18-Year-Old Says $1 Million in Bitcoin Stolen From His Bank, Doesn't Want to Go to Police

Considers giving them the bitcoin keys tantamount to giving them the bitcoins


An 18-year-old Australian says that he has had $1 million in Bitcoin stolen from the Bitcoin "bank" he was running, but he cannot go to the police because he worries that giving authorities the keys to investigate the case is the same as giving them control of the money itself, according to ABC Australia.

The man ran a Bitcoin bank called Tradefortress.

h/t Mark Sletten


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  1. This-un heah yun’ ‘un does NOT trust GOVERNMENT ALMIGHTY? How could anyone not trust Government Almighty?!?!? Shocking, just absolutely, devastatingly SHOCKING and horrible! What is this world coming to?!?!?

  2. Oh, well. He’s not getting is million in bitcoin back.

  3. What the hell kind of stupidity is a “bitcoin bank”? Sounds like it was probably a fraud to begin with.

  4. Wait a minute…isn’t Australia the country that was a penal colony? I wouldn’t trust a government of a country of criminals, either. Now, the government of the good ol’ US of A, of course, is above suspicion.

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