures that if more couples use condoms, they’re less likely to transmit viruses like HIV or end up with unwanted pregnancies.

    The foundation received more than 800 entries for the condom challenge. It announced the 11 winning proposals on Wednesday.

    For the next-generation condom, it’s all about being thin and strong.

    1. The next generation is already here. Lifestyles skyns. Look ’em up.

      1. I second this recommendation.

        I saw something about graphene condoms the other day and am curious what they WON’T try to use graphene for.

        1. That really gives Buckyballs new meaning.

        2. Oh for fuck’s sake. Next some dumbass will have to propose a superconducting condom. Fucktards.

    2. Those poor vegans. 😉

      1. And Hindus, I suspect.

  26. Proggies finally acknowledge “knockout kings”.

    What did it take?

    WCBS-TV reported that state Sen. Dov Hikind (D) wrote President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder following a rash of attacks in New York City connected to a “knockout game,” in which participants are filmed sucker-punch strangers while passing by them on the street. Seven people, reportedly all Jewish,

    Fuck you guys. Fuck you guys so hard.

    On a brighter note, someone tried it in a concealed carry state (Michigan, I believe) and got shot twice. In the ass.

    1. I’ve never head of this.

        1. Too bad he had to throw in this stinker:

          New York City’s newly elected liberal mayor is expected to put a stop to police “stop and frisk” policies that have reduced the murder rate to one-fourth of what it was under liberal mayors of the past.

          1. Yeah, I saw that. It’s unfortunate.

          2. Well, he’s a true conservative.

    2. White folk could go back to playing the Lynching Game.

  27. You know you live in the LA area when this warrants live news coverage

    1. “Wet sidewalks!”

      Oh, the humanity!

      1. Oh, the humidity!

  28. Holy shit, NPR is still indulging in Kennedysturbation.

    I love the idea of the media reminding Americans of our history, but haven’t there been other events in history worth commemorating?

    1. The babyboomers can’t die off fast enough. Lets get rid of Social Security and Medicare to speed the process along.

      1. You dumb ass. You’re only supposed to do that to Republicans who want to reduce benefits.

    2. Yeah, fucking presidential assassinations, what’s the big deal? Happens all the time!

      I think the lady doth protest too much.

      Face it. It was a transitional event. And you missed it.

  29. Soooooo, Ed Schultz was part of Obama’s little Journolist reunion get-together, but Sad Beard wasn’t? That’s gotta leave a mark when you’re left out in favor of MSNBC’s version of Chris Farley who has some of the worst ratings on television.

    1. Juan Williams was on the list.

      1. Must have used an old list.

  30. Archaeologists discover 3700 year old wine cellar in Israel

    Archaeologists say they have discovered a 3,700-year-old wine cellar in Israel, a finding that offers insights into the early roots of winemaking.

    The large wine cellar was unearthed in the ruined palace of a Canaanite city in northern Israel, called Tel Kabri, not far from the country’s modern wineries. The excavations revealed 40 one-meter-tall jars kept in what appeared to be a storage room.

    No liquid contents could have survived the millennia. But an analysis of organic residue trapped in the pores of the jars suggested that they had contained wine made from grapes. The ancient tipple was likely sweet, strong and medicinal?certainly not your average Beaujolais.
    The findings were presented Friday in Baltimore at the annual meeting of the American Schools of Oriental Research. The scientists have yet to publish their discovery in a peer-reviewed journal; some archaeologists said that made it difficult to judge the validity of the claims.

    The oldest known wine cellar held about 700 jars and was uncovered in the tomb of Pharaoh Scorpion I in Egypt, which dates to about 3,000 B.C. But there were no wild grapes in Egypt, so where did the Egyptians get their wine? Scientists say they probably imported it from the Canaanites, a claim bolstered by the recent find.

    1. What would be funnier is if the wine didn’t pass today’s kosher standards.

  31. Conservative Catholic Group Links Tornadoes to Recognition of Gay Marriages

    -Do you think the massive Illinois tornadoes are linked to the passing of the same sex “marriage” bill?

