Iowa Truancy Law Encourages Citizens Monitor Home-Schooled Neighbors

If they don't think the kids are doing school work


Iowa education officials passed a new rule that renders home-schooled students "subject to state truancy laws," but the policy can't be enforced unless average citizens report their neighbors to government authorities.

Under the rule, public school districts can check up on home-schoolers. "The district has to make a good-faith attempt, they can ask for information," Mike Cormack, policy liaison for the Iowa Board of Education, told the Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier.

"The next step, Cormack said, would be for someone who thinks a child is not getting classwork done at their home school to contact local authorities," according to WCF.

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  1. Oh my God. This is even sound silly! I sometimes think that Americans are given too much power and they totally violate their rights by going far beyond them. Now some people will get a chance to report on their home-schooled neighbors. So in case my son will be playing outside for too long instead of working on their essays click here – my neighbors will report on me. No really, this is too funny to be actually true.

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