DOJ Drops Opposition to Airline Merger, Typhoon Deaths Not as High as Feared, Schools Targeted for 3D Printers: P.M. Links


  • You just know the minute a student makes something pointy, the whole thing is gonna get tossed out.
    Credit: Medialab Prado / / CC BY-SA

    American Airlines and U.S. Airways have finally satisfied the Department of Justice enough, by giving up some gates and facilities at airports, that the agency will stop trying to block their merger.

  • Deaths in the Philippines because of Typhoon Haiyan will likely not reach the 10,000 leaders feared, but they're still likely to surpass 2,000.
  • A North Carolina man is facing federal charges that he tried to join an al-Qaeda-linked group in Syria.
  • MakerBot is trying to get a 3D printer in every school. Given how Los Angeles Unified School District freaked out over iPad hacking, I can only imagine the kind of panic will come from kids' creations.
  • More and more retailers are announcing they're opening on Thanksgiving evening. Walmart is the latest.
  • SeaWorld is suing the federal government to try to end a ban on contact between humans and killer whales. A judge put the order in place following the death of a trainer in 2010.

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