    The massive tornadoes that hit Illinois after the passing of the same sex “marriage” bill, has stimulated many people to reflection.

    In it, some see God’s chastisement; others see it as yet one more merciful warning from Providence; others yet deny both options and give various reasons.

    What do you think?


    1. Gay Marriage is caused by global warming.

      Or global warming is causing an increase in gay marriage.

      1. Er, the first paragraph was supposed to argue that global warming is cased by gay marriage.

    2. So, will sharknadoes follow the recognition of beastiality?

      1. -will sharknadoes follow the recognition of beastiality?

        Love at first bite?

    3. The same site has a link to an earlier article by the group linking Hurricane Katrina to New Orleans embrace of ‘the public display of naked flesh and homosexual lewdness’


      1. -In this regard, it is certainly significant that the International Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima, one of the four statues carved under the direction of Sister L?cia, the main Fatima seer, shed tears in New Orleans in July 1972.27 One month after that miraculous weeping, the beautiful port city saw the beginning of Southern Decadence ? days filled with the public display of naked flesh and homosexual lewdness28 ? and with every passing year, New Orleans became increasingly a symbol for those who ignore Our Lady of Fatima’s message of conversion. Could Our Lady have chosen New Orleans for this miraculous weeping because, in weeping over New Orleans, She was weeping over everything it would come to symbolize?

        This brings us back to the original question. How should we look at Hurricane Katrina and the string of tragedies that have befallen our nation and the world? As a chastisement? As a new warning from Divine Providence? The answer is that regardless if the causes of tragedy are natural or man-made, we cannot exclude Divine Providence’s wise and unfathomable designs. Rather, for all the reasons laid out above, and particularly Our Lady’s message at Fatima, it seems to us that prudence demands we give serious consideration to the possibility that God is warning us of our faults and calling us to repentance.

        1. ” How should we look at Hurricane Katrina and the string of tragedies that have befallen our nation and the world?”

          It is the best of all possible worlds.

      2. Let’s be honest, if God was punishing anyone in New Orleans during Katrina it was poor black people. God clearly hates them and loves the gays and other debauched people because the French Quarter suffered a whole hell of a lot less than the Treme did.

        1. God clearly hates them and loves the gays and other debauched people because the French Quarter

          Emo vampires…god loves emo bi-curious vampires.

          1. I want to make fun of you, but that would admit I know what you’re referencing and I’m not sure the tradeoff is worth it.

            1. Is that The True Blood, Shep Smith’s fave TV show?

              1. That’s the fictional town of Bon Temps, LA.

                Think less HBO and more CW.

                1. I know The CW has a vampire show but I don’t know what it’s called.

                  Speaking of The CW, has anybody else seen the rebooted Whose Line is it Anyway? It’s good to an extent, but I wish Drew Carrey was there as the host; Aisha Tyler doesn’t seem to contribute much, and she laughs way too loudly.

                  1. I actually don’t know what it’s called. It’s on my roommate’s roster of teen melodrama that she has on in the background when she’s working or playing LoL.

                  2. Yeah, but she looks better doing it.

                    1. Oh, she looks great. But she doesn’t bring much more to the table than that.

                    2. She’d make a better side kick than host, certainly.

                2. Which no one should ever admit knowing about.

      3. Odd. The first violent death I ever witnessed occurred because of a confluence of lesbianic acts and christian protesters. If anything, I blame the protesters more.

        1. I should add, this was on burbon street.

          1. How long ago was this? I just assumed Christian protesters would burst into flames if they stepped onto Bourbon St.

            1. Pre-Katrina (2 years). It ain’t the same anymore. It’s like disney world now. You get arrested for flashing your junk for more beads. How the hell else am I supposed to re-up when I run out? Am I just supposed to stop asking to see tits? Madness. Sheer madness.

          2. Mom witnessed her first transsexual at a Mardi Gras on Bourbon Street in 1960.

    4. And hardcore lefty groups openly long to dismantle capitalism. You’re never going to get rid of the lunatics from all spectrum’s in society, so what’s the point of even bringing it up? These people thrive on publicity. It’s like the Westboro Baptist people; if nobody paid any attention to them whatsoever, they’d quickly fade into irrelevance.

