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Earlier this year, an Illinois court freed Carl Chatman from prison on rape charges after prosecutors said they now doubted the credibility of the woman who accused him of rape and were no longer certain that a crime even occurred. He had served 10 years of a 30-year sentence. But his legal troubles weren't over. As he was getting ready for church recently, Berwyn police arrested him for being an unregistered sex offender after they discovered his name on the state's sex offender registry. They released him after prosecutors said his name should not have been on that list. The Illinois State Police, which maintains the database, said they would remove his name but could not explain why it was on there.

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  1. Yet another fake scandal.…

    1. stop posting these nontroversies. You’ll make the Obamadrones sad.

    2. That is bullshit. I am shocked that anyone would even question those numbers. This administration’s credibility is as solid as…..well….uh…smoke.

    3. The UK media are shouting from the rooftops that Obama has lost all credibility. A recent column in The Times of London (which I get on my Kindle, so sorry, no link) says that he may take Americans’ confidence in government down with him. If only.

  2. One wonders if these mistakes would be less frequent if there were actual consequences to those making them.

    1. This.

      It was not immediately clear why Chatman’s name showed up on the Illinois sex offender registry website. …. Cmdr. Joe Santangelo said … the situation involved a records glitch.

      How fucking hard is it to find *the person* who maintains the site and squeeze ask about the “glitch”?

      1. Ever try it?

        Ask a state bureaucrat for the name of the person who made any particular decision or mistake. All you get is…’it came from Baton Rouge’…or ‘from administration’….

        Try as you might, you will never get a name. CYA is the name of the game when you work for Govt.

        1. Oh, I understand that.

          The trick is to not ask the bureaucracy.

          You: put on a suit and walk around the office; befriend the receptionist; do some clever Googling; etc.

  3. Hmmm… googling his name brought up several chicago sun times articles about his exonerationn and an entry from a michigan law schools regidtry of exonerations. These were the first items which came up! The cops couldnt be bothered to use google, and apparently they dont read their hometown paper.

    So when do they go to prison for official oppression? Or do illinois officials only go to prison for boring bribrry charges?

    1. FYTW. What else?

    2. Show me where in the procedures it says they are supposed to read the hometown paper or look him up on google.

      1. They should just be thankful they didn’t have a dog to shoot.

  4. So the woman who falsely accused him and cost him over a decade of his life is now facing charges, right?

  5. Yet more evidence that sex-offender registries are a glorious success.

    1. It depends on your metric of “success”. In persecuting the released prisoners, it is a stunning success. In helping the communities – not so much, as it’s driven the registered offenders to be undocumented due to the sheer number of interlocking prohibition zones.

  6. The Illinois State Police, which maintains the database, said they would remove his name but could not explain why it was on there

    I think the explanation is obvious…

  7. Here’s where I’m confused:

    an unregistered sex offender after they discovered his name on the state’s sex offender registry.

    Being in a registry for something IS registration.

    So if he was in the registry, how can he be unregistered?

    1. I think they mean he didn’t do the mandatory checking in with local police that is usually required of people on the registry.

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