One North Carolina Insurer's Disastrous Experience With Obamacare's Exchange Tech



At this point the problems that individuals have had shopping for and enrolling in coverage through Obamacare's exchanges are widely known.

But the federally run system operating in 36 states is also a mess on the insurer side. Here, for example, is glimpse into what it's like for the largest health insurer in North Carolina, as noted by the Charlotte, N.C. affiliate of CBS News:

Internal emails obtained by WNCN-TV show that Blue Cross Blue Shield show that only 1,000 people had filled out applications as of October 15th.

In fact, only one person was able to successfully use Healthcare.gov to enroll in the new exchange.

But even that single person has not paid, which means the enrollment is not complete.

The emails suggest the "payment re-direct option" on government servers isn't working.

Blue Cross Blue Shield found the entire system is so filled with glitches that the company decided not to upload data because it was afraid false information might enter its computer system.

That's how bad it is. The payment system is apparently non-functional, which probably won't make insurance companies particularly happy. And the overall system is such a disaster that at least one insurer is refusing to send in its data out of fear that doing so would create even more problems.

You can see all the leaked emails, via WNCN, here

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  1. You know, I think the DMV operates better than this.

  2. This just gets more delicious. The bigger the train wreck this is, the better. Make the taxpayers afraid to use it. Make the insurers afraid to use it. And then hammer, hammer, hammer the administration on it relentlessly. Tie this albatross irrevocably around their necks.

    Honestly, every story about how it’s even more awful than first thought is worth its weight in gold. Which admittedly isn’t much weight, but you know what I mean.

    1. Our only problem is that the Lightbringer can’t do all the jobs at once! If you and your teathuglican friends had only clapped louder when we asked you to believe in fairies, this wouldn’t have happened!

      1. Jesus. beyond parody.

        President Obama wanted to go in himself and fix glitches that have plagued HealthCare.gov since its rollout last month, he told a crowd Friday at the Port of New Orleans, “but,” he added, “I don’t write code.”

        1. He would have prevented 9/11 too, but he’s not Jack Bauer.

        2. That’s up there with “I’m good at killing”.

          1. Can you imagine this retard attempting to code?

            for(int obamaisgreat=1;obamaisgreat

            1. Oh, right, inequalities. Well, you get the joke.

              1. I don’t get it.

            2. class Base {
              virtual void DoWork() = 0;

              Base b;

            3. I think you’re missing a close parenthesis.

              print “Hello world!\n”;

            4. I know right? Every variable name would be ‘i’.

        3. Holy shit. You’re lying to me. The world we live in is not good enough to give me this gift.

        4. no fucking way.

        5. Maybe we could send him in, TRON style, to fight all the glitches. Since he’s “really good at killing people”, I’m sure he can handle it.

          1. he’d end up in a dumpster behind an erotic cake shop

            1. +1 boob cake

        6. I bet Putin writes code, shirtless, on horseback.

          1. Yeah, but unlike Syria, he can’t save Obo’s ass on this one.

        7. The code is only a small part of the problem. The integration piece is what is failing. And say what you want about him, but integration was a big reason he was elected in the first place.

      2. Am I a bad person for utterly delighting in how disastrous this rollout has been? Because I’ll be honest with you: this couldn’t have gone better had I planned it. It’s like the perfect level of demonstration of how incompetent these fucking scumbags are. Especially because they were too stupid and arrogant to see it coming, when it was so obvious to anyone who isn’t an incompetent retard.

        1. No. I’m watching a 3 system integration for a hospital come apart at the seams. Mostly because I’ve got one system’s team who are worthless, and have thrice told us one thing and then come back weeks later, after all of the coding on our side has been done, and told us they did something different. I can only imagine what a clusterfuck this was.

        2. But Obama is sorry you lost your insurance. Or had a premium hike. He’s sorry. And, apparently, he can’t do anything about it. So sorry.

        3. or a journalist.

        4. The scumbags in charge have been involved in an epic circle jerk for so long that they really have no clue how incompetent they are. I’d rather this system failed because it’s wrong, but my guess is we’re only going to get temporary failure until there are new TOP MEN.