    5. Smashing Pumpkin:

      -1.5 ounces rum
      -1/2 ounce allspice aiquer
      -3 ounces lemon-pumpkin soda*

      Add the rum and allspice liqueur to a Collins glass filled with ice. Top with the Lemon-Pumpkin Soda and garnish with a bay leaf.

      *Lemon-Pumpkin Soda:

      -12 ounces pumpkin puree
      -4 ounces lemon juice
      -2 ounces water

      Add all the ingredients to a soda siphon and charge with 1 CO2 cartridge.

      1. *shudder*

        carbonated pumpkin puree?

        Also, with 4 oz of lemon juice, you should serve it with a side of tums.

        Have you ever actually made this abomination?

        1. Yup. It’s pretty good, tastes a lot like pumpkin pie.

          There isn’t 4 ounces of lemon juice in the final drink. That pumpkin soda mix actually makes 6 drinks.

          BTW, it’s best to use a dark rum. I use 151 usually.

          I’ll also note that you should use more water and lemon juice if you use canned pumpkin.

        2. To be fair, at the proprtions indicated it’s 2/3 oz lemon juice to 1.5 oz rum (and 2 oz pumpkin). If anything it’s pumpkin-heavy.

          hamilton’s cocktail of awesomeness:

          – 6 oz. gin
          – 1 oz lemon juice
          – 1 oz vermouth
          – 0.5 oz Fernet Branca
          – 0.5 oz Cynar

          Shake the gin over ice, pour into glass. Throw the other ingredients out. Sit in the corner and drink, sobbing silently.

  32. Obamacare if failing because the government isn’t big enough

    These shortcomings, however, are a result of government being too small?too clipped, constrained, underfunded and underpowered?to achieve Obamacare’s policy aims, not vice versa.

    Here’s how the Affordable Care Act ran into trouble. The drafters of the law planned to insure 16 million poor and near-poor Americans through an expansion of Medicaid. As a carrot, they fully funded the expansion at the outset and funded 90 percent of it by 2020?a formula much more generous than what’s currently offered. As a stick, they designed the law so that states that refused the expansion would lose their Medicaid funding. When the Roberts Court upheld the individual mandate (the requirement that Americans purchase health insurance or face tax penalties), it also broke that stick, allowing states to opt out of the expansion without penalty. Since then, twenty-one states, all of them controlled by Republicans, have done just that. As a result, about 5 million Americans, the majority of whom are people of color in the South, will fall into a coverage gap.

    But nota bene: the plight of these poor Americans is not a result of any flaw in the original law; it’s due to the Roberts Court’s gutting of one of the law’s crucial levers and the wave of GOP cruelty politics that ensued.

    1. …”As a result, about 5 million Americans, the majority of whom are people of color in the South,”…

      Women and minorities to suffer most!

    2. That’s downright schizophrenic.

      So this pro-Obamacare guy is complaining about the individual mandate NOT getting struck down by the SCOTUS?

      1. No, he’s complaining about the Medicaid expansion getting struck down.

    3. When the Roberts Court upheld the individual mandate (the requirement that Americans purchase health insurance or face tax penalties), it also broke that stick, allowing states to opt out of the [Medicaid] expansion without penalty.

      They destroyeth the law from within!

      the plight of these poor Americans is not a result of any flaw in the original law[…]

      Nevermind that the Medicaid expansion has absolutely nothing to do with either the president’s promise that people would be able to keep their health insurance, or the individual mandate.

  33. Social liberals want to force the Catholic Church to provide contraceptives, sterilization and abortifacients to its employees:

    “The right of church-related organizations to keep a clear conscience trumps the federal government’s desire to improve access to contraceptives, a federal judge ruled Thursday in a preliminary decision that could set the tone in a legal fight of national scope.

    “…”I think that obviously the court got it wrong,” said Brigitte Amiri, senior staff attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union, which filed an amicus brief opposing the dioceses’ position. “We hope that the 3rd Circuit [Court of Appeals] … would reverse the decision.”

