Obama: I Would've Fixed Healthcare.gov Myself, But I Didn't Write the Code

This guy


President Obama wanted to go in himself and fix glitches that have plagued HealthCare.gov since its rollout last month, he told a crowd Friday at the Port of New Orleans, "but," he added, "I don't write code."

The president couldn't ignore altogether lingering dissatisfaction with the botched health insurance exchanges, despite that the crux of the speech was intended to move back on the offensive with other aspects of his second-term agenda – specifically, job growth through investments in infrastructure and increasing U.S. exports.

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  1. Ah, yet another pivot back to the economy. With all these pivots, it is no wonder he makes me want to throw up.

    “I don’t write code.”

    No, nor do you understand it. Code is logical, you can’t make it work by writing it with positive intentions.

    And the code isn’t the problem, it is the integration piece that is failing him, although I wouldn’t expect him to understand that, either.

  2. “President Obama wanted to go in himself and fix glitches that have plagued HealthCare.gov since its rollout last month”

    He doesn’t do econ, either.

  3. He doesn’t write code, he just speaks in it.


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