          1. Can the government create a problem so big it can’t solve it?

            1. That is what they do best.

            2. 0x90|11.8.13 @ 4:25PM|#
              “Can the government create a problem so big it can’t solve it?”


            3. Yes, and we must smash it between an immovable object and an irresistible force.

          2. I don’t think this is going to get fixed. I’ve seen the basic incompetence that you encounter in software in the private sector; the public must be so bad it’s incredible. Combine that with control freak executive branch morons who are too arrogant to realize they have absolutely no clue how this shit works (and believe me, I assure you they don’t), and then roll in the cronyism and egos and all the other shit in play, and there is no way this is going to work properly. Not ever.

            The greatest thing about Obamacare is that it was impossible from the get-go. The overreach of the fools at the top is only matched by their incompetence and egotistical refusal to recognize it. They had to get this arrogant to try and pull this off, thereby assuring that it would fail. It’s absolutely delicious.

            1. Yeah, guess we’ll have to try the free market after all.

            2. I’m kind of hoping the techies have been caching emails so that when Obama tries to throw them under the bus, the whole correspondence chain gets put up on the internet.

            3. I agree that they’ll never fix the technical problems. They’ll “fix” this eventually by spending even more money to do everything manually, with hordes of bureaucrat paper-shufflers.

            4. In fairness to IT. It was a 2000 odd page law that no one read, that was then backed by 10,525 pages of regulation. Almost the all of it produced by isolated islands of legal professionals. People who’s sole job criterion is to create contradictory nonsense that is impossible to translate into logic.

              I’m utterly surprised that they even got the index page up.

        5. Well, you’re a bad person. Does it matter why?

          1. Not really.

        6. No lie, these stories make my day. Late in October I figured we’d reached the Rubicon, the statists had won, and we’re sliding irretreivably toward another era of Big Government solutions to every problem.

          Now it’s a carnival of delights watching the credulous faithful mill about gobsmacked by the audacity of their own hubris. And while the website may eventually reach some point of functionality (although I suspect it will involve massive behind-the-scenes paper-shuffling and not, in fact, real-time policy quotes), they’ve begun an avalanche of consequences they can’t outrun.

          This is delicious.

          1. Late in September, I meant, just before the exchanges went live and the tragicomedy began.

          2. That part warms my stony little heart – but I am quite unhappy for everyone who getting the shaft when it comes to health insurance. How many people are sitting over their budget and finding the pinch getting harder and harder?

            1. Yeah, I’m not happy that people are suffering, but the solution to that isn’t this abomination or any other Final Solution offered by the government. It’s massive deregulation and the exit of the government from the business.

        7. No! You should always root for government programs to fail.

    2. I honestly don’t think anyone (except maybe Ezra Klein) fully appreciates what a political debacle this is. The Democratic Party has annexed America’s healthcare system, such that whatever voters don’t like will be blamed on them, fairly or not. They have come very close to destroying the HC system while owning it, and this is not something abstract like the deficit, this affects every single voter in the US.

  3. Worth its weight in Bitcoins?

    1. It’s not completely worthless, Suder-Man.

  4. You’re doin’ a heck of a job, Barack!

  5. It’s worse than the Reason Mobil App.

    1. They have an app for gasoline?

      1. That’s fucking cool. I can get gasoline via my cellphone? I take back my insults against the 21st century and its disappointing technology.

        1. Oh man, my ass hurts.

          1. No, no, where do we get this app? Is it an Apple thing? Sounds more Android, given Google and their robot car thingee.

          2. That’s what you get for getting too close to Warty.

      2. Probably, they do, because Kochtopus.

  6. This is a Big Fucking Deal.

  7. One North Carolina Insurer’s Disastrous Experience With Obamacare’s Exchange Tech

    So what? The president said he was sorry. That fixes everything, like mommy’s kiss on a boo-boo.

  8. Slightly off topic, but why do they have to keep referring to the office they all apparently meet in as the “War Room”. Just who the hell are at they at war with? I know, I know, Teathuglicans, the middle class, freedom and capitalism. But in all seriousness, who do they really think they are fighting here?