    “She added that the legal landscape could change by Tuesday, though, when the Supreme Court is expected to decide whether to hear any of four cases filed by for-profit employers seeking exemptions from the preventive services coverage rule. Any Supreme Court decision on those cases “could give guidance to courts that are considering the nonprofit cases,” she said.”


    1. there should be ellipses […] before the third paragraph

    2. No, it’s not solibs. It’s intolerant statist Dems (but I repeat myself). I’m a solib and I’m against this.

      1. I’m trying to yank Bo Peep’s chain. A very unworthy motive, I admit.

        But you’re saying not all social liberals think alike?

        1. But you’re saying not all social liberals think alike?
          Are you yanking my chain now?

          1. Solibs are entitled to disagree with each other, so are socons.

            1. Okay, you were slightly yanking my chain, because not all us solibs are intolerant, statist Dems (but I repeat myself).

      2. That’s what social liberals are about, you just think you are one.

    3. Eduard, looks like the Catholic Church does not mind using government to force other people into things:

      -Work has a special place in Catholic social thought: work is more than just a job; it is a reflection of our human dignity, and a way to contribute to the common good. Most importantly, it is the ordinary way people meet their material needs and community obligations. In Catholic teaching, the principle of a living wage is integral to our understanding of human work. Wages must be adequate for workers to provide for themselves and their families in dignity. Although the minimum wage is not a living wage, the Catholic bishops have supported increasing the minimum wage over the decades. The minimum wage needs to be raised to help restore its purchasing power, not just for the goods and services one can buy but for the self-esteem and self-worth it affords the worker. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops supports legislation that would increase the minimum wage and is urging Congress to raise the minimum wage in a timely and meaningful way.


      1. Socons support minimum wage!

  34. A federal appeals court decided not to overturn a ruling suspending stop and frisk in New York City.
    Wait, what?

    1 – So there’s a stop and frisk policy.
    2 – It was suspended by means of a ruling — which means it’s now gone.
    3 – Then someone tried to overturn the ruling — meaning the policy would come back.
    4 – But the court said no — meaning the policy is still gone.

    Did I get that right?

    1. Pretty much. Although, I think the original ruling only required that the policy be reformed, under the supervision of a court-appointed monitor.

    2. I’d have to check the ruling itself, and the news summary is not all that enlightening – they could just say whether or not stop ‘n frisk is in force pending the final 2nd circuit decision, or whether it’s on hold. Would plain English be so hard?

  35. Scientists discover neutrinos of possible interstellar origin

    An international team of scientists reported on Thursday that over a two-year period they had detected 28 of these particles, known as neutrinos, that arrived from outside the solar system and possibly from across the universe.

    “This gives us a new way to do astronomy,” said Francis Halzen, a physics professor at the University of Wisconsin who is the principal investigator for the project, the IceCube Neutrino Observatory. The findings appear in the journal Science.

    More than 5,000 sensors have been lowered and frozen into a cubic kilometer (about one-quarter cubic mile) of Antarctic ice, looking for flashes of blue light that are given off by the cascades of debris generated by a neutrino.

    Neutrinos are ghostlike particles that interact only very rarely with the rest of the universe. The fusion reactions that power the sun give off a flood of neutrinos, but almost all of them go undetected and unfelt: Every second, trillions of them pass through every person on earth.

    1. Wait, we have a way of using neutrinos to see things? Isn’t that a real trick even with solar neutrinos?

      1. I’m thinking the physicists are talking over the science reporter’s head.

  36. By the way, everyone, what in HALE is with this latest move by the Magician in Chief that extends the enrollment deadline for plans taking effect on January 1 to DECEMBER 23????

    HOW on earth does this happen? How does Obama unilaterally guarantee that employees of private companies will halve their worktime — during the holidays at that — for a specific task?

    What the FUCK?

    Any CEO who goes along with this needs to show up himself for every minute of this Nightmare Before Christmas and whip every C-level employee into the office, too, to do duty beside the poor minions who will get stuck glassy-eyed before their monitors, in sweatstained shirts, greasy pizza boxes by their sides, coffee cups with ring-around-the-collar, processing applications that will probably have 50% bad numbers anyway.

