Ed Krayewski on the Tom Brown Show Tonight at 9PM

New Hampshire radio


public domain

I'll be on the Tom Brown radio show on WEZS out of New Hampshire, talking about the latest on Obamacare, the filibuster, and the rest of the news, toward the top of the 9 o'clock hour.

I'm not going to sugarcoat it, you should tune in on the dial, or listen online here.


NEXT: Obama, Reid Both Used to Oppose Filibuster Changes

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  1. I tuned in.

    Tom Brown immediately douche-bagged it with “Obama is hiding a pending market collapse” CT nonsense.

    1. I wish Jimmy Graham could punch you in your stupid fucking head as hard as he punched that goalpost after his touchdown just now.

      1. Look, fuckhole. If you GOPers are going to talk about the supremacy of the markets all the time (which is fine) you have to acknowledge that markets under Obama have been better than any POTUS ever! Highest point gains, highest % gains, highest earnings by far, highest export levels, highest GNI, etc.

        806 – 1800 (that is the S/P 500 from Obama’s inauguration to today).

        The health insurance market will be just as awesome by 2015, I assure you.

        Now go back to chewing the heads off crawdads.

        1. Go jerk off to the Shepherd Fairy poster taped to your bedroom ceiling one more time, you cocksucking fag.

          1. Why do you hate markets, Mike M?

            1. Palin’s Buttplug|11.21.13 @ 10:01PM|#
              “Why do you hate markets, Mike M?”

              Why do you hate honesty, dipshit?
              Hint: The Dow Jones is *one* market; that lying piece of shit Obo is fucking up a fifth of the US economy.

              1. The Dow isn’t even a fucking market, it’s an index of 30 companies.

                The performance of this index is entirely based on the *selection* of those companies. If you want to show how awesome the broader market is doing stick to something like the Russell 2000 or something equally all encompassing.

        2. Exactly. Big corporations love Democrats, because they can screw over workers and no one ever complains.

          Profits might be at a high, but participation is almost at an all time low (lowest since Carter at least) and wages keep going down.

        3. You don’t chew on crawfish heads dumbass, you suck them.

        4. All those new Federal Reserve notes have to go somewhere, I guess.

          But the AFA will be substantially less successful than is claimed. As proposed, it seems to incentivise increased consumption of medical services, but does little to incentivise the provision of medical services.

          However, it may not be able to actually effect greater consumption of medical services, based on the present disfunctionality of the primary access point to the vaunted health insurance exchanges. If people can’t get the required financing for medical services, then they are much less likely to procure said services.

        5. Zod, you are a disingenuous miserable cunt. The stock market hasn’t gained fuck all in 14 years.

          1. That’s only cause BOOOOOOshhhh 1111!!!!!

  2. Would still prefer if you would go on the Tom Green show.

    1. Or Mr. Green Jeans. I wonder whatever happened to him. Probably died in some hailstorm of ping-pong balls.

  3. And as if there aren’t enough stories to make you angry today, here’s one about Miami police, especially acting like gangsters. Constantly harassing people of a convenience store, arresting the employees for trespassing. Over and over.

    “Miami Gardens police have arrested Sampson 62 times for one offense: trespassing.

    Almost every citation was issued at the same place: the 207 Quickstop, a convenience store on 207th Street in Miami Gardens.
    But Sampson isn’t loitering. He works as a clerk at the Quickstop.”


    1. What scum. It doesn’t even make sense, unless they’re trying to force the store to close down or something.

    2. That doesn’t make me angry; it makes me thirsty for a Slurpee.

  4. Where’s Flashman?

  5. OT: First D.C. Wal-Mart to open December 4th; Thousands Rush to be Exploited with Jobs

    In just two weeks, Walmart will open its first stores in the District of Columbia.

    Walmart’s H Street and Georgia Avenue locations will open Dec. 4 at 8 a.m. Both the 103,000-square-foot Georgia Avenue store and the 74,000-square-foot H Street location will feature fresh produce, a deli, organic food items and a full-service pharmacy.

    The stores will hire a combined 600 associates after combing through the more 23,000 applications its received from potential employees.

    These 23,000 people should just form a co-operative, non-exploitative, eco-friendly, sustainable big box retailer.

    Yes, we can!

    1. They need to liberate that store from the do-nothing management and repurpose it to sell things for the community, instead of war machines.

  6. OT: I am listening to that lecture on popular culture that was posted earlier today, and the show Firefly was mentioned.

    Can I just mention what an extremely diverting show that is? I watched it straight through on hulu a couple of years ago, and realized that it was the best television show ever.

    “Ariel” is the best episode, in my opinion. It’s got drama, humor, terror, horror, hope. Highly entertaining, and I would venture to say that it reaches the level of High Art.

    The plot (spoilers): Simon Tam bribes the crew of the Serenity to transport him to a hospital on one of the Core planets, so that he could run some tests on his sister. Early in the show, the sister, River Tam, stabs mercenary Jayne Cobb, establishing that there is some animosity between Cobb and the Tams. When they get to the planet Ariel, Jayne sees a wanted poster for the Tams, and arranges to turn them in for the bounty. Things spiral out of control, naturally.

    Favorite part: Jayne trying to remember his lines. Simon gives Mal, Gina, and Jayne some lines to get through the security checkpoint. Jayne works so hard to get it right, so when the security personnel just waves them on through without requiring explanation, he can’t stand it, and spouts his line–and gets it wrong!

    1. It sounds like a good show.

  7. So quadrupling the amount of the cheap-ass jug-wine per serving seems to have been the trick. Very nice fuzzy-buzz.

    1. Good ‘ol Jugwine Warren. I vote that you change your handle.

      1. Quadrupling really kills the value of the purchase.

        I did remember that I had some Jewish cherry wine in the fridge that and that stuff is 15% ABV.

        I also have some moonshine I bought at COSTCO that is 35% ABV. It’s not wine though.

        1. 70 proof seems low for moonshine…

          1. It came from COSTCO. This stuff: http://www.juniorsmidnightmoon.com/

            1. I’ve found quality beer and wine at Costco.

              Charles Smith out of WA makes quality stuff, even though it seems a bit corny.

      2. Handle changing is un-American. Thane, I’m looking at you!

  8. LOL Mexican authoritay thinks he can stop self-defense groups from forming.


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