    1. They can’t fight in there. It’s the War Room.

      1. Technically they can, because none of them are gentlemen.

  9. the overall system is such a disaster that at least one insurer is refusing to send in its data

    FORESTALLER! WRECKER! This is why we need single-payer, PRIVATE INSURERS CAN’T BE TRUSTED.

  10. This is all because Hollywood refused to write Obamacare propaganda into various scripted shows.

    1. Tim|11.8.13 @ 4:22PM|#
      “This is all because Hollywood refused to write Obamacare propaganda into various scripted shows.”

      Now, imagine you’re a screen-writer for some show or other, and you’re getting a bit of a push from one of the ‘powers’ who is a brain-dead Obot. And you’re watching the slow unraveling of the entire mess. Oh, and you’d like to keep your job.
      What do you? Anything you write stands a good chance of being OTE in the weeks between you writing it and it ending up on the tube.
      I foresee some lame dialogue and some fired writers.

      1. If The Office was still on, you have Michael Scott sing the praises of Obamacare.

        1. Brilliant

  11. Obama: I Would’ve Fixed Healthcare.gov Myself, But I Didn’t Write the Code

    I thought your signature legislation was the code.

  12. “And the overall system is such a disaster that at least one insurer is refusing to send in its data out of fear that doing so would create even more problems.”

    But it’s just a few glitches!!

    And, and Medicare Part D sytem errors!!

    And, and Apple iPhone problems!!

    And any other absurd excuse/comparision that the lefty lamebrains can gin up.

    1. Don’t be speaking ill of gin. It’s what gets me through the workweek, and the weekends.

      1. Sweating Gin will be by to cheer you on…

    2. It’s great when a gov’t program is treated as dangerous spam by business.

      1. Don’t be speaking ill of spam, either. Some bottom-shelf mayonnaise, a loaf of white bread, you’ve got cheap sandwiches for days. Spamwiches.

        1. Dude, mayo on spam?

          Can’t you even let me have a little hot mustard?

          1. If you like. Dice up a can of spam with celery, mayo, relish, and whatever else, it’s a decent ersatz tuna salad.

            1. Baked beans are off.

        2. Surely you mean artisanal mayonnaise!

  13. Gee, Valerie Jarrett says that Obama’s intellect is boundless and that he can do all jobs better than his subordinates can do them and has never been intellectually challenged.

    You’d figure that maybe somewhere during his march to supremacy he’d have learned to write a little code.

    Oh well. You only destroyed the country’s health care system because you didn’t know what could and couldn’t be done.

    And hey, if you could code, O, then the whole “keep the whole thing secret so the Republicans can’t criticize it” gambit might actually have worked. You could have coded the whole thing without letting any of your inferior subordinates or those inferior evil private sector saboteurs and wreckers anywhere near the project!

    1. His brilliance transcends mere intelligence or ability.

      1. I looked upon his brilliant Radiance, neither filtered nor shaded, and now I am blind…

        1. He’s like the Platonic form of a president.

      2. There’s no such thing as Peak Derp.

  14. I can’t believe, since it is a new government website, that the NSA, and the IRS were not written into the code. Why would the NSA wait until it is up and running and then hack it? Wouldn’t it be more reasonable to say ‘here are our requirements, build it to suit us’?

    Imagine trying to integrate the IRS the ACA and the NSA all at once.

  15. A commentator in the CBS news article says you don’t have to pay when you enroll. Is that true?

  16. Dude that makes no sense at all man, None!


  17. What I want to know is, when the deadline to avoid being penalized rolls around and nobody has insurance…will the government waive the penalties until the system is fixed?

  18. For the millions of people (like me) who had paid coverage that is being terminated because of Obamacare, December 15th is the drop dead (pun intended) date by which you need to enroll to not have a gap in coverage.

    If you accept the fantasy that the CMS web site will work by November 30th, that means 3? Million people needing to go through the process in two weeks plus all the currently uninsured (30 million?) who at least are going to window shop. The $95/1% penalty is the least of the concerns

  19. Any data from CMS will have to be manually screened for error, which is IMPOSSIBLE. Hence, the data from CMS is not usable. Hence, the fix is many many months off.

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