  37. Some people aren’t too happy that Rand Paul is going to Detroit to reach out to minority voters

    In an effort to broaden the Republican Party’s appeal in Detroit, Michigan?where 97.5% of the population voted for Obama in the last presidential election?the Michigan GOP has decided to open an official “African-American Engagement Office” in hopes of appealing to black voters.

    Naturally, helping to launch this effort, is Rand Paul. Who opposes the Civil Rights Act of 1964, pals around with Neo-Confederate Secessionists and other freaky racists. Perfect choice, for sure. I mean, who better than a white dude from the South who doesn’t think that businesses should be legally required to service black people to head up this kind of thing? Especially given that he said that he would let the government help Detroit out of bankruptcy “over his dead body.” It is like a match made in heaven.
    The Republican Party seems to be under the delusion that somehow, all these minorities and women are just too stupid to know what the Republican Party stands for, and that if they understood that, they’d vote for them. It’s actually incredibly insulting when you think about it.

    That last paragraph is hilarious given what the Democratic Party stands for.

    1. Where do you do find these blogs? That blog post is so full of typographical and grammatical errors (leaving aside the factual errors) that I have to assume it was written by a 13-year-old.

    2. Naturally, helping to launch this effort, is Rand Paul. Who opposes the Civil Rights Act of 1964, pals around with Neo-Confederate Secessionists and other freaky racists.

      If racist teabaggers were to overtake your city in a right wing coup, could they possibly cause more damage than you have already done to yourselves?

      1. BTW, if you see this reposted there, the name is under my nephew’s FB account. I don’t keep one.

    1. I thought it was going to be a Vettel calendar.

      I’ve been meaning to ask you, do you have a Archduke doppleganger over on Oppo?

      1. It’s not me

    2. Ooh, look at that slutty K6 just standing there asking for it…

    3. Jenson Button Stands Near Things was pretty dull.

      1. I would also not buy “Eddie Jordan’s shirts” nor “David Coulthard wearing white jeans”.

        1. I was unimpressed by “Damon Hill and Garden Gnomes.”

          1. “Martin Brundle and Umbrellas” was a massive disappointment.

          2. I do wish there was a “Gerhard Berger’s Hamburgers” calendar.

          3. Takuma Sato Crumpled Against Various Walls was too on-the-nose I thought.

    1. You’re a nasty-ass cracker racist for even pointing it out.

    2. Daniel Hannan is a stupid gullible piece of shit who came around on Obama a million days late and a billion dollars short. Fuck him. And I’m not even drunk yet.

      1. Fuck him. And I’m not even drunk yet.

        So what’s stopping you?

        1. I seem to be doing fine with my nervous breakdown.

  38. Republican Health Care Plan: Don’t get sick, and if you do get sick; die quickly. That’s it. With a plan like that, Republicans will definitely control the Senate, the House, and the White House in the next elections. Go Teabaggers go.

    1. D-

      1. D-? That’s a repeat the 3rd Grade if ever there was one.

    2. Any why, pray tell, should anyone in gov’t have a healthcare plan? Why is it any of the gov’ts business? You’re not one of those, “Healthcare is a RIGHT!” people, are you?

      1. Most of the people crying about gov’t knowing their business are usually poor trailer trash hillbillies who has no business.

        1. Wow. You ought to publish an almanac.

        2. Re: Koolbrain,

          Most of the people [sic] crying about gov’t knowing their business are usually poor trailer trash hillbillies who has [sic] no business.

          By definition, a hillbillie would not live in a trailer but in a hill. And that’s not even the best part. The best part is that you’re the sad result of the Amerikan Pulbic Skool Seistem Dat Teeched You To Red and Writ.

        3. So what? Does that mean they don’t deserve privacy?

          Why do you think that has anything to do with anything?

        4. Nice stereo-typing, douchebag.

          1. Isn’t more iPod typing these days?

        5. Most of the people crying about gov’t knowing their business are usually poor trailer trash hillbillies who has no business.

          That is some really top notch grammar, big guy.

    3. Really nice blog you’ve got, BTW:

      White people believe they are born with certain rights, and one of those rights is that they think they are superior to Blacks. These people honestly believe that they have a GOD given right that they are second to none. I aint mad atem, aint nothing wrong with thinking positive of yourself; but we owe it to ourselves to keep it in proper context. There are homeless poor White trailer trash people who believe they are superior to President Obama just because they were born White.

      Black people in our innate brain believe that we are inferior to Whites. I already know I’m gonna here Black people saying, “Awe hell no JD you got me wrong, aint no way I think like that.” This is when I have to remind my beloved Brothers and Sisters to notice that I used the word innate in my depiction of us. This is a trait that is hereditary in those of us who are descendants of slaves.

      1. Re: Koolbrain,

        White people believe they are born with certain rights, and one of those rights is that they think [sic] they are superior to Blacks.

        I guess you think you have the right to make hash of the English language. And logic.

        1. Awe hell no OM

      2. Black people in our innate brain believe that we are inferior to Whites. I already know I’m gonna here Black people saying, “Awe hell no JD you got me wrong, aint no way I think like that.”

        I’m almost positive this is a racist pretending to be black. The ‘aw hell no, aint no way’ section kind of gives it away.

        1. I would like that to be true, but the blog has at least 100 posts on it, which seems like a lot of effort for a sock.

    4. You bothered to register for this?

  39. I almost feel bad about linking this. Standard “this is why there are no female libertarians” applies

    Women Govern Differently Than Men ? They’re Better

    You might not know it from the reductive memes on your feminist Facebook friends’ newsfeeds, but political scientists have proved women’s extraordinary efficacy in federal and state legislatures. Across the board, findings show that the second sex rates first when it comes to effective governance. Women in office secure almost 10 percent more federal funding than their male colleagues and introduce about twice as many bills.

    1. Across the board, findings show that the second sex rates first when it comes to effective governance. Women in office secure almost 10 percent more federal funding than their male colleagues and introduce about twice as many bills.

      I don’t see where that second sentence has anything at all to do with the first sentence.

      1. Then clearly, you don’t know what government is for. You also don’t know why people have jobs and earn money.

        1. It’s not my fault. No one will let me read a copy of the social contract.

          1. We’ll get you a copy of it after the next election. Meanwhile, sign here:

            (by signing this, I accept the social contract)

            1. Don’t do it MS, it’s a trap! That contract really indentures you to Faceless Commenter.

              1. And by “indentures” it means you’ll be in his dentures.

                He’s a cannibal.

                A toothless cannibal.

                1. Isn’t FC a lady libertarian? Or am I remembering an earlier thread?

                  1. Yes, FC is a lady libertarian. So it’s a different kind of trap altogether.

                    1. Well, I was just concerned about Warrren’s pronoun use. Although “different kind of trap” + Warrren’s dentures reference has reminded me of this.

                      And now to soothe my soul with some more Jamie Bamber

                    2. Does this trap have teeth?

                    3. I had no idea you are in the Tits Tribe, sorry.

            2. Well that all seems above board.

      2. They make more laws, MS. Since more laws is inherently good, that means they are superior at governing.

        Don’t you know anything? Countries with the most powerful governments are always the most successful!

      3. Women in office secure almost 10 percent more federal funding than their male colleagues and introduce about twice as many bills.

        Well, duh. Turning tricks comes naturally to women.

    2. They grab tax money with their vaginas.

    3. introduce about twice as many bills

      1. Bill Clinton + Bill ?

      2. “This is our concern, Dude.”

    4. Oh god, that’s so good for tears of irony that I’m gonna get white grooves down my cheeks.

    5. “Women in office…introduce about twice as many bills.”

      But they do not know what’s in them until they pass them.

      Women are better at cronyism and expanding the power of the state. If true,that tells me I do not want to put a woman anywhere near the legislature.

