Gun Rights

Top Editor Gone at Guns & Ammo After Pro-Gun Control Column

Magazine's relationship with columnist who argued all constitutional rights are regulated also terminated


The top editor of Guns & Ammo became the second employee of the venerable firearms magazine to lose his job after a column advocating gun control backfired, prompting rifle-toting readers to unload on the publication.

In a statement posted Wednesday on the InterMedia Outdoors-owned magazine's homepage, Jim Bequette apologized to "each and every reader" of the magazine for Dick Metcalf's column that appeared in its December issue, which generated "unprecedented" controversy and left readers "hopping mad" in regards to the magazine's commitment to the Second Amendment.


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  1. Some people say that I should not be allowed to own a gun, because, well, um, after all, I as an Earthling am statistically more likely to kill my Truly Beloved in a domestic spat, or myself, in a suicide, or my 2-year-old kid finds my gun blah-blah-blah than I am likely to kill an un-known home invader. May or may not be true, I have not obsessed over the statistics? To these people I want to say, “Hey, look, statistically you are a mammal, and most mammals, the VAST majority of them, do NOT contain their urge to poop and pee in public spaces, which is just way totally unsanitary, and icky to boot! Therefore, you and all of yours, MUST wear a diaper in public at all times”. I am NOT your Government Almighty’s statistic, fer cryin’ out loud! There Are such animals as responsible gun owners!

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