  40. Fact of the day: on Wikipedia, “man milk” redirects to the entry for semen.

    1. Finally, someone that knows how to use Wikipedia!

  41. Democracy works!

    1. I vote to disagree.

  42. Oh, screw these live news reports that haven’t even found out yet that Obama has extended enrollment for plans taking effect 1/1 to December 23. Everyone all OVAH the “latest development” that the next round of price hikes happen after the 2014 elections.

  43. Just for you, our newly minted troll, ReasonableS.

    This lovely anniversary would not be complete without —

    The Assassination of JFK Considered As A Down Hill Motor Race

    By JG Ballard

    Oswald was the starter.

    From his window above the track he opened the race by firing the starting gun. It is believed that the first shot was not properly heard by all the drivers. In the following confusion, Oswald fired the gun two more times, but the race was already underway.

    Kennedy got off to a bad start.

    There was a governor in his car and its speed remained constant at about fifteen miles an hour. However, shortly afterwards, when the governor had been put out of action, the car accelerated rapidly, and continued at high speed along the remainder of the course.

  44. Parsing White Supremacy: An Exploratory Study of Political Thought and Beliefs

    In Bonilla-Silva and Forman’s research, their surveys and in-depth interviews on three different college campuses find that the racial prejudice of white students has been grossly underreported (Bonilla-Silva and Forman 2000). They also find that students gave different responses in surveys than they did during in-depth interviews. The findings suggest that the students were unaware that they were using coded language (Bonilla-Silva and Forman 2000).

    Got it? They said things that lefties have deemed racist, and didn’t even know how racist they were. But they were totally racist, because lefties have deemed these opinions racist.

    1. And they went explicit:

      Other studies particular to the United States have looked into various policies such as welfare. Gainous (2012) finds that those who identify as Republican and, in particular, Republican men are more likely to support anti-welfare policies. This study also finds that Republicans are more often in favor of using the small, limited government argument against social welfare programs (Gainous 2012). The use of this argument connects with symbolic racism (Peffley, Hurwitz, and Sniderman 1997;

      1. Proggies truly have no principles, do they? they seem completely incapable of understanding the concept:

        Other studies have show that whites in right-wing parties will vote against their class interests in order to make it more difficult for people of color/blacks to access these benefits (Lee and Roemer 2006). This study in particular identified racial beliefs across the political affiliation and noticed that those who identify as Republican are far more likely to vote against redistributive policies even if those policies could potentially have a positive effect on their own socio-economic status (Lee and Roemer 2006).

        1. Their studies find a correlation with those that hold these viewpoints and higher levels of ‘dominance-based prejudice’ and had a high dislike for people who violated established social norms (Hiel and Mervielde 2002).

          Someone should really read that link I posted earlier about the confederate flag.

          1. The next variable measures how people with the above political affiliations internalize racial beliefs. These racial beliefs are understood by respondents as either coded color-blind beliefs or beliefs in polices meant to bridge a gap in racial discrimination. The respondents are measured on a scale regarding questions that focused on welfare, housing policies, criminal justice work ethic, education, affirmative action, reparations and presidential candidates. Statements respondents answered were regarding racial beliefs such as ‘Affirmative action is reverse racism’, ‘Blacks should be paid for the work of their ancestors’ and ‘I would vote for a Black woman president’. The last question about the racial identities of potential presidential candidates, which was broken down into black man, black woman, Latino, Latina, white man, and white woman.

      2. Gainous (2012) finds that those who identify as Republican and, in particular, Republican men are more likely to support anti-welfare policies. This study also finds that Republicans are more often in favor of using the small, limited government argument against social welfare programs (Gainous 2012). The use of this argument connects with symbolic racism (Peffley, Hurwitz, and Sniderman 1997;

        They are literally arguing that anyone who disagrees with them politically can only do so through nefarious racist desires.

        Progressives are evil.

        1. HEAD KNIGHT: Augh! Ohh! Don’t say that word.
          ARTHUR: What word?
          HEAD KNIGHT: I cannot tell, suffice to say is one of the words the Knights of Ni cannot hear.
          ARTHUR: How can we not say the word if you don’t tell us what it is?
          KNIGHTS OF NI: Aaaaugh!
          HEAD KNIGHT: You said it again!

    2. The findings suggest that the students were unaware that they were using coded language

      If you don’t realize you’re speaking in code, then you’re not.

    3. Stephanie Baran is an adjunct professor at Kankakee Community College. She received her M.A. in Sociology from DePaul University in Chicago. She is a professor, researcher and activist and is an avid student of Marxist theory. Her academic interests include studying white supremacy, racism, capitalism and the socio-political process. At present, she is looking into racism as accessory, whereby capitalism and consumerism make cultural co-optation the norm. Her hobbies include being a fiery feminist, a gay and trans* ally and working towards total social justice. She currently resides in Chicago with her cat, Harley, and hopes to be admitted to a Ph.D. program to continue her studies. She can be contacted at smbaran@yahoo.com.

      1. She is a professor, researcher and activist and is an avid student of Marxist theory.

        You forgot to bold this part. I think it might be important.

      2. She currently resides in Chicago with her cat, Harley

        Of course she does.

    4. The study collected data using a survey of 61 questions that was distributed on LinkedIn,
      Facebook, and Twitter.

      A rock-solid way of selecting a sample, to be sure.

    5. Emphasis mine:

      Hopefully, the functionality of the different social media networking sites will allow my survey to be answered by different people in various parts of the nation thereby gathering information from people residing all parts of the country


    6. Also, please, please decide if you’re going to write “Republican” and “Democrat” or “republican” and “democrat”. Even if you choose incorrectly and go with the latter, at least you will be wrong consistently.

    7. …other research has shown that white people will vote against their economic interests in order to maintain the dominant racial hierarchy (Lee and Roemer 2006).

      That phrase? “Research has Shown”? It’s a fundamentally White Person Concept. If you are using it, you are contributing to White Privelege. True Story.

  45. PB&J Sandwiches are racist.

    Verenice Gutierrez picks up on the subtle language of racism every day.

    Take the peanut butter sandwich, a seemingly innocent example a teacher used in a lesson last school year.

    “What about Somali or Hispanic students, who might not eat sandwiches?” says Gutierrez, principal at Harvey Scott K-8 School, a diverse school of 500 students in Northeast Portland’s Cully neighborhood.

    1. That story is like over a year old. It’s odd to see it making the rounds again.

      1. I prefer to call it a “timeless tale”.

  46. “Another way would be to say: ‘Americans eat peanut butter and jelly, do you have anything like that?’ Let them tell you. Maybe they eat torta. Or pita.”

    Guitierrez, along with all of Portland Public Schools’ principals, will start the new school year off this week by drilling in on the language of “Courageous Conversations,” the district-wide equity training being implemented in every building in phases during the past few years.

    Through intensive staff trainings, frequent staff meetings, classroom observations and other initiatives, the premise is that if educators can understand their own “white privilege,” then they can change their teaching practices to boost minority students’ performance.

    1. Goddamn, the education bubble can’t burst soon enough. What is your marketable skill again, Verenice?

    2. Little Ahmed described how to make a pita, butter, and jelly sandwich, and so failed second grade due to White Privilege.

    3. EducationCare.

  47. Sounds like some serious business dude.


  48. If you’re going to be publishing excerpts from the Zapruder film, you should have published the following frame, where Kennedy’s head exploded like a great 60’s pi?ata, spewing forth The Great Society, the hippies, the Vietnam War, the Jefferson Airplane, the Civil Rights Movement, LBJ and Richard Nixon, a Holy Stigmata spewing forth blood and water, cleansing the earth of it’s sins.

    Jesus, considering we’ve had to go through 50 years of an annual Passion of the Kennedy with no end in sight, you’d think we could get a little pageantry, violence and good old fashioned American gore out of it, no?

  49. I just want to talk about a cocktail I experienced tonight.

    It’s half bourbon, half Snap, which is made by Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction.

    It’s astonishing.

    That is all, ‘tards.

    1. I have these things in my house! I will try them together.

  50. Hoooo boy, here we go. I don’t know if this was already linked to but: Why I Make Terrible Decisions, or, poverty thoughts This person should kill